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  1. The 1-file version is till working for me but actually it's rather two files beause you also have to create an opencomposite.ini file in the same directory. I have 'enableAudio=False' line in the file because that is what the instructions say but I believe it would work with just an empty file as well.
  2. And even if the Devs implemented this right now, there is a good chance they would use the new performance headroom to throw in a ton of new stuff into the system adjusting the good performance to the average monitor PC specs and VR users would again be on the side where it's hard to keep the 90 FPS we need (or 80 or whatever required for a specific HMD). I don't think VR users have enough numbers that justifies for Devs to adjust game performance to VR when they could make the game much more beautiful for the majority of the customers.
  3. Unfortunately I cannot give you proper advice just encourage you to dig deeper because I am sure this can be solved. I've been in VR since day 1 in IL-2 and never had any issues with any MP servers. When I reach the edge of the cockpit I start to drag the cockpit with me if I lean further but that is normal. That is what the limit VR view was designed for. But it's something to get used to easily and I have never noticed any airframe distortions. And within the limit I am free to move around. In bombers with bigger cockpits the limit is not where the airframe or windows are but you still have room to move around. For example you cannot stand up and walk to the right side windows in a HE 111, nor you can lean forward very-very close towards the dashboard. You might try to create a separate thead specifically addressing Pimax users with this issue to get more proper information.
  4. CTRL+Num1 combination is supposed to turn off ASW but it never worked for me for some reason so I use OTT to disable ASW. OTT does have an effect even if SteamVR is running and you cannot turn off ASW in SteamVR (ASW is an Oculus exclusive thing). I have a profile for IL-2 in OTT with audio confirmation enabled so I can hear if the profile is loaded when I launch the game. This is important as sometimes it fails to load.
  5. I have an enterprise version pencil on my desk. Anyone wants to buy it for, let's say, $ 465 ? Pm me.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. Yeah I thought there was some invisible expense on the checkout page.
  7. I live in Hungary. If it was more expensive for you, probably I just don't see some hidden expenses but this is what the checkout page shows:
  8. Probably the smaller FOV is one reason for the surprizingly good performance you mentioned in your review. Less objects to render at the same time. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Reverb. EDIT: Special thanks for sharing the shop you ordered from. I checked and they ship to my country for 560 € incl shipping. Just for reference: I payed 740 € for the Rift CV1 when it launched (one sensor, no controllers). I would have never found that shop with google. I'm not saying I am ordering right away, but the upgrade options are growing which is great.
  9. Yes it happens. ASW 2.0 may be better than 1.0 but it's not a miracle. I tried it for 5 mins and quickly returned to ASW off.
  10. Good luck with the new system guys. Sounds interesting.
  11. So they have really managed to implement the CV1 black screen feature to Rift S. I'm sorry for you. I hope you will get your replacement soon. If you plan to go back to CV1 while you are waiting, would you mind sharing your impression? I often noticed that an upgrade (of any kind) really starts to stand out if you have to go back to the previous version.
  12. @lefuneste I tried v12.5.1 and I have a question. Did you manage to fix the issue where clouds (and smoke too as far as I remember) don't render in both eyes when zooming in? I still see it in the latest version. This is not new, we were talking about it in earlier versions. This is not a big deal so my intention here is not to ask you to look into it, I am just trying to find out if this is happening only on my system so I should check on my side or a general known issue so I should leave it alone. Thank you
  13. This was my feeling too. The video states 30% with 1 click. I stopped watching it after 2 minutes with at least 20+ clicks.
  14. Let's hope these turn out to be true this time. We really need real competition to Intel.
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