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  1. They are going to remain expensive as long as people buy them anyway.
  2. I have a b550 MB with 5600x CPU ,a GTX 1080TI GPU and 32 GB 3600 mhz gskill trident RAM. I have the G2 since late last year and haven't had the slightest issue. I had only one issue with my mobo with a powered USB hub I use for my flight sim peripherals. I had to switch it to a different port on the MB and that's all. No other issues.
  3. Very long time ago I used my G27 pedals as rudder using additional programs like GlovePie and PPjoy but I cannot recall any useful info on how to set it up. But it is possible. Here are some resources I found. First one is from our forums here: G27 Racing Pedal as rudder easy setup - Hardware, Software and Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum How to Use Racing Pedals as Rudder Pedals for Dummies : flightsim (reddit.com)
  4. I used these to replace the wheels on my chair:
  5. Yes I would love to fly with HUD off but I would miss the red notifications on top. @LLv34_Temuri, would it be possible to separate those from the HUD?
  6. Just guessing but it's possible that with the 1080 your settings (I'm thinking of WMR) were defaulted to some restrictions like half resolution and with the 3080 you are automatically at full resolution. That would explain both the improving graphics, which should not be the case without any changes, and the worse spotting. Lower resolution helps spotting.
  7. Perhaps everyone who cares a tiny bit about winning goes to the red side leaving blues with the nihilist purposeless scum (like myself).
  8. @DavviZ Sorry for the team kill last night. Awful mis-ID. It was one of the IL-2 nights when luck has a better thing to do than looking after me. Sortie Log: 20.03.2021 - 20:16 / HunDread / VirtualPilots (IL2 stats)
  9. I agree with you there. Just wanted to (over)simplify the difference in spotting vs ID-ing in relation to AA to avoid misunderstandings.
  10. Lower your settings. Balanced or low preset, no shadows, no MSAA.
  11. I'm sorry to see they are not working on quest 5 6 7 and 8.
  12. This doesn't help either. Just ignore and let's move on.
  13. In one of my sorties I managed to run to the safety of a friendly AF and the AA guns quite effectively managed to shoot down the enemy chasing my tail. I believe the AA is missing only on the temporary AFs. Probably there's a reason for that.
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