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  1. MB: Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO RAM: G.SKILL 32GB KIT DDR4 3600MHz CL16 Trident Z RGB Neo (F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC) I use a regular sata ssd for OS and an M.2 nvme drive for games. The RAM is running with it's XMP profile enabled.
  2. I have a b550 with 5600x and M.2 drive and do not have these issues. I only had to change usb port for my powered usb hub once to make it work correctly (not for VR but for flight sim peripherals). My G2 is working flawlessly in the first port I tried and the M.2 drive is super fast. Pci ex mode is on the default Auto in bios.
  3. Aren't the clouds you see pixelating? And the cloud reflections over water?
  4. Can you try to set Low Latency Mode to Ultra in Nvidia control panel and see if it's smoother? I feel it is but cannot decide if it's real or just placebo.
  5. This is true. But I believe the reason is that the CV1 resolution was so low that the degradation was not that noticeable.
  6. I think the best way is to try both 20m pixels and 9.5m pixels and if you can't live without the 20m you use that if you don't see much difference you use the 9.5m. Or something in between. It doesn't really matter what HP or the random people on YT say.
  7. When you are outside the game or steamvr do you see the (0 deg) changing when you push the joystick buttons? It's right next to the program window name.
  8. Check out the thread below and the results spreadsheet. The 5600x seems to be the best choice. Beating all Intels and is equal or just a few FPS behind the more expensive AMD Zen 3 chips. SYN_Vander BENCHMARK v6 to measure IL-2 performance in monitor & VR - Hardware, Software and Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum
  9. Hz is Hertz. The update frequency of the screen per second. 60 Hz means your screen only refreshes 60 times per second which is easier on your system to lock on to max refresh rate which usually gives the smoothest experience. I was really counting on the G2's 60 Hz mode with my aging PC but for me it turned out to be bad. It has a constant flickering mainly in the peripheral vision which is inconvenient and I believe it is a health hazard.
  10. Isn't it like that the global slider is your baseline and the per app slider is relative to that? So if you set the global slider to say 70% that resolution is going to be your 100% on the per app slider.
  11. Quick assesment after a brief try. Sadly, 60 Hz is a nogo to an extent that I think it is a health hazard with it's constant flickering. It is possible to get used to it but I think it makes it even more dangerous. Without flickering it would be great. On the bright side I was able to maintain 90 FPS in a quick 8v8 dogfight with my aging system (4790K/1080TI) with steamVR SS at 48%, Balanced settings, no AA. This was quite a surprise. And biggest surprise was that the clouds on balanced are not shimmering, pixelating as badly as with the CV1. Not sure if it is because of the headset or the devs did something since I last tried. All in all the G2 is quite a good option with an aging PC too. I will upgrade at some point but it appears now I don't have to rush, I can wait until prices and supply consolidates. We'll see if I can maintain this opinion after trying multiplayer and some more time in the whole thing.
  12. Yep everyone involved seem to have messed this whole thing up big time. Finally got mine today with July 7 order date. Hope it's not DOA or something else. Will try later.
  13. I got the tracking number yesterday. Seeing your post I checked the status and delivery is today for me too. Finally something that seems to go fast with the G2. Credit to Bestware as they switched to express shipping as a compensation for the long wait.
  14. Congrats Chili! Do I remeber right that you wanted to get two types of RAM and keep the one that's better? Did you do this in the end?
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