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  1. Given that there was no real second front until halfway through 1944 and the only kind of air warfare available to the anglos was strategic in nature, that isn't exactly a surprise is it? They had years to perfect it in comparative peace. The VVS did undertake serious bombing campaigns with night bombers, by the way, and had a special command set up for it that pulled the pick of the litter from all over the branch. The anglos could barely find enough Germans in the west to rack up the comparatively modest scores they did, especially when there were god knows how many other men jockeying for any given kill. Can you imagine what it would mean if any westerner actually racked up something like 100 kills? They would have practically dealt a death blow to the small portion of the luftwaffe that was in the west single handed. On-topic, after years of flying online I've developed a Pavlovian fear response to 109s. My natural response now to is shake my fist at them, like snoopy at the red baron.
  2. Are those horrible tubes the only rocket mounting system that is appropriate for the USAAF at that time? No rails?
  3. Does anyone know what the maximum bomb load on the P-51 is? Did they carry rockets and bombs at the same time?
  4. I agree. I hope it's not a pipe dream to wish for it, especially since it totally changes how effective the .50s are.
  5. ROKAF P-51s over the Yellow Sea. What a dream.
  6. Has there been any information in the past few months about when the map might be released?
  7. Yes. Yes. I think I saw a properly simulated thermal system on a developer wishlist a long time ago(along with fully simulated fuel tanks, etc) , but who knows when it could ever be delivered or how much work it would be to put in place.
  8. 82nd divisional jumps? Ssangyong? Hugo Chávez blowing up the bridges on the Táchira? What if I told you that building equipment, "training" troops and making "plans" does not itself not indicate any level of genuine preparedness or interest in doing anything?
  9. Maybe "Lighten up, Francis" is a bit more your speed?
  10. I assume the idea is that timers are a stopgap that would no longer be necessary since the real negative effects of abusing your engine would be represented.
  11. Fair enough. You have plenty of experience working on aircraft and their engines in rugged environments, what would you prefer?
  12. Maybe this is correct. Fuel would be even more of a concern on the Bodenplatte map because it's larger than any map before it(and would make the fuel capacity of the American aircraft the advantage it was) . Now I can't help but really wonder what the effect of total elimination of timers(except for water, etc) would be online.
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