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  1. This is really nice to hear. This whole series is great and lack only two things to become legendary: 1. Coop carrier - even as basic as buddies joining in instead of AI plane 2. Better AI - one that actually randomly use more maneuvers and in doing that can make mistakes like stalls and spins (no point in AI that uses same controls we do and as such taxi our CPU's to the limits and as a result always play it safe and predictable), it has to be more random and pushing the limits to sometimes even make a mistake. Third would be 1 and 2 implemented in Flying Circus for us that love WWI era as well as WWII, but I can understand we are a minority. Still it's nice to have New Years wishes every year
  2. Even if I ever wanted to return to monitor (i do not, but just saying if), I don't see the reason to just not use both as I feel like it. Only reason for return would be need for money to upgrade to even more expensive VR setup...but then again, i'd still gift my Rift to some family member and go from there
  3. I am very new to VR, but I have quite nice VR experience with my oldish 4770K OC'ed to 4,4Ghz and 1070 GTX card. No complaints on IL2 implementation of VR (tech on the other hand needs improvements when hardware becomes more capable - maybe some VR SLI etc...) Only thing I don't like is about VR is recognition, seems like planes are always too dark at even moderate distance, but that is IL2 general issue with monitors as well, only it's more pronounced in VR. I think Devs shoud try to keep plane colors visible for a bit longer then it is the case in this game. At least on 300-500 meters planes should not be near black as they are now unless they got really dark camo. Those planes did have colors and insignia on them for a reason (I don't expect to clear see insignia far away in VR, but keeping colors brighter and more visible under 500m should be doable in this engine regardless of the model size and complexity rendered at the time).
  4. This would be true if glass was the most forward part of the plane, but since there is the cowling in front, it means you see more of the cowling (in fact you see near all of it instead of just last third of it), but you sure can't see under it, or how you say 'over the nose'.
  5. I have yet to see the software that justify more then 4 cores (8 threads in parallel execution). Marketing is one thing, current needs another. I do wish to see performance increase per core until software changes in a way to truly utilize 16 cores and whatever is Intel/AMD PR going to dish out soon as 'must have'. Making software that truly does things in parallel (do not mix with simple async) introduces all sorts of synchronization and thread safety issues making many tasks to run slower then they would have on a single thread. My point, when building gaming rig, stick to the best cost-performance/core CPU. 99% of gamers won't need to worry about number of cores for a long time (probably, I can't predict future, obviously, in order to back this claim with certainty). Bottom line, don't pick by brand, definitely not by marketing, or even 'enthusiasm' of those that payed big money for something (those will always praise it, alternative is to feel bad about their spend), just pay attention do the various tests for various sources and then calculate in your real needs along with money in your pocket and make your decision from that.
  6. It all comes down to the fat that you're happy with your decision mate. Just wanted to add it's not about twitch games only that I'd go with higher refresh rates. 60Hz limit bothered me since LCD took over from CRT, and ever since I hoped someone among manufacturers goes down the 'more is better' line even if for just PR. Now that they reached 120Hz (one true point where I still notice the difference when frames go under, at 120 or above I personally don't notice it much any longer) I am truly happy with LCD tech. Yes panel quality, colors, view angles, bleeds and glows and what not will improve over time, but it's the refresh rate that I missed ever since 100Hz+ 21" CRT's vanished. 2k,4k,8k, etc... hell yeah, bring it all on, but I do not go below 120Hz ever again...I hope . P.S. yes, I had to make small tweaks to keep IL2 at 120 fps, but that 'easier on the eyes' smoothness is more important to me then any visual effect. I would hope once day we have more control over IL2 settings instead of current presets so I can tweak 4k until I'm steady at this refresh rates.
  7. I must agree here, this is something I always found odd with IL2 for a long time. Such a nice engine and related work, yet so basic way to to handle sensitive data, it kind of sticks out . At this day and age, no pw should ever be stored in human readable form. Some users will use PW that is also used for their other online services (people tend to share pw often for simplicity or memorizing it). And on top of that, to see pw stored like that lights up all kind of alarms trust related towards the company among IT crowd. If I were in their shoes, I'd take WindWpn's advice very seriously...
  8. Your cockpit is blurred because you have set now option to lower rendering resolution every time your PC can't render scene at 60 frames per second. Now with that setting, image is rendered at lower resolution and then up-scaled to one you're running, hence the blurring. Your problem is very likely that you're running to high graphics settings and/or resolution for the hardware you own.
  9. It is easy to increase throw/travel on CH since caps are removable and hence, extendable. I am very happy with CH quality, and I owned most of their units, some still in use...
  10. Any monopoly in business is good at start for pilling up money, but if it lasts too long, eventually leads to degradation and frequently whole business tear down. Without healthy competition, there is not excellence because people are inherently lazy by nature, it's that simple.
  11. Out of best intentions for everyone, do not fall for such "advises". Some people still say the same for winXP too, but luckily that myth dried out in last year or two... Win10 has many, many things to iron out, but multi-threading and usage of hardware resources is not among those when compared to older win releases. And that is your main concern for a gaming rig (unless you have some serious hardware incompatibility issue that is not fixable).
  12. Like I said, AI is very predictable atm if you turn with it. It is slightly better if you B&Z AI, then it gets a chance to get out of the single turn loop, so try to use AC that is not a turn fighter (means so that AI can out turn you instead, that way you won't stay in that turn and AI will change behavior a bit too). But yeah, we can't expect ace B&Z here (would actually hurt you more if they were perfect at that considering AI deflection accuracy), but Devs need to add some random maneuvering and 'teach' AI some scissoring and yo yo's to make it a bit more random and interesting when they got a plane on their six. Also there should be random awareness calculation to make AI sometimes ignore you simulating that he did not notice enemy in time... All this can be done with time, and I believe some of it will, since we all want it, especially for SP and coops, but also any other MP server running some AI in it.
  13. This might not be related to OP problem, but yours looks a lot like some reported in Tir5 + force feedback issue. Try looking there for workaround. There is no perfect fix, but some settings proposed by some pilots really help in this department.
  14. @Ishtaru - you got some valid observations, just no need to lose the temper about it. I like MP and SP in light sims and I must agree, AI is lacking a bit in ROF and BOX. It is not that bad as some say, it is just not as good as the rest of this product so it sticks out. But in my oppinion, it is not because Devs don't care about SP AI. Quite the opposite, from what I know, their idea was to make the next big thing in sims AI. The AI that actually fly those planes the same way humans do using same control surfaces instead of 'going on rails'. This in theory gives situations that AI can also make mistakes, stall and spin, fly in a unpredictable way etc... Unfortunately in practice those things are rare and AI is very demanding on CPU and predictable leading to limited and 'empty' SP experience in ROF. But you can't say you do not see big improvements in that regard in BOS!!! It is night and day already between the two games in terms how much action in air and ground is going on. Maybe machines were not yet ready for such AI, maybe it was too ambitious for the team size back in the day, but I see some improvements since ROF and hope that they can keep improving in small increments adding more and more defensive maneuvers and more decision randomization, similar to what Pat suggested. Personally looking forward to the coop mode I plan to mix with Pat's generator, but also to the career mode that will for sure be 'livelier' then ROF's. In my book, that is caring for SP crowd, but you're entitled to your view of course.
  15. Maybe you can try one more thing, disable Vsync and use FPS limiter (in game option as well) instead. Vsync - depending on implementation (vary between video cards and the software being used), will often try to lock your frames per second to the highest value step set by programmers. Those steps do not exist in some implementations, while they do in others for various reasons, and they are usually multipliers of 30 or 60. Lets say software implements it as multiplier of 30 and you have 60Hz monitor. It will lock to 60 as long as you can maintain 59+ fps but if your frames dip to 40's, vsync can lock it down to 'steady' 30 instead to prevent screen tearing (it's vsync primary function after all). But if you can hold 60 fps most of the time, and do not care for occasional screen tear in those (hopefully rare) situations when it drops under, try to disable vsync and use FPS lock instead. It will as a side effect also remove input lag making your controls feel a bit more responsive too. And not having fps fluctuation by half (60 to 30 and back) should prevent that stutter feeling. But this too is very dependent on software, in some games fps limiter gives smooth tear free game for anyone that can maintain frame rate that is multiplier of their monitors refresh rate, while in others you can still see the tear even your fps match your monitor frequency all the time. It's a complex problem with many variables between software and hardware used, so I falls down to you to spend some time to fine tune your settings for this particular game. Good luck.
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