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  1. Good show, looking forward to it!
  2. A Mustang III and a Mosquito and a Typhoon and a Spitfire XIV, oh it's beautiful.
  3. Don't worry about it, it's just a flight of collector's planes from the mainland.
  4. It's from the Americans. They want to organise a counter-offensive.
  5. Attacking ships on the Combat Box server together with my wingman Razy:
  6. Congratulations to 9./JG54_Yellow_13 and 19RAF_Conflict! I'll tell Conflict to get in touch. 🙂
  7. Maybe I travelled back in time to when it was painted like that.
  8. I added the wind to help pulling out at the end, as it seems to help (as it was a pretty close run thing even then!), but if it interferes with the Tacview record then fair enough. Here's the video of the attempt anyway: I think I went so fast that the in-game recording couldn't keep up in the cockpit view or something, either that or I entered another dimension (as you do.)
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