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  1. I had this when I tried to OC my GPU. Problem went away when I reset the GPU to default.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Especially with your well developed and sophisticated conclusion.
  3. On the other hand they sell their stuff to more than 20 countries like Oculus and Vive and they ask the same amount of money in US and Europe (and probably everywhere else). This might be a good reason to go with them in the end when I decide I need an upgrade. I don't even start to tell the story what I am doing and paying to get a STUPID Oculus CV1 cable which died the second time (I might do it later when/if I finally get my hands on it)
  4. Note that I don't have a Pimax but... On the Pimax website you can order controller + base station combos for 300 USD. I have also seen reports of base station incompatibilities on these forums but it is not clear for me if these are happening only for the Vive base stations or for those they are selling on their site too. Not even sure if they are selling Vive base stations or their own design.
  5. Ok then let's quickly delete this thread very quickly!!
  6. Do you use any mod enabler like jsgme or ovgme? I'm asking because you might have changed the file in the Mods folder. In that case you need to re-enable the mod to take effect. Also if you like you could copy the file content for [Key1]; [Key2] and [Key3] here and I'll take a look.
  7. It's subjective. Planes disappearing in front of clouds is annoying but only happens in certain situations. The ugly clouds on Balanced preset are always there and visible ruining the gameplay, shimmering my eyes out. This is worse for me. Edit - but I believe the other one is more critical to you so there is no disagreement.
  8. Probably that deserves another bug report as I don't suppose you mean it's OK this way because there is another bug that is worse.
  9. I haven't tried with tanks but for planes you need to enter the game in 2d mode, load a plane, asjust your default view with the num keys and hit f10 to save. Next time you load up in VR you will use your new default position. For 3dmigoto: Locate this file: \bin\game\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini for [Key1]; [Key2] and [Key3], change this (type = hold) to this (type = toggle)
  10. This might help (copied from the IL-2_Sturmovik_Mission_Editor_and_Multiplayer_Server_Manual)
  11. He just wanted to eat, was looking for your breast. Poor little plane...
  12. Changing opinion again. Clouds on Balanced still look like crap.
  13. My guess is that this was the only way for them to achieve that kind of high FOV without using curved screens.
  14. I would add Preset; Shadows; and Clouds.
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