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  1. There is now an option in the difficulty settings called "Enhanced aircraft visibility". This should be a consideration when talking about the effects of the new spotting system. If this is checked the effectes might be too much compared to those this setting is unchecked or those playing MP (where this is most probably turned off).
  2. My opencomosite.ini file is in this folder: [.................]\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\bin\game I do not have the system wide installation but you can check this folder if the installation did put this file in there for you or not.
  3. Yeah that's the reasonable move so I'll probably do that. It's just that if I pick up a cheap webcam I lose the incentive to get the Delanclip. I dont really need it just thought that I need a webcam anyway why not order something I might play around with in Il-2 or other games.
  4. What do you think the actual effects are? I am not planning to start doing YT performances for a living, I only need it for wokplace video calls while working from home.
  5. I man this one: https://delanengineering.com/shop/PS3-Camera-IR-Filter-Removed-p50254011 Can this be used as a normal webcam? I don't have any webcams and now I need one so I thought I would by a DelanClip gamer package to kill two birds with one stone. Thanks
  6. Did they fail with 20 Gen pricing (I so much hope so) or they have a better plan to dig deeper in our pockets? As it stands now they have a card on the near horizon (3070) which THEY say is better than the 2080 TI and they plan to sell it for almost 1/3 of the current 2080 TI price. Also the 3080 which, again they say, is so f***ing, unbeliavably, incomprehensibly (and so on and so on) better than the 2080 TI is less than half than their 20 gen magic card. It was really the good idea to miss out on the 20 gen. As it stands the 20 gen 2nd hand market will pretty much hurt those who jumped on this gen.
  7. You need steamVr and as far as I remember steam does not start when you use steamvr. But you may need a steam account to install steamvr, not sure. Opencomposite only works for oculus headsets.
  8. Do you guys plan to implement something CB did with the SRS radio calling out actions automatically? I haven't tried it but the reactions are positive on the forums. To be honest I am talking from the sidelines now but I plan to return at some point and when I do it's always the Finnish server for me.
  9. My initial thought when seeing the e-mail was that it's just an excuse they made up (at HP) because they simply had to create more units than expected. But had no hard feelings as my latest information was that they would start shipping at fall 2020 so I did not anticipate anytime sooner than October. In case they indeed further upgarde the lenses that's even better. Also just getting information like this was a nice touch froim either bestware or HP whoever was really behind it.
  10. I received the same info today from bestware via e-mail.
  11. Thank you devs for acknowledging and looking into this.
  12. @NotOnlyforDCS Simple solution - lean to your normal position if you can then press F10 again. You can do it gradually. Technical solution - Locate this folder: [...] \IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\LuaScripts\snapviews\defaults Find the file that belongs to the plane you have this issue with and copy that file one directory up. To here: [...] \IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\LuaScripts\snapviews Make sure to create a backup of both files before you do this because I am not exactly sure you need to copy from the defaults to the snapviews folder (like I wrote above) or the other way.
  13. I can relate to the OP. I have been flying with a CV1 since VR implementation. I haven't been flying in the last couple of months. I am tired of not baing able to ID since Migoto was taken away and not being able to spot against the ground since the last major update. I did my part to fix my issues and pre-odered the Reverb G2. If that brings back the level I can enjoy the sim I'll be happy to continue, if not, I'll get a headtracking device and try 2d again, if that doesn't work out as well I'll leave.
  14. I don't think people in general want social media in VR. It's what fb wants. Then it will tell people how cool it is and how they cannot miss out and how stick-in-the-mud they are if they don't have it. THEN people will want social media in VR. People want what they are told they want.
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