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  1. About 3-4 out of 5 times I cannot bail bacause of pilot wound or fire. Earlier I was able to bail much more often. Is it just me or has this changed?
  2. OTT is optional. Here is how it goes: Opencomposite is a very simple plugin that makes it possible for IL-2 to run without steamVR (and I guess other games too that use steamvr by default). So this is mandatory if you want the game to run without steam or steamVR. And highly recommended as most people report a substantial performance gain using this instead of steamvr. OTT (oculus tray tool) is a program that is used to set up a few parameters for oculus. The two most important are pixel density (supersampling) and ASW. Since you can already control supersampling with opencomposite, you only need OTT if you want to have ASW disabled by default.
  3. When using opencomposite you don't need steam or steamvr at all.
  4. Desktop squirrel is supposed to be the program that hides the icons so that no one (including the program itself) can find them later.
  5. If you are not using it for anything else, you can even uninstall steamVR when using opencomposite.
  6. Probably also depends on the screen you are watching it. I found the vids with a 4k TV and looked stunning there then I used a HD monitor when pasting them here and they didn't look as good that way.
  7. Can you guys cool it down? Let's not start the pointless debates with people's at each other's throats. The FVP forum and server has been relatively free of that, which is one of the reasons I like it. It would be great to leave it that way.
  8. @VBF-12_Stick-95 I had this a few times with the oculus CV1 and it always turned out to be a faulty cable. Especially if the picture has a chance of coming back by moving the headset. (pls imagine an oculus rant here, I'm just not in the mood to actually write it down)
  9. I have modified snapviews for most of these planes. Is it OK to copy over the snapviews for the affected planes from my old backup? I tried and it works, I just don't know if I am missing any of the new stuff this way.
  10. Hah! I logged on to the forum now to warn people about this. It caused a bit of a headache yesterday why ASW is always kicking in when it's off in OTT until I realized what's causing it.
  11. Me? No. I'm definitely not going to do that. I shared the video because it was closely related to the current topic here. I have my opinion on Reshade on vs. off but have never shared it in any of the forum threads.
  12. I think they mean those programs that are used to overclock GPUs, monitor temps show the voltage and clock and stuff. All manufacturers have some kind of program to do these.
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