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  1. After deleting my 'updates' folder I ran the launcher and it fixed this problem after analysing the installed files. It downloaded and installed the proper files and I was good to go again ...
  2. 1. Your videocard name: Radeon RX 580 Series 2. You Driver version 3. Have you this weird graphics issue with opened canopy if you set Anti-Aliasing to 0 and Canopy Reflections Off? Nope, none at all.
  3. Thank you for your honest reply, Ansirial. Was thinking about to use your stats site for some DF missions I intented to host. That's all ... Gen "No clue at all about those log files ' n stuff" osse
  4. Hello Ansirial, was just wondering what files would be needed getting uploaded to your server in order to get hold of multiplayer stats of e.g. a dogfight mission. Is there a way to implement this to your IL2GB Logbook Sync as well? Gen "Silly me" osse
  5. Hi Ansirial, received another error message ... It's the 'Distinguished Service Order with three bars'. ... and this one, too ... This time it's the 'Distinguished Flying Cross with two bars'. Thanks for your efforts, mate. Gen "Bling? Bling!" osse
  6. Understood. Thank you for your enlightening insights, mate. Gen "What a pity!" osse
  7. I wouldn't mind having the hull and the turret as single objects. As long as I could see them with the viewer ... like you've presented it in your picture. Gen "I see therefore I can paint" osse
  8. Hi Ansirial, it seems like my statisitcs are messed up somehow. Can you sort them out for me, please? Gen "Confused" osse
  9. Folks, I'd like to give this thread a second chance after such a long time since the implementation of viewing the tank skins with the viewer.exe is still missing ... Just my two cents ... Gen "Paint on tank? Why not!" osse
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