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  1. lets have a very big zeppelin, over London, dont forget the 1st ww
  2. meant to come out today .what has happened, any one no
  3. you put into great con text how long was il2 gold for/ lets open this can of worms up yes i really did believe that team fusion could do it on there own to bad jumped in bed with the big boys thanks for your epinine
  4. i started this and did my best to tell the truth, it has been very interesting. so fare find that most forum members our very die hard fans, and dont like to here bad about il2, this is how i felt many years ago, i really did think that cod would disappear into the wood work, and have said my bit now and hope you all can see how one game failure and uprise from the deadish can make some old fan feel.
  5. yes i got the disk to , did not like vista 64, had a great time untill first patch come out even more fun after that,
  6. i fully agree with you but you still have two game machine using the il2 badge with 777 ending up with the rights of all il2 games, when il2 sent a email to all saying the game had been dumped and now il2 our asking for money for a mod on a game thay have dumped
  7. i would give team fusion the full asking price but i don't want to give any thing to the team that dumped the game in the first place, its like giving a car thief a job in a car park,
  8. i just love the way this is getting up ya nose of some people . but no one give a toot rimity toot toot when we all got the email were our not suporting ext cliffs of dover the game was dumped
  9. yes i no what you mean, yes felt the same when steam come in to it all, i was the most loyal il2 customer when madox was on the il2 add ventures, still loyal to madox games now well watts left of it, but all so very loyal to the new il2 team untill now i have only paid steam for cod and tigers over china, i think i might forget all i have said flick a coin and go with the winner,
  10. the music industry haha pirate bay got them bach £17 for a cd. free to down load torrent. greed will all ways lead to poverty, paid £14 sgt peppers lp £17cd £16cd remaster £37 for the lot worth it great lp
  11. the beast mod i ever had and all the fans wanted the normandy map of it very good graphics great patch 407 i thing /BATTLES OVER NORMANDY/ just great i seved this mod for a long time. had the beast nights in ever my fav plane was the 4 cannon hurrie make one pass bf109 out turn shoot him down if not you the gonna, ya the 109 hatted the cannon and the turn rate of the hurrie,
  12. very good answer, lets hope we don't have to wait ten years before we get a new eng that works with all that new tech that's coming our way now , i have seen things in other games, that would work well in il2 but the two engines our out of date to take such tech,i give you sample, it might be a crape game to you all, but to me we all our hunters in the sky and a kill is so ? the two games ironwings and tigers over china have close up combate were you see some real damage how good would this be in 4k x and rtx x12extra it would move the game on to adults only but i dont no many under 18 that
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