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  1. Now I saw that these planes are on the server. So you just forgot to write them down))
  2. Hello! In your new planeset, yak 9 and yakT are missing. Is this a mistake, or a matter of principle?
  3. In order to capture the flag, the enemy team has to shoot at the spawn, without this in any way. But now spitting spawn became a privilege only tanks? And you remember that the points of opposite sides in the tank maps are not so far from each other, which is normal for tanks, but for AAA it is nothing. And now the AAA shooting zone will cover most of the battle area. Maybe then immediately remove all the planes from the server, let there be only tanks? What level of filling AAA will suit everyone? The load on the server, he can handle? With the advent of AAA, do pilots get "moral right" to also beat spawn?
  4. Are you trying to provoke me? I do not think that you will achieve success in this. Your ethnocentric accusations are completely groundless. In my texts, not a word is said about people in ethnic groups. Read carefully. I wrote about the attitude of some players (without reference to a specific ethnic group) to samples of equipment from different countries and about the level of culture of some players (without reference to a specific ethnic group). I also wrote about the misunderstanding of the freedom that modern society and the level of civilization gives us. The fact that for some reason some people (without reference to a particular ethnic group) use freedom too one-sidedly. But I see that you continue to insist on trying to raise some other topic, absolutely not the one for which this section of the forum was created. Probably you like the way this word sounds: "ethnocentrism". Or do you like typing with your fingers? Sit in front of the mirror, take the keyboard, speak calmly and clearly: "ethnocentrism". Do not forget to type simultaneously. Repeat repeatedly. I am sure this should help. Or do you still want to talk about it with me? But anyway, thank you for such an increased attention to my humble person, I became the most quoted respondent of this forum topic. By the way, it's time to be silent and fly, and not to write and drive - the server is open again.
  5. Ok, I perfectly understand you and your feelings. But what can I personally do? I can only promise that I will try not to bomb the tankers on a spawn. I will catch them when they leave. What boundaries, what distance do you think is normal for a tank attack to start from the air? make your order! I cannot say anything about the intentional ramming of tanks. Itself never did it and is not familiar with such pilots. in that team, when we play, I have not heard of such orders of the commander, or of the personal initiatives of such a decision, by those pilots with whom we are in touch
  6. It (words in my post) is said directly, honestly, and it is true, like it or not, my friend
  7. Oh, again this demagoguery .... –– All of us understand this, but what’s the honor when a spawn bombardment? ---- No need to show the situation so clearly that they bomb ONLY a spawn. Also, tell me, you, tank drivers, don't you shoot the spawn of the enemy? What is more difficult - to stand in ambush at a distance of 100 -200 m from the spawn and shoot there, moving the mouse, or make a new entry and manage to get into the tank from the plane? If your tank commander is demanding to keep spawn from new opponents to capture the flag? Is this prohibited by the rules? If they kill on the spawn, maybe you need to retreat to the next, the rear spawn point? ---- The emergence of bombers and pilots who missed all the bombs there and missed all the rockets there and decided to blow up the plane in the tank instead - that’s the problem ...---- I wrote about the collision of the tank by aircraft above. The fact that perhaps the wrong understanding of this situation because of a bug in the game. ---- And, of course, when the team has more pilots than tanks ...--- I will repeat my words that I wrote above: “Personally, I don’t know how to fight in a tank, and I don’t have that desire because of my nature, but since this game is mostly flying, I only have the right to fly, I no desire and ability to crawl, please, sorry .... " This is not only a server for tanks, but also for aviation too. But all the same, there were many cases when I, seeing that there were too few blue players, just left the server without participating.
  8. About the lack of restraint of players in communication. My opinion is based on many years of observation of the psycho-emotional component of the players. I will say right away that I am not a hypocrite, and allow jokes to be easy in order to stir up, raise the spirit of rivalry, make the opponent aware of the seriousness of the intentions in the game, for example: "I kill you quickly" or "I will take your meat", and this is how would be with a slight smirk. In this form, there is no discussion of personality and no obscene expressions. But some players who use technology samples for the blue (western) side are too sure of its superiority and believe that he should do all the work for them. They believe that their equipment is simply obliged to win, despite the fact that they make mistakes, controlling this technique, and also that there are software bugs inside the game. They believe that the duty to overcome in difficult conditions is a duty only for the backward technologies of eastern countries. Therefore, they consider themselves personally experts, with whom nothing bad can happen in the game. But when it does not work out this way, their stereotypical thinking is disturbed, and they want to fall into childhood and call mom for help. But they are already adults and find a way out in insults. And now we learn new words in English and begin to better “understand” their culture. I see that the civilization and freedom to which they are accustomed, allow them to have a black, rotten tongue in their mouths. If he wants, it is his right to die with bad karma. In the end, it will not be found personally through the calculation of IP, and people will not beat him with sticks. But, nevertheless, I advise such small men to take all the good from any culture in order to become better for themselves. They also need to learn to be emotionally stable, to hold their mouths and do things, to overcome the situation in difficult conditions, while they are in the form of a game, as long as life allows it. For who knows what will happen tomorrow, and it will be too late for study.
  9. Hello friends! I want to clarify the situation for some cases. Personally, I do not know how to fight in a tank, and I don’t have such a desire because of my nature, but since this game is primarily a flying one, I only have the right to fly, I don’t have to crawl either, please excuse me .... And naturally, it is much more interesting for a pilot to fight not with bots in tanks, but with real drivers. It is more difficult and more honorable. Some tankers are able to very well resist attacks from the air, and even knock down air opponents. I myself am very sorry to have to kill these fearless and patient guys who sit inside these boxes of death. But such is the order of my command and I am obliged to help my guys in the same boxes. I see here too many complaints that there are intentional collisions (ram) of aircraft with tanks. Personally, I am not a fan of statistics only, but still not so much. I am most worried about the topic in order to return the aircraft to the base. I also had no occasion to personally see such matters. It is possible that our dear tankers do not know that at present the game has a bug that can be perceived as intentional ram. I often have times when a bomb hits the tank exactly (direct hit). And then, in some cases, an instant detonation occurs, despite the fact that a delay has been established for the bomb. The plane does not have time to go away, and the pilot also dies. Perhaps that is why the killed tanker hero thinks there was a clash. This is possible if part of the tank ammunition "protrudes", "sticks" through the texture of the tank's armor to the outside. This situation has already tortured me, and I wrote a message for developers about this error, like other pilots who noticed it. I apologize if my speech is not all accurate, English is not my language for the Mongolian pilot, I also use Google translation, but I hope that the general sense is understandable to you.
  10. I think that the clear connection between the game itself and the statistics was broken at the place where the statistics perceive the end of the departure (successfully). This is where data is skipped and death is automatically recorded. Therefore, yes, so far the only way out - after landing - it is completely out of the game. But since the statistics do not “see” the landing, this method can be considered “exit from the server in flight” or “disconnection”, and as a result the fair play index falls So there is no completely good solution yet.
  11. But, apparently, to a much lesser extent? After all, I could not randomly choose such a case on your server, but here it was easy and often.
  12. Errors in the game log ... Hmm .... But why in the statistics of other servers I did not find anything like that? And in Cocos statistics, many have it .... Question: Is the time on the server assigned accordingly for this time zone?
  13. Dear coconut! I really like your server (EXPERT), but there is one question. I apologize for my English, I am writing through Google translator. On February 16th, strange things happened on Saturday. As I found out later, many of my sorties were counted for statistics as “crashed”, but this is not the case. Inside the game, all my landings at my airfield were counted as "normal", I was always given a new plane, I flew as usual. But then, one day later, I saw that in statistics I fell down, it turned out that many of the sorties counted as "crashed". Why is this happening, maybe I did something wrong?
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