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  1. I will say, after many campaigns on TAW observing both the visual status of targets on the ground over the course of a mission and the scoreboard(including when the server is full), I have absolutely no idea what a large portion of pilots do.
  2. The DC-3/C-47 is still used around the world as a workhorse, not just a tourist plane. We use them in Colombia, I’m sure they’re used elsewhere. Not to mention the military using AC-47 Fantasma in combat.
  3. The severe limitation of ai entities is a big bummer(I assume because of the fidelity of the simulation) . How does Cliffs of Dover Blitz compare?
  4. I'm not talking about normal recon. These people didn't suddenly dedicate themselves to stealthily hovering near enemy rear airfields and squinting really hard, they were given radiotelescopes for eyes. This cheat is a disaster for anyone who cares about fair competition and realism. Hopefully it goes away soon.
  5. Yes, I also stopped flying as soon as I saw this cheat and how widespread it is. Suddenly I understood why I saw people on both sides saying things like "4x planes taking off from ~insert rear airfield here~" . If the coming patch really makes the cheat only useable by VR users then I'll fly again.
  6. When you lose your lives, do you no longer get a full '1.0' life back after 20 hours? I lost all my lives and when my timer expired just a little while ago, I never got a whole life back, only .27 life.
  7. Say I organize a rugby match, seven on seven. Except my team is allowed more than seven players because a lot of guys want to join because our uniforms are sweet. And also my team is allowed to tackle yours around the neck because historically my club has done this. Do you think it's reasonable for me to tell everyone they're a bunch of babies and how I don't care about what they think when they tell me that's unsportsmanlike and unfair or even don't want to play at all? Please, give me a break.
  8. Translation: Please, pretty please nobody take my 262 and away! BTW be sure to log in so I can shoot you down, if you don't you're a big pussoise, thanks. Get a grip man, nobody here needs this bizarre lecture, ok?
  9. Why are you such a douchebag? Make an allied account and just see what it's like from the other side. Yeah, huge mystery.
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