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  1. 7.GShAP/Silas

    DD today?

    I've always thought it strange that IL-2 doesn't have the ability to configure system failures based on timers, chance, etc. in a similar way to a professional/military simulation terminal. Even just for your own training purposes in QMB. I thought you could do it in Jane's, but I can't remember.
  2. 7.GShAP/Silas

    DD today?

    Ingrates or bootlickers, which to choose!
  3. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Historical planeset for TAW

    The issue with the Ju87 is primarily about not allowing the Bk cannons until they were actually deployed on the battlefield.
  4. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    It's the bias of your own negative experiences. My wingman consistently has the same experience where a 109 will dive on him from a high altitude and conduct a pass at too high a speed. The 109 will run into him in my wingman's world but not in the 109's world, and he'll either explode or have both his wings and tail and everything ripped off. He's developed a pavlovian fear response at this point, frankly, and will be convinced it's going to happen again if we know there's an Axis fighter high above us. But it's a connection/netcode issue, not some conspiracy. It is important to put your own experiences into perspective and not think that the grass is always greener on the enemy side of the fence.
  5. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Armored glass vs. Bubble canopy

    I've spent a lot of time with armored glass and I've always wanted to see the deep sea green color and thickness demonstrated in a game/sim. The IL-2 is pretty good, and the color and fact that you can see the glass width in the LA-5FN is nice, but it's still not nearly as severe as the real thing. Better than I've seen anywhere else though, where armored glass is treated as normal glass but ~magic~.
  6. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    A bug that needs to be reported and dealt with. Please send the recording to a developer or make a bug report! I've seen this. I've flown to intercept bombers heading for the Soviet depot and found contrails floating in space, occasionally with tracers flying around. They're ghosts, fantasmas, like the ones you see in the parking spaces sometimes(where you see the dust from a running engine and/or hear weapons firing from nowhere or sounds of being hit) . The real bombers had moved past that point and left behind that trace that I could see but my wingman could not.
  7. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    Your idea to punish death to stop gamey behavior on TAW is wrong-headed because the best tactics for survival on TAW are gamey. Why reward the solo 190 and punish the flight of Ju-87s? Why not attempt to create an environment where more realistic tactics work better?
  8. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    A solo 190 with a 500Kg bomb slope bombs a depot at 600kph and escapes unscathed every time. A flight of six Ju-87s execute a perfectly coordinated, realistic dive attack on the same depot and suffer 40-70% casualties every time. The 190 is rewarded handsomely, the Ju-87s are punished and stop flying.
  9. 7.GShAP/Silas


    Still used in military and civilian capacity to this day. What a plane.
  10. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    "I can see how some people might be big babies about this totally fine thing I did, so I magnanimously agree to have it disallowed in future for the sake of their ~sensitivity~. P.S. don't ban me".
  11. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    I don't advise trying this kind of behavior in face-to-face sport or you'll get an unpleasant surprise.
  12. 7.GShAP/Silas

    IL-2 1943 bombs not exploding?

    5 seconds delay is the low altitude setting for VVS bombs. Dropping bombs below ~100 meters will cause failure to detonate on other settings.
  13. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    The aircraft was absolutely used as a supply aircraft. It was used as a kind of fast taxi to ferry those with urgent business between airfields and military encampments. It often carried medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, explosives, liaison officers. Delivering officers is no less a supply mission than anything else. It is far more historically correct to have the Po-2 as a supply aircraft than a Pe-2.
  14. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    There is no supply drop loadout, but surely landing in or simply overflying the correct zone could count(landing is harder than dropping paratroopers, though) . Very exciting, I would greatly enjoy flying those missions. I would also love to have the Po-2 useable for supply flights with some bonus in the same manner as the Ju-52. Finally an alternative to the Pe-2.
  15. 7.GShAP/Silas

    Tactical Air War

    I think it's especially hard to balance the campaign when ~90% of one side are surgically grafted into fighters and you have to tailor victory conditions for them. This effect is especially evident in the impact of the 190 coming onto the field. The 190 is the perfect machine for TAW. I understand the desire to find moral symmetry in the problems here, but let's be honest about the facts on the ground. Soviet-only pilots are NOT an issue here. The balance issue is two-fold: Generally excessive Luftwaffe-only pilot population and nationalities who largely fly one side dominating certain timezone brackets(which has been an issue with the VVS side this campaign as well) .