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  1. Hello Barkmann, regarding the tank skins may I point you to the following posting ... Cheers, mate!
  2. Great idea, Vander! Yet your TC generator doesn't work on my machine. Every time I hit the "Generate Mission" button it says "Error - Could not generate mission!" Here are my generator's settings ... Any help is appreciated ... Gen "?" osse
  3. Hi, Ansirial! I've just ended my Yak career and received a "Medal For The Defense Of The Caucasus". It seems to be missing in your program ... Here's the log's output: Thank you in advance for fixing it, mate! Genosse
  4. Hi Vander, I've just created a mission with your generator and it seems that the weather conditions are all over the place. In order to illustrate this I'd like to present you this screenshot ... So it's Russia in the winter period 20th of december, 1941 and not 2020 and snow has fallen. But it won't remain lying on the ground at 14°C, will it? Maybe this can be fixed eventually? Gen "There is a climate change!" osse
  5. Hello Ansirial, I've just done another sync of my latest career mission and it seems that everything went fine and smooth. Here's its output ... Thank you for your efforts, mate! Gen "The grateful" osse
  6. Hi there, Ansirial! As requested by you ... It seems like you've solved a big chunk of the medal mystery ... Gen "Applause!" osse
  7. Hi Ansirial, it's good to see that you're still alive and kicking. I was afraid that COVID has just caught up on you ... Alright, then ... here are the current stats of me and my mates ... Hope this helps you solving the mysteries of the Soviet awards in IL-2 GB, mate!
  8. Hiya, Ansirial! Here's an addition to previous my statement. Maybe the attached picture will give some insight to the mystery ... Gen "The visual one" osse
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