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  1. Yes, I got mine now. A week it took. First time was very quick for me too. Fair enough. I know then now that I did it right. Just been years since last so I had to be sure. So for anyone who are a bit unsure, this thread should clear it up. Cheers.
  2. ~S all Been about a week since I applied for the Dserver key. I appreciate that the support team is busy, just a question.... The right way to ask for key is to use the "other" option in support and put the request there yes? Or should I have picket another option?
  3. Yes, I have a different account and I have asked for key in that way. I did find that thread on how to do it. Just had additional questions to it, that's all. Thanks for replying
  4. Sorry? I made a topic earlier today about this, never made two. Thanks for clarifying that I have to wait. I did the same thing in 2015 and just got back to arranging servers for a different group. Just could not find any info if there was a normal dedi server tool released or if getting keys like before was still the thing to do. Had no intentions on cluttering the general discussion with an unrelated question, I am sure you guys have better things to do. ~S
  5. Hi pal. I think you are supposed to make a ticket in SUPPORT for this. I am still waiting for a key myself.
  6. Hi. Just a quick question. Is there a long wait for Dserver keys these days? Or is Dserver done differently than before?
  7. My first post in here should be a positive one so I will start with. Yay, good work. Looking forward to this and next week now.
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