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  1. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Toying with the idea of VR

    I know. I have the FFB2 as well. That's why I need the additional xbox controller which I configure with JoyToKey so I can use the sticks as four way buttons giving me quite many options. But I also use a thrustmaster throttle which has quite some buttons and axes as well. If you don't use a separate throttle you probably need to map the easily available buttons on your keyboard and with time you'll learn what is where.
  2. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Toying with the idea of VR

    I have a Rift but that doesn't matter I guess. I have everything mapped on my HOTAS and an additional xbone controller. If I have to use the keyboard for chat twice a year I just flip the headset up and pray I don't crash into the ground while I type what I need
  3. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Tactical Air War

    Is it possible to mark the top-screen server messages (object under attack; plane seen in sector 1234; etc..) with a distinctive sound? When flying a fighter in VR looking for contacts I just rarely look straight ahead at the direction the messages appear so VR pilots miss a lot of these messages.
  4. I was wrong. It's not an IPD issue with the smoke, at least not how I thought it was. It's just simply visible in one eye only. It can be any of the eyes depending on the angle from which you look at it. With 5 or 10x zooms this is quite clearly visible. With low zoom it tends to disappear for both eyes when looking from far and reappear when looking from close. The track I uploaded earlier is still good to check this.
  5. Try the 3dmigoto thread below. Probably you are using an older version from before the update. We are now at v11.2
  6. @lefuneste , I created a track to show the ground object smoke behaviour with 11.2. At the beginning one of the tanks is smoking badly. Approaching with low zoom the smoke seems to partly disappear as if blanked out by something. With 5 and 10x zooms the IPD for the smoke seems to be off. I want to add that this is not a big issue. It's still totally playable. Tracks.rar
  7. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Toying with the idea of VR

    These are my settings: [KEY = graphics] 3dhud = 0 adapter = 0 bloom_enable = 0 desktop_center = 1 detail_rt_res = 1024 draw_distance = 0.54500 fps_counter = 1 fps_limit = 80 full_height = 1080 full_width = 1920 fullscreen = 0 gamma = 0.80000 grass_distance = 100.00000 hdr_enable = 1 land_anisotropy = 2 land_tex_lods = 1 max_cache_res = 1 max_clouds_quality = 2 mgpu_compatible = 0 mirrors = 0 multisampling = 0 or_enable = 1 or_height = 1600 or_hud_rad = 1.50000 or_hud_size = 0.75000 or_ipd = 0.06044 or_width = 1344 post_sharpen = 1 preset = 2 rescale_target = 1.00000 shadows_quality = 0 ssao_enable = 0 stereo_dof = 5.00000 vsync = 0 win_height = 600 win_width = 800
  8. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    Toying with the idea of VR

    I have to disagree. I have a 1070 and a 4790K at 4.8 GHz and 16 GB 2666 MHz RAM and I usually maintain 90 FPS with HIGH preset, no SS in MP. I would rather liked to go with Balanced preset but the ugly clouds don't allow that. It's true that crowded scenes like huge furballs including some bombers or heavy AAA fire on ground reduce FPS but not like 25-45 range, rather 65-75 range (This is why I would like to go with Balanced if I could)
  9. Correction - with shadows on, the zoom on terrain and objects are good, but ground object smoke is still off. It's not detached from objects but the IPD is off. And something is wrong when zooming on clouds too. It's hard to tell exactly what. It' like the close and far clouds are OK, but the middle range clouds disappear.
  10. I checked last night and I do not see any loss of FPS with HUD on anymore. If anything, I felt it smoother with HUD on but probably this is just my mind playing with me. I didn't notice any stutter with HUD either. Previously it was stuttering on crowded MP servers even on 90 FPS. It's good to see the kill messages again and don't have to keep shooting the occasional poor guy long after he is destroyed.
  11. I can also confirm that enabling shadows fixed the zoom IPD off issue.
  12. I briefly tried v11.0 last night using my 3 user setting files copied over from v10.6.2 and the zoom IPD was off for all zoom levels. I play with shadows OFF by default. I did not think of trying with shadows on. I'll check when I'm home.
  13. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    MFG Crosswind Pedal Review

    My short review: - Very VERY smooth - Very accuarte - Customizable - Durable (based on the look and touch and weight and other reviews) - The purchase went exactly as advertized on the website. The order page displayed a date for shipping the next batch (Jan 28 in my case). I ordered 2 weeks before and exactly on Jan 28 I received the invoice, payed, and the pedals were shipped the next day. Then I received it 3 (business) days later. The only con is that the pedals are flipping over when only one foot is placed on, but I easily solved this by screwing the unit to a wooden base.
  14. Great tip. Thanks for sharing. I had to get the cable replaced once for bending exactly at that place and it's starting to bend again.
  15. -[HRAF]Black_Sab

    MFG Crosswind Pedal Review

    Thanks, but no issues with delivery. Everything goes as expected. I just thought you were in the same batch as me.