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  1. It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want monitor clarity then no, you are not going to achieve it with anything you buy. If you can accept that a HTC VIVE has low resolution and you are trying to get slight improvements then the anwer is yes.
  2. It is what it is. A 1st gen HTC VIVE will never be comparable to a high res monitor. Even the later headsets are not there yet.
  3. Me too - never had issues after updates but in any case, this is the folder storing the seat position data. It's good to have a backup copy of it: [.........]\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\LuaScripts
  4. My non-sophisticated idea is that the ju88 is simply more demanding than the 109 with all the dials and switches constantly in your field of view. I have always had less FPS in a bomber than in a fighter.
  5. If you open up an account somewhere I will donate a dollar every time you paste this into the forums. When you get rich, you can invite me to a beer.
  6. I don't think any rigs, even the most latest and powerful and even with Gen 1 headsets, can run IL-2 with constant 90 FPS all scenarios if the in-game settings are cranked up to max. I would try to reduce preset / shadows / clouds / AA and see how that goes. And of course check SS if it's not accidentally set to some crazy high values.
  7. Sorry I've closed this on my end so you'll have to figure it out on your own.
  8. Level bombing from 5000m is a problem because at that altitude by the time your target came into view there was little if any time to adjust your aim before you were past it. This problem is finally being addressed (thanks devs) for some users. If you think about it logically anyone who is bomber focused will turn other settings down to get extended building rendering. That is of course if it even has any noticeable impact on FPS. If you quoted me to prove i was complaining it's not a complaint. It's a fact. To express my point I edited your quote above. Let's close this. My concerm was rather general to find out if this will be a valid strategy going forward, I don't really care about this specific update.
  9. And actually I was not complaining just asked a question.
  10. Gives advantage compared to other bombers.
  11. But it's not the decision of Il-2 developers
  12. "We have made this feature optional for simmers that have a weaker PC. For such a map as Rheinland with many cities and towns, it really improves the perspective and the overall feel. Of course, it is useful for other maps too - for instance, it allows bomber pilots to spot their targets significantly sooner. " Sorry if it was discussed before but is it a wise decision to tie a gameplay advantage to PC specs?
  13. You are running with basically maxed our graphics settings. It's only good in VR if you can tolerate low FPS and artefacts like ghosting, "double planes", stuttering in demanding situations etc... Biggest FPS killers are Preset, Shadows, Clouds and AA. If you want higher FPS I would start reducing those.
  14. This never worked for me. I always had to use OTT to disable ASW.
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