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  1. About last videos: better don't talk too much about this things here. In general better don't talk nothing if u want the post still open.
  2. Is not a forbidden action , no have to much sense from point of view of pilot carrer and no apport to much for win competition. But i think not forbidden.
  3. que envidia el servicio bar en cockpit
  4. I think this lack of damage of 0.5 is not a bug.
  5. Assuming what the game is actually..... more biassed than ever.. first maps can be really funny , gummy balls vs nuclear balls and the rest of campaign.....a poor show with red side outnumbered ... no , game isnt ready to fly taw. This time i think i dont want feed Hartmans sweet dreams in this server . Enjoy TAW friends and good luck.
  6. ok ) its true , when i see enemy tank, he was shoting and was under fire... but are stopeed and dont move nothing.
  7. Look before spawn is the clue... But yesterday night a tank attack enemy troops, was really close from position...maybe 200 mts and attack icon don't warning us... I think some times dont works..
  8. Arriba a la derecha en el servidor de las stats 👍
  9. Saludos YaniBarto Se debe registrar el escuadron , al registrarlo se genera un enlace que deben seguir los miembros para darse de alta dentro del escuadron en el servidor. Si lo creas tu quedas dentro ya del mismo, para que ingresen otros , deben estar registrados en el servidor y al pinchar el enlace que le des se uniran al escuadron. Me parece que hasta que no vuelan un minimo de tres pilotos , no eres visible en las estats como escuadron.
  10. From 9 oclock? if you shot tail and engine can be damage... its around 8 mts of radius... 16 m2 area of blast? kill pilot can be around 6 mts of radius...12 m2 area of blast... it seems a bit OP no? On my test shoting one minesglosh to tail i damage both wings and engine... but was from pure six and have some chance of error... but if you are shoting at 90º ( perpendicular ) is most clear .
  11. Vaal , salute! I question only for curiosity, and for know about posibilities. All the servers use this stats sistems, where pilots and squads (allied or axis) are mixed in ranking stats My question is if is posible made 2 diferent ranking one for each team In old il2, many servers had separate rankings if im not wrong. When u designed stats system , u thinked about it , have a second version in the poket? Thx
  12. I agree. 95% ot times im attacked by plane with minnesglosh , my plane was disabled if i recibed more than 3 hits of minnesglosh. For me this is a solid attack, maybe u still flying but only for try ditch the plane. I expected the same in the other side, solid attack, burst where you can place 60/80 hits of 0.5 , or 4/5 20 mm need be enought to disable , small, fulled and fragile fighter as bf or foke. the ñack of damage in 0.50 or 37mm ( due DM? ) and too strongest tail for bf and hughe difference betwenn damage needed between planes for suffer same penality
  13. No doubt , marshall mode can add more coordination and for sure we will have more inmersive feel. But will be different things. I mean , marshall mode perfectly cab be a addon for SEOW... in SEOW you cook all! u place all your forces around map, u decide all your moviments, you plain all the flights.... and when mission is launched u use marshal for control the flight missions. Anyway , lets will see what is posible along future years.
  14. Consistency ... is the right word? i think yes. I miss some consistency in more aspects of game. One is subject of this post, others are about damage of weapons, visual representation of damages and how it affect to aerodinamical caracteristics and DM for some planes are out of the "line".
  15. unafortunally i think we never see SEOW for this new il2
  16. For me is a great addition. Well placed on servers for fast use can be really funny.
  17. about planetset i suggest Il2 1942 for more maps , for many of us is better weapon than il2-1943
  18. Finally i can do more test.. I will try to edit fast a video. On resume. All planes are sensible to wing damages , but are sensible on different levels of damage. My conclusion is il2 is more sensible than others and with less damage of level, lost more sustentation. for me in comparation wiht others, too much sensible. For test i made ONE shot to il2 wings with mk 108 ( is better than 37mm for made big hole ) , after hit 4 il2 , 3 of them crashed after few minuts becouse lost speed and sustentation. For compare with other planes , i use Stuka. Am recreate
  19. Basically MP I cant made too many test... Il2 DM is really sensible to damage... and progresive. Wings can take damagre from 1 or 2 minesglosh... automatically plane tends to roll and lost speed but still flying. The "glider" limit point is when takes more damage. For example one 37mm from ground. Or more than 2 mineesglosh. I mean is strange because i cant replicate same in other planes.... if any fighter take similar damge become uncontrolable. lost wint. etc. etc.... but no suffer this glidder effect. Most similar i can explain it is when u lost one of your e
  20. Lately... flying il2 i found allways same situation. If my wing was hitted and a big hole apeears on it..... i lost sustentability and il2 pass to be a glider..... no engine power ( it not was damaged) for sustain plane on air... or not wing sustentation for still flying. Any more can aprecciate it?
  21. Every dev diary posting without references to this issue... is more firewood. And comments of some participants are simply from another world. I dont care it im more interested on comments for developers.... Maybe last offerts introduce new players to game and this is great... but in the other hand... many are losing interest in it.
  22. I agree Better visibility... much better for me. Thank you. Next G-effects im sure will be another great tune. I this developer diary i miss some comments about problems with ammo and DM who are presents in game from time ago. Thx for all your work
  23. Ok The main problem is i was sure the base where i ditched was friendly ( over friendly territory ) and not was enemy... thats the reasson for i want know exactly where i ditched...but seems no posible know. Thx for answers.
  24. Salute http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/552354/?tour=36 in this mission i ditched plane on base , i leave mission alive, but parser says im killed. Maybe i was captured? i was looking for sector i diched plane but i dont find it... is posible this info was removed... i dont know why, but i have the memory, on stats i can found sector where i ditched. im right? is posible know? thx.
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