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  1. Pre ordered. Hopefully we get VR implemented going forward. Really hard to do it right on flatscreen for me after 3 years of VR flight. Congrats on getting this released. Look forward to it.
  2. We are a small group of 4 and we have been using version 8 for couple weeks now. Been doing patrol mission mostly. Have had no issues whatsoever. Only thing was java, as it did not choose to install 64bit version on the server box by default. But after manually downloading and installing it we have had no issues since. Cheers for continuos development on this. It is brilliant.
  3. Not really an issue, but a question, or 2. 1. Can I have people flying in a bomber squad and a fighter squad in the same campaign/mission? If so, is it as easy as assigning them to either squad, generate mission and fly? 2. Will it then be any chance at all the fighters will fly cover flight for said bombers? Otherwise I salute your efforts. It really works well on a Dserver and in SP locally. Great work.
  4. Yes, I got mine now. A week it took. First time was very quick for me too. Fair enough. I know then now that I did it right. Just been years since last so I had to be sure. So for anyone who are a bit unsure, this thread should clear it up. Cheers.
  5. ~S all Been about a week since I applied for the Dserver key. I appreciate that the support team is busy, just a question.... The right way to ask for key is to use the "other" option in support and put the request there yes? Or should I have picket another option?
  6. Yes, I have a different account and I have asked for key in that way. I did find that thread on how to do it. Just had additional questions to it, that's all. Thanks for replying
  7. Sorry? I made a topic earlier today about this, never made two. Thanks for clarifying that I have to wait. I did the same thing in 2015 and just got back to arranging servers for a different group. Just could not find any info if there was a normal dedi server tool released or if getting keys like before was still the thing to do. Had no intentions on cluttering the general discussion with an unrelated question, I am sure you guys have better things to do. ~S
  8. Hi pal. I think you are supposed to make a ticket in SUPPORT for this. I am still waiting for a key myself.
  9. Hi. Just a quick question. Is there a long wait for Dserver keys these days? Or is Dserver done differently than before?
  10. My first post in here should be a positive one so I will start with. Yay, good work. Looking forward to this and next week now.
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