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  1. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Il mio primo video su youtube

    nice video. Some green screens between scenes can be solve with more edit. But i don know if this screens was placed intentionally. I think No. I like videos where u can follow history from different points of view, from cockpit, external views, your plane and others.I like see some replays on higlights and slow motions On resume i like your style .
  2. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Achtung Luftwaffe! Cazadores rojos en acción

    Una suerte la verdad pasar una mañana juntos al lado de esta joya... que espero que pronto saquen el I-153 como avión coleccionista. Refrescar alguna historia ( ya que mi memoria ta fatal ) y recibir en vivo las lecciones de Ice! Divertido , emocionante, entrañable. Esperemos que en el futuro esten los que faltan. Chima, hecho de menos algun video tuyo de esos asesinos... ahora que tenemos que entretenernos un poco mas en derribar y ser derribados... seguro que se ven un montón de disparos, fuego, humo y chispas por todos lados .
  3. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Prop. Pitch

    Saludo Geo. Efectivamente.... de hecho pilotos como BlackHeart.... si pueden, en combate, pasan a manual y lo exprimen mejor. Despues de combartle en muchas ocasiones, le señale que me sorprendia el rendimineto que le sacaba al BF y si lo hacia en auto o manual... su respuesta fue manual... cuando le quise pedir mas informacion, me dijo que no habia ningun problema, que me alistase a su escuadron y me enseñaba los secretos del BF en gestion manual. La verdad yo no esperaba que me ayudase mucho y el sabia que del lado rojo no me moveria. Lo que no se si los resultados que puedes obtener en el juego en gestion manual son algo ajustado o no a la realidad. Pero lo cierto es que al menos con los 109 F , a mi me confirmaron que en manual le sacaban mas rendimiento. Respecto a que sea dificil y se rompa el motor... es como todo. Por ejemplo el P40 la primera semana que lo vuelas quemas el motor facil... al cabo de un mes practicamente nunca.
  4. 666GIAP_Tumu

    When the P51 will be available?

    Nice to read ! No more 3rd Party collector planes planed for 2019 ? i am very interested about how runs this concrete business. I think collector planes are great for game.
  5. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Tactical Air War

    Yes , once again , we enjoy great moments flying TAW , thx a lot! I see all we are very expected for next edition... but i think this time maybe we have to wait near 2 months . Again, thx for your work. And thx to all players .
  6. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles

    nice rockets attack!
  7. 666GIAP_Tumu

    A-20 tail light from afar

    Yes , me noticed too.
  8. 666GIAP_Tumu

    HELP for research info about 907 IAP

    Hello friends. I have a list of IAPs about I need all info avaliable.... but is hard to me. My best resource is this book Все истребительные авиаполки Сталина. Первая полная энциклопедия And i must use a translator . My first question is about 907 - 938 - 960- 961 - 964 IAP. Airfield where was placed, dates, planes, pilots. etc. Im doing a research about spanish pilots service on VVS air force. Are more IAPs that i need more info, but i try lucky with this first few. THX a lot in advance
  9. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Tactical Air War

  10. 666GIAP_Tumu

    No, stuka can not take the most damage...

    I think online data isnt fiable. For example , look this case https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=74729&name=[G9]Ret44 70 hits by 72-k and yak7b --- finally after 2 minuts running a treetop level , he crash on ground an die... how knows how many more damage can receive if he dont crash. Note all damage was on aircraft no bootpilot or gunner . All damage to aircraft. Similar cases u can find in both sides. For me actual DM or network, need more work.
  11. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Tactical Air War

    Chimango if this is true.... I suposse formula used for parser is something similar to : First possibility Final status base = Init status + supply - damage. This is very important , the order of factors in this case is the key. If this is the formula, no matters how many supply you do an when do you do. Allways enemy attack your base, this attack will be reflected on next mission. This type of formula is especially against ground supply. Because if paser made counts at the end applying this formula.... supply via train or conboy was added to sum level , but because just after is apply damage.... at the end is like attacks does to base was does to train or convoy. This formula is better to attack side. We have another possible formulas : Second possibility Final status base = init status - damage + supply This formula is better for defence side. Third Possibility Final status base = init status + ( chronological order of events ) In this case seems are more adjusted and fair. Is important because if supply convoys dont be attacked , they count as they have to count. Is important stablish chronological order for parachutes ( can be moment of drop, or just before ground supply arrives ). Is needed apply suministrie levels from 0 to 100% and mantain inside limits amount of damage or supply possibles. Last possibility No one of previous.
  12. 666GIAP_Tumu

    No, stuka can not take the most damage...

    but .... what happens with famous uber gunner of pe2?? he dont kill any enemy??? buah.... very dissapointing. Now seriously .... i dont know exactly why ( maybe is something relationated with coop misions ... ) but actuall the amount of damage can support the planes are insane.... and in some cases ... seems surface damage on wings dont affect to speed and maneuvers of plane I hope we dont are in front of finish damage model. and devs continue improve it.
  13. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Tactical Air War

    Creo que coldman tiene razon.... no importa que la suministres la base al 300% porque al final si ellos la atacaron... se comen todo el supply y el parser lo deja con el daño causado. I think coldamn is right..... No matters how many supply made reds can do along the mission... parser at the end made counts... and i think last event he counts was level damage caused... in this case 83% with paratroopers. All red time supply, was a waste of time..... will be interesting know how exactly works this mecanics.... maybe is better wait until last minut for made a supply for compensate damage received along mission ? But i think ... actually the idea is at the end of mission, parser check status of base and simple apply damage caused . The cronological of events dont matter ... if this is the case. Is a great advantage for attack team becasuse no matter how many effort do defence team to resupply . once time one attack is doing, is imposible a counter supply along the same mission for restablish situation .... and if this mechanics repeat along mission... example : ( no cronological ) all eventes count at the end. -krasno start at 30 % damage -along the mssion received 200 % of supply . -Level at the end will be 100% ( maximum posible) - Krasno was attacked along the mission and received 80 damage . - Krasno ends with 80% damage example : ( apply cronolocial ) - Krasno start al 30 % - Krasno suffer parachute attack an received 80 % damage - Krasno its at 0 % - Krasno received 150 % supply - Krasno end at 100% Repeat i dont exactly know how it works
  14. 666GIAP_Tumu

    7 kills in a flight

    Hello sharfi I aprecciate on your words some kind of autocriticism... this is allways good thing. But you dont need any excuse for share us yours victories and you dont need be care about people dont like it. Anyway is too good some words for this people like do you do. Personally... ... , really i dont like the people need "likes" of everybody and share anything to have this " likes"... but on your case, many videos are a lesson for aim and are things ( for me ) interesting to see and share. Dont stop to kill us and share!
  15. 666GIAP_Tumu

    Patrulla Azul

    Saludos a la Patrulla azul!