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  1. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Can’t get more than 24fps!

    Yeah I also have IG disabled in BIOS but I believe it can also be disabled (or the right device selected) in NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Can’t get more than 24fps!

    It must be something else. Sadly I don't know what, but you can be sure that you should easily run High with your rig with much higher FPS. You should try Balanced for the sake of testing of course. I don't know if the i7-8700K has integrated graphics, but if yes, have you check if you are not running that instead of the dedicated graphics card?
  3. I don't use SS even on the lower res Rift to help spotting. TBH I never noticed that SS makes that much difference in clarity. It's a bit clearer but cannot change physical resolution limitations of headsets.
  4. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Cloud shimmering and plane blending with clouds

    I can't find it either.
  5. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    I wouldn't say it is snobby because the reason to try this kind of experience is a valid one I think, but I definitely agree it would be perceived as snobby by a lot of non-VR users. Especially if it was a really good server.
  6. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    I mean it still appears quite hard to properly populate servers except for 2-3 exceptions. I also don't see a reason for a boom in total users of IL-2 making way for lots of full-house servers so the only way I see this happening when a good deal of the community migrates to VR. That takes time. I want to be wrong though...
  7. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    The future is most probably VR only servers, but I believe that is still quite a long way ahead.
  8. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Cloud shimmering and plane blending with clouds

    I'll be sure to check this file when I get home. Thanks.
  9. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Cloud shimmering and plane blending with clouds

    Is this a mod? Can't help you with shimmering clouds, I'm also struggling with that. Planes disappearing in front of clouds is a bug. Lefuneste's 3dMigoto Mod has an option to fix that. The Mod is quite essential for VR for other aspects as well IMHO. Worth looking into it.
  10. More SS means harder far distance spotting. Not sure about AA.
  11. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    pale view on VR headset

    My latest info is that Reshade does not work with VR. Has that changed?
  12. Try these color settings. They give good contrast and really dark night scene. However, they might be a bit too bright in bright and sunny winter maps. z6 = -0.1w6 = 1.2
  13. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Oculus Tray Tool not working in IL2?

    OTT profile being applied is unreliable for me too. Enable voice confirmation for loading profiles and at least you'll hear if it's loaded or not when starting the game.
  14. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Is normal some stuttering?

    Try to turn off the HUD. I have it on one of my HOTAS buttons so I can turn it on or off easily. In MP and HUD on it's stuttering for me even when I have 90 FPS
  15. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Oculus Rift - Vive - VR. -basic questions

    Based on this probably you will not be disappointed with VR. I had a DK2 then the CV1 and was disappointed in both initially because of the resolution and SDE. You get used to it quickly and now I would never go back to 2D for simulators. Spotting is not a disadvantage in VR. If you do not use too much Supersampling, spotting is probably better in VR than on high res monitors. The pixels are simply closer to your eyes thus appear bigger. I often spot distant planes easier than my team mates on high res monitors when the sky is the background. With land as background spotting is probably not easier but probably not worse either. It's identification that is much harder in VR, but with 3dMigoto mod it is possible to increase zoom level to overcome this.