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  1. : ( Sigh. I was really hoping. We'll see what Jason says. Anyway, better a man carrying a torch than no man at all.
  2. It is, and I would 100% support it IF there is a way to prevent double accounts. Is there any way do that?
  3. If disabling double accounts is an option, then I agree. Otherwise it should be a separate campaign because they'll all just switch anyway. I would imagine that if there is a separate bodenplatte campaign then all unhistorical bodenplatte aircraft will be removed from the eastern front.
  4. Creative, I like it. Different mechanics giving a new experience that doesn't replace the eastern front. Running it as a separate campaign in between eastern front campaigns sounds reasonable.
  5. Does anyone have an offhand approximation of the speed difference between a tempest and P-51 at combat settings below, say, 3km? You got me, I was fully prepared to learn a new secret technique!
  6. Guys glued into Axis aircraft have spent the entire lifespan of BoX accustomed to a total, unassailable advantage and now view that as the natural state of affairs. I'll enjoy every second of the screeching.
  7. That's fine, but 1989 was a long, long time ago and now the Luftwaffe is the permanently stacked team. You are not obligated to stop being part of the greater problem(even though it would fix what you guys complain about, being able to fly together any time) but that does not mean that steps don't need to be taken to fix it permanently, as much as is possible. If you guys want to refuse to adapt yourselves, fine, wait in line. Competitive online IL-2 like TAW is not even remotely a simulation of war conditions, and is much more closely related to a team sport, requiring some semblance of balance if you want to have anyone to actually fly against. Which is especially comical since if we want to simulate war conditions you should have no fuel and a fraction of the team numbers of the VVS. Or do you not want to simulate that? The VVS side is virtually always the one that is heavily outnumbered once the population is in the double digits for both teams, and always has been. Yes, the allied side is the only team that has had to deal with this for the entire lifespan of the new IL-2 series. Nobody can force you to stop being part of the problem, but to refuse to even acknowledge that things like the team balance system are needed to keep the server healthy, alive and enjoyable for more people is 100% pure arrogance. Fly VVS for a year or two with no balance mechanic and then we can talk about that.
  8. Have you ever played a team sport? Like Lawyer said, you compete in SKILL not in NUMBERS. Concentrate your numbers to create a local advantage if you like, but this comically arrogant attitude always evaporates when the person talking has to deal with the reality of flying 3-1, forever, for as long as they participate in the sim. Regardless, why can't your JG51 fly VVS if you all want to fly together so badly? The idea of rewarding the outnumbered side(VVS 99% of the time) is good, but the disadvantage of being outnumbered is not linear, it's exponential, and so should the reward be.
  9. The jabo 190 is by far the best attack aircraft on TAW during the latter half of the campaign anyway. Nothing can catch them and they drop a nuke(or a good number of smaller bombs) . Bodenplatte giving this capability to both sides should equalize the advantage and force server devs to find antidotes, if they so desire.
  10. Are those horrible tubes the only rocket mounting system that is appropriate for the USAAF at that time? No rails?
  11. Does anyone know what the maximum bomb load on the P-51 is? Did they carry rockets and bombs at the same time?
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