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  1. Looking forward to the return of Berloga! Thanks for maintaining such a great server. Cheers.
  2. Mission 8. "Build on your success" has a bug, if the mission is flown on autopilot from spawn, you will collide with a mountain while climbing out northbound in sector 1320.2
  3. Good job 1C. This is a great idea for a release. I like the idea of building upon the western front. The playability options of the Normandy map are immense. I think it will compliment many existing aircraft, and provide a well paced step up towards new features being implemented. The Mosquito, Ar234, and 410 are popular and practical aircraft the majority of us wished to see and asked for. I think the community all owes you guys a big thanks. The variations on other aircraft are a very welcome addition as well. I am very excited for the AI bombers, and C-47 as well. Fingers crossed one day
  4. Thanks for sharing, that is really great news.
  5. 😂 so you want us to believe its their fault for spawning in and getting pilot sniped... And totally reasonable of you to do it for said reasons. ...that's pretty childish. Its people like you who ruin games for others.
  6. Some ideas which many could be done with the Ju-52 as well: - Medivac Operations. Perhaps it restores a pilot for your team, or it gives yourself a slightly reduced chance of being captured next time you bail in enemy territory. - Liason. Transport a high ranking communications officer to or from the frontline - "Airlift" a pilot/driver into a closed/heavily damaged airfield to save/restore a very small number of aircraft (1), or trucks, or supplies. - Recon (ideally there'd be some incentive to take the Po2 over another aircraft). -Propaganda - Fly with a voice speaker aroun
  7. A26 is a real hotrod of an airplane. Wish it was more popular in flight sims.
  8. I would love to fly a Storch in game. I suppose with the po2 and tanks coming there could be some interesting mission types available making it more useful. It also would really mean a lot to me as my great grandfather was flown around Stalingrad in/out of Tatsy/Moro in one helping to set up communications. Once was flown into Gumrak or Pitomnik after they were encircled and was jumped by a couple yaks. He never had to fire a shot as the pilot was pretty good and timed his steep turns well enough the yaks never got a shot. I had the opportunity to fly a 2/3rds scale Slepcev Storch
  9. My grandfather and great grandfather were in the Luftwaffe. My great grandfather was in Communications in both WWI and II. In 1941 he was on the eastern front in charge of the 22nd regiment, later the 38th (under the command of General Obst von Richtofen - nephew of the famous Red Baron). He spent a lot of time at "Tatsy" (Tatsinskaya Airfeild, BOS Grid 1602-7, and also "Moro" (Morozovsky Airfeild - Grid 1406-5 which based Ju52's and He111's respectively to supply Stalingrad) where he worked on setting up communications between the different airfields. He was flown around in a Fieseler Stor
  10. Looks Great! I am excited to try this. I am also excited to hear about the weather changing dynamically, realistic failures, and wear. The reward system/career system sounds interesting too, and would like to know more about it. I got a little bored after a while bush flying in FSX. I used to love flying around British Columbia with A2A's J3 in FSX with ORBX Scenery. I would love to see VR, and float planes as well, but that's asking a lot. At first glance... look's good! +Wishlist +Follow.
  11. Way to go, man. You remind me of myself, in the original Il2. I used to make screenshots, and eventually dabbled in Il2 comics. They sucked hardcore but I loved doing it. Looking forward to following your content somehow. Maybe an instagram or imgur account? IDK. Im not up to speed with photosharing/blogs and all that. Back in 2005 or so I had a geocities website with my screenshots, also deviantart was the best thing since sliced bread for us gaming photography geeks. I started to make comics: https://lethalhobo.deviantart.com/art/1944-Rhubarb-Comic-PART-3-19940229 Boy looking back at those
  12. IDK If it's been mentioned but I get a bug when I am making a flight plan, If I set a waypoint and change the zoom before setting another/final waypoint the interface crashes and I have to reload the website. Edit: Also I think it happens when I am creating waypoints and accidentally click on another target/waypoint (to edit) by accident.
  13. I dont get it. Im dumb. How do I install it? There's nothing to copy and paste over and replace in my main BOS folder. Autosetup doesn't work.
  14. Oh shoot, I voted but am not VR. I never use the pilot bodies, they just block instruments and take valuable dev time =) IMHO
  15. I promise you, if I played SP more, I'd be all over it!
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