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  1. I can see enemy icon...... and enemy can see me out of radius, and when im low, slow, and ready to touch, have enought time to dive , accelerate, and kill me, and because AAA is really Poor, this vulcher NO have any risk. Ok for no increase AAA, ok for vulchers, NP, use another base , most of times is literaly imposible due distance. Solution will be dicth around . No problem. I play to game according to her design 😃 Like the rest... for this reasson are too much vulchers in this server.... extremadly easy vulch and many times , very unbalanced quorums. Thx.
  2. Is posible increase protection on regular bases? With unbalanced quorums is usuall top aces fighters go to vulch to bases, if u try use a temporal base, u know are on a risk situation, problem is, if u take a regular bases.... your level of proteccion still being very poor. I was killed many times on landing attempt..... Are many ways to made easy kills , will be nice have one way to land safelty. Thx Great server
  3. Yes , u can shot down a enemys. Yes, u can shot down a bombers, many times on second burst engine go on fire. Problem is. Enemy fighters can take a huge number of 0.5 impacts before suffers a noticiable lack of performance. ( bfs and Fws ) especially on wings and fuselage.
  4. Yes X51_VC , Maybe planes under spread attack, dont be destroyed, but be damaged enought to avoid combat... this is what i miss here... i no claim instant kill, i claim some more logical in combat. I mean, enemy damaged, lost performance on plane and must leave combat..... what you many times find here is ... you archive hits on enemy , but seems are only "visual hits" on fact, you dont cause damage, then enemy still fighting.
  5. Yes.... on true seems like only 20 mm work fine in this game... explosive for be more exactly. ( and mk108) , many of kills i see on a single burst are made by 2x20 mm minesglosh, or four hispanos.... The rest of ammo are practically useless .... u need half live for made a critical hit shoting 0.5 ( kill enemy on single burst is anecdoticaly ) or need a promedium of 2.5 hits of 37mm for destroy enemy fighter. Concerning to 0.5 is funny read here some people teaching to the rest, for shot 0.5 need "sniper" shoting...... this is not the concept of spray and pray.... and spray and pray on RL works.... maybe on RL have more critical things to hit, or damage inflicted are more huge. I dont know but seems easy to fix. If we cant do more complex DM or shot pattern... can do other things to fix it. Anyway , the most paintful , isnt is cant kill a enemy in a single burst ( i understand all players cant be hartmans ) ... the most painful is , if you hit well a enemy u expected enemy hitted suffer some damage, this means the enemy is in troubles to handle plane, turn or run.... but no.... this is the painful point... many of times , enemy hitted no reflect a less of performance... and is capable to dogfight you like as nothing happened.this is fustrating. For me this last point is the key. With a bit better simulation of damaged caused by rest of weapons ( 20 mm explosive had enought love ) game will be more interesting , from allied point of view, now game ( on dogfights terms i mean ) is ... if your plane receive a single impact, your plane really fly worst, if you receive a serial of hits , your plane is out. this is ok i think. Now need expected something more similar in the other side. For all non usually users of 0.5 mm, now comes here to say us , 0.5 is great and no problem. I only can say... you only have anecdotically experience and feeling.
  6. yes this week says Jason, u can find here
  7. Biplane pack I-153 P Cr-42 Hs-123 Non german/usa/russia pack IAR-81c G-55 centauro D-520 Anyway, any new about new collect planes will be nice.
  8. Bombs have same issues on both sides no? I ask because i read.... fix problem for bombs on blue side.... and it made doubt me.
  9. I want congrat once again to finish virtual pilots server, it never end to grow! good work guys! THX
  10. gunners here are better than any R2-D2 .
  11. I do some test more. As you say, is better concetrate fire on one point . For this purpose i change P51 for P38 . I obtain better results. With standard ammo, u can kill 6 Ju88 and another be medium damaged. The first four go down on first attack. Long burst on same place and fire in wing. Enemy dives. I waist some ammo but seems efective. But for the 5th, i wasted 2xM2 ammo and only have avaliable 4 of them. With less power of fire and i recognice missing some shots. 2 more was shotdown. The 7h bombers recives good damage... but he can recibed more before go down. Maybe with more practice, 7 can be shot down, and is only a short step rear F4 edit; stanadard ammo. With extra ammo i think 8 can be shot down if you dont crash before
  12. remember: invulnerable mode on in other case i be killed maybe on first attempt a pair of cannons 20 mm minesglosh no gunpods https://gofile.io/d/ZWOBUP enjoy it, lot of shots, fire, explosions, beautiful game i hope link works fine
  13. Im uplading track I review it... i miss some shots.... 3 was killed on first attack ... one explodes and 2 more engine go on fire and dives.... I aprecciated, both of them are leaking fuel due friendly fire i suposse... but if you check on video the enemy status is good, only small hole leaking. but for the rest i need be more persistent... im sure more skilled bf109 pilot than me , can do better for sure. The last one , i dont know how long can travel.... but no was shotdown at the end of track. im uploading only bf attack, maybe P51 i less important ... but i can upload another day. Both at same time, are two much for my patience
  14. I do test Raven Single mission. Plane invulnerable vs 8 Ju88 Results Bf109 F4- Standard ammo - 7 Ju88 down + 1 several damaged P51- Standard ammo - 4 Ju88 Down + 1 medium damaged. Note I think if im better aiming p51 the 5th ju88 will shot down for sure, and maybe 6th can be damaged. I fail some shots in bf... but with a bit better aim, 8th was shot down for sure ( ends very damaged ) 4 ju88 death on a first attack on bf109 I hit until they go down. aim to engines. No video, only 2 tracks. Any way , thats not exactly the point. Mineesglosh is simply a beast, all we know. No problem. The main point is how affects in aerodinamical terms the 0.50 caliber. As you sae, hit this small caliber over engines can cause fire and critical damaged. This is right. The problem is in consecuences in aerodinamical terms , expecially on fighters. They take lot of damage and have practically 0 less of performance. PD , my internet is very poor and say me i need more than 1 hour to upload tracks.... if u want i cand send u via PM.
  15. balance is one of this strange things..... only are good when help u no?
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