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  1. I'm missing my home town ... Neuss ... left of Düsseldorf on the Rhineland map. The harbour has been already outlined (five harbour basins). Maybe its related town will be added in the future ... :( Anyhow, it's been a gigantic update . Thanks a lot for your efforts, devs!!! :)
  2. =FI=Genosse


    Hi devs, just found some typos on the dashboards and gauges of some German aircraft. The first one I found on the left hand side in the cockpit of the the new FW 190 Dora and the second on the RPM gauge of the Fokker VII. The last typo was also to be seen on the gauge of the Fokker in Rise of Flight ... Cheers, folks!
  3. I'm sorry to say but I can't join you on the next FNBF mission, folks. So scratch my name from the roster, pls ...
  4. After the 3.007 update I can login in right away now ...
  5. Thank you very much, mate! Here is the result of my monitoring ... ... which is quite incomprehensible for me as I have to admit ...
  6. Lazy, what program did you use to do this trace? Gen
  7. For some of my squaddies entering the (online) game works right away. For me it doesn't ... that's all. I thought it might be related to the major 3.0 patch ...
  8. I've checked that, too. But unfortunately it was of no avail ... Thank you anyway, mate!
  9. No improvement since patch 3.006 for me. Anyone else?
  10. *BUMP* Any news on this topic, folks? It seems like that a bunch of problems have been added to the already existing ones with the latest patches ...
  11. Recordings of previous versions of the game will not be displayed in the current version.
  12. Even after the latest 3.005 patch I'm still having troubles to log-in straight away ...
  13. Well, ... ... it seems like I was to quick with my approach there. After hosting some COOP missions I noticed that I wasn't able to use the Alt+F2 cameras of these recordings. Maybe it could be a server setting preventing me to use them that I've missed to enable/disable? Gen "WTH?" osse
  14. I think I might have found a 'solution' to my problem: I unchecked VR HMD oprtion in the Graphics settings of the game. Now I can use the Alt+F2 cameras again ...
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