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  1. I saw those on other servers where there is no AI. Probably just a new fashion.
  2. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    New build upcoming - some questions

    Or you might consider using USB docking stations with on/off switch for storage HDDs. Then you wouldn't have to worry about Sata ports on the mobo.
  3. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    To Quest or not to Quest?

    I agree with this in general but initially it was Oculus that created that kind of myth that they are more than just a tech product. Why do I know names like Palmer Luckey and Abrash? I dont know any names from nvidia, intel, asus etc. And i dont want to. I hated people talking about Palmer like a saviour from the neighborhood back in the beginning. But Oculus wanted it.
  4. Any chance to put in a command in the .ini file to disable ASW? CTRL+Num1 never worked for me so I always had to rely on OTT. I wouldn't mind getting rid of that too along with SteamVR.
  5. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    To Quest or not to Quest?

    I just checked on the Oculus site and it says No PC. No wires. No limits. Without a PC it seems totally useless to us. Probably it's for angry birds and those kind of stuff.
  6. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    Base out of stock again so end of story it seems.
  7. Is ASW 2.0 already available for those that already have Rift Core 2.0 as beta?
  8. It's crazy how they tirelessly work on preventing users change any kind of setting. The only thing you can change without 3rd party software is volume. Oculus is more and more annoying in all aspects.
  9. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Does anyone know why the mission planner is not working?
  10. Yes I tried and works fine with non-steam version.
  11. Brief description: In quick mission the pre-loaded altitudes for air start do not work Detailed description, conditions: If trying to use the same air start altitude that was set for the previous mission the mission starts on airfield. If I change the altitude before the mission it works fine. I noticed this now so maybe this came with 3.006 but I haven't used quick mission for a while so i'm not sure about that
  12. Same results here with 9.4. On Kuban the zoom is fixed, working fine now, on Moscow the objects are zoomed but the environment is not.
  13. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    I Can Not see Servers

    This is a funny way to put it. For those hardcore guys these days are kind of festivals:
  14. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Oculus Announcement

    If Oculus has a bit of self-irony they should make a game or experience titled "Zuckerberg's Mind" and sell it under the Horror category.
  15. Sounds promising... Does this work with non-Steam version of IL-2? Thanks