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  1. sad for me read bonderplate will be a separate campaign with different format... i like actual format and i hope bonderplatte will add more planes and scenario to campaign. Idea of previous bombs raids.... sounds interesting... but i have the feeling.... an important feature of campaing is gone. I understand a TAW like a competition... both teams have same goal, but differets tools... each time have to organizce own tactic.... resume all game in one team bomb and other defend.... is a limitation for me. thx
  2. estoy con supo... si los bancos de medusas gigantes no estan bien modelados tambien puede ser otro handicap grave.... Ahora en serio. El pacifico estaria muy , muy, muy chulo. Aunque prefiero un escenario con mas tierra que agua... pero en el pacifico. Y tener al fin maquinas japos que romper.
  3. Para mi este parche ha sido un salto muy positivo hacia delante. Sobre todo el tema de las G , ahora los combates son mas chulos ... y despues de pegarme unas cuantas hostias contra el suelo ... tienes que volar con menos nervio y mas cabeza. Me ha gustado. Tema aviones, he volado muy poco los nuevos. El p51 me ha parecido muy bueno contra sus adversarios contemporaneos.
  4. Saludos Tag El primer dia del parche , en WoL tuve tambien muy malas sensaciones... bajon de fps sobre base, como tirones en general y al meterme en combate microparones. Asi que anoche me meti en settings graficos y le baje settings... mi pc ya se va quedando atras y creo que todas estas cosas que van metiendo... absorben recursos. Le baje la distancia del horizonte a 100 kms, baje las nubes... y quite el ssao . La verdad que tema configuraciones graficas se me da fatal. Asi que simplemente baje estos settings ... y pude volar de nuevo bien. Fluido. Con los Fps de siempre. Aunque he de decir que me queda la duda del mapa... El primer dia volaba en kuban y creo que este mapa siempre me ha ido peor, anoche creo que era stalingrado, donde siempre me ha ido mejor... Pero prueba con bajar settings. porque ahora el juego le exige mas al Pc. Un saludo.
  5. Is a great adittion no doubt. What do you think about negative gs? I expect the famous jerking like crazy kangaro will be end... its true this historical famous dogfight tactic many times is used on low speeds.... but inclusively at high speed. Negative G seems to soft.
  6. I think Its a great idea. And both mechanics have many things on common... partizan zone is unknow , is a pop up occasionally option, number of attemps is limited by map , both misions use slow planes with lonly gunner....and finally both teams have same options with similar risk.
  7. Awards for transport missions is a way to incentivate transport missions.. is the power of medals. But i think is a error confuse, important task with merit tasks. For example is very important for your health something like breath... but is a thing you can do , inclusively if u are inconcient. I mean, breath is vital but is easy on normal conditions. For paratroopers, i think have more sense . The counterpart can be medals for recon missions.. anyway ... the exlusive blue option for capture via paratroopers, is one of the most unfair options of TAW. For me , maybe each team can manage better or worst planes , maybe each team have better or worst pilots, but is needed both sides have same options. but this is another debate
  8. Congrats to Blue Team for victory. Good job reds, next time maybe we will win. Thx to all players Great thanks to to people made it posible.
  9. uao... from where comes this Hasan?? is a Pop Up tactic... increible. This bug is knowed?
  10. Cocho desintalaste desde el panel de control y volviste a instalar verdad? Me alegra que se solucionanse el tema.
  11. bueno gallahad, aprendi un nuevo termino , hype. https://www.trecebits.com/2018/01/02/que-significa-hype/ dios mio que abuelo soy ya... supo guardame sitio en la resi
  12. Im not sure is a developers problem Cutlass. If p2 or ju88 are most used on servers for assault attack, like TAW i think is because this kind of planes offer most survive posibilities for attacker because the best option for survive is stay minimun time over target.... dive, lot of speed, single pass and continue runing to home. But for example on my case... on a p2 maybe i can arhive maximun 6 or 7 objectives ... on a Il2 i can archive 12-16 objectives. bombs, rockets, cannon... but i need many time over objective... There are 2 posible solutions from my point of view... the most effective is, change objectives distribution .... tanks and vehicles no travel more on a perfect line along the roads... objectives need stay ditributed on a small zone... but not aligned, maybe on small groups, the idea is end with "carpet" bomb attack and force to "clinical" attack. The other option, actually avaliable, is creat a air superiority over assault objective.... but this requires a minmun group of players coordinated..
  13. En realidad. el uso historico no creo que importe mucho... si se produjeron unidades y estuvieron en esa epoca presentes , creo que ya les vale. El yak 9 tenia que ser uno. Si es el UT es una gran maquina con increible punch El hurri es una pena... .
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