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  1. /hi all I have a eight year old rig sabretooth 990fx/ amd 8305fx 8 core 4ghz/ 16 g ddr3 ram corsair,/ I up dated to a gtx1060 6gig card,/ I have two old 1tb each hard drives,/ I just got a intel 6 1tb pcie ssd all so got a pcie expansion card,/ I no you can not boot it, but I loaded my games on it, 1 got speeds of 1229, on ssd and 110 on old hard drive, but the big one to me is I get 60 to 70 fps on bf/v and 60 fps on bos, I wonder how much I would get with win 10 on a sata ssd or is it the old hard drive helping in some way, please let me no if you have done something on the same line, I don't want to bye a sata ssd has when I upgrade I only wont to use pcie for all the hi speeds
  2. hi all yes after 20 years of twist sticks I got pedals, talk about start all other, yes thay take some getting use to, but I find them becoming part off me now. all that rudder use with stick and twist was a waste of plane energy. thay make take offs and landings a lot more realistic and gunnery to. I say if you just tacking up flying sims get pedals, I no the cost of hardware is very hi, but this sim is made for it all,
  3. been a long time, but great news end of march.
  4. please help me 1 can i run dserver on windows 7 2 can i run dserver on one pc when i play it on my game pc 3 would it be best to run dserver on windows server and the game on game pc 4 were can i find out how to set up dserver on a server machine. i have set up info for pc 5 please give links so i can get going on this , many thanks to you all, downedpilot
  5. does any one no if the eye tracker works with boss, thank you for any info
  6. this is a game from a old sim builder murdox yes the first sturmovik, its a real arcade game but has a il2 feel to it. you need a good rig to, it likes lots of memory, if you want fast fun try it.
  7. hi all, just to let you know, I am selling all my collection of ww2 vhs documentary's, on ebay,[ royston6161] lots of gun cam and true facts from ww2, have a look you might find that missing link,
  8. hi I have used amd cpu for all my builds the biggest problem you have is heat you have to bye a good fan or water cool, amd fans our just no good when you our in hi settings gameing all so I found that flash hard drives our just to much ,if you use pc a lot and need lots of space, if you like me forget to move apps and downloads ext use a nice big hard drive
  9. did you no that it takes 4 titan gtx cards in sli to get 60 fps with a 4xhd 27inch monitor , that's wit them in the latest gaming pc,
  10. 12 has been built for hand held on the move gamers,our desk tops will have direact 13 then u will net lots of new hardware to get the speeds u talk about,
  11. i found it when in sli i found if yuo turn off full screen the problem goes away
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