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  1. Very sorry to hear this. Sad news.
  2. Apologies, got out of the office late. Just swung by the Marquess but must have missed you. Hope you guys had a good few rounds 🍻
  3. I'm up for it however I do have a meeting nearby that might run overtime. Could be that I am late.
  4. Hey Jason, I can drop by the pub on Thursday 20th
  5. So you used at least one other artists template and then demand money for the modifications you make on top of it? I assume that you will also pay the other artists a commission for each of your sales. After all, you did say :
  6. I flew a sortie with BHH1 yesterday and can confirm. A single Bf 109 flying into a pulk of FW 190s and choosing BHH1 as a target, ripping him to pieces. A repeat offender too, as proven by the chat exploding with laughter on this persons continued inability to properly identify targets. Seems like many Germans have fallen to this Hartmann. In any case, friendly fire happens and I agree that a single instance doesn't merit a ban. For many of us, identifying planes has become easy but for each of us, there is one that is just learning. The shock of getting a warning of friendly fire is often reason enough for players to be extra sure next time. Then again, repeat offenders should maybe get a little bit of tough love. Working on an identification video myself, I doubt it will change much but perhaps one or two pilots will find it helpful.
  7. Based on my experiences from the last campaign, being on the edge of having something flyable is inherit to the Soviet side. I currently have more planes that I could wish to fly with the Germans which is a very peculiar feeling in itself too... But then again, Germans don't have dedicated flyboys that operate when everyone else is sleeping. It all evens out in the end
  8. I don't pre-order products anymore...EXCEPT this one !
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think the damage (0.007) indicated on the log was my guns and not the collision, since that is also how it shows on my sortie log (where the collision damage is featured). By not going alone but in a group (splits AA fire + faster to knock out AA), Prioritizing AA first (or have your escort knock them out), Don't attack if it is clear that you'd be shot down in the first place (for example drop the gunpods - a bomb Stuka can still dive and hope to get away). If you want to use gunpods, make sure you have backup to suppress AA or attack only after it was taken care of by randoms.
  10. I just had a collision in my Pe-2 with a Bf 109. Surprised that I blew up where as he was able to go on flying...but anyway, that's not the point. I dwelved into the logs on the TAW website after to see if he made it home. He did (congrats) but what surprised me is that the logs show absolutely no trace of the collision and damage occured. Is this intended or simply a glitch in the recording of the server? I've noticed that sometimes the logs and my memory of a situation on TAW don't always correlate. Additional info
  11. My condolences! I know how it feels:
  12. Great news, looking forward to the next round.
  13. Happened today (first time) on the WoL server ~ 00:30 GMT+2 Gunner was able to fire and operate 'normally'. No idea what caused it.
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