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  1. Papa Thx a lot for yours diagrams I only miss data for F2 or F4 Thx. Flanker, how i can search your report, what words i can use search? thx
  2. You have my thanks X-man, red for next edition mate?
  3. Good work . I like yours comments on screen. About your attack: - i think your A20 victims wasnt on supe ace sniper mode... in other case i assume u dont survive to your first attack. I allways try dont overtake the bomber.... because in superace they hit me for sure. anyway u survive and can do good attacks. - And yes, fighters need have respect to some bombers after they drop bombs... as you can see this A20 have a good chance for hit you. . For next video if u want something super epic, i suggest you: dogfighting 2xbf110 in a I16
  4. No doubt , maybe stop server on new year next time will be a nice detail for no feed this kind of debate. But i think this is not the main reasson for blue victory. My proposition is ; non stop server by any reasson , same tractament for all religions , ignore all . But this is a private server as i read before. I want congrat to blue side for victory , crimea maps are a simply present for blues , and as i read some great red squads stop to play, then maybe is one of the most easy victories of TAW history.. , but for sure need some effort ( less than ever ) but some effort is needed. I say more. Thx to LW side for your fast victory on crimea. I think for all is clear how crapy is this map... on terms of competitivity . For sure next edition, or in future editions, we will see interesting changes on crimea maps. As i wrote before.... this edition was hard affect by last patch. For usually red players, like me, TAW have some points where can be more balanced. TAW isnt a historicity question , and all who defend it simply dont want accept things... for start we dont have a complete planetset for recreate it , and of course dont talk about quorums... then, many things can do on planetset for balance situacion. I hope some tunning will be done. Last patch decreasses drastically chances of survive for all players, and this thing was more noticed for red side.... Assuming both sides have same skills, we fly with worst planes , we have worst ammo , and of course we death more, is logical. No problem. But this situation becomes more critical from last patch- Reds need deal and learn under new conditions . I assume if this situation dont changes, for mantain some balance on TAW , maybe reds will need more pilots and planes. We will see. About BoP taw. I really thing are a important percentage of blue players, they simply play blue because is more .... let my select right words .... funny have the fastest plane, the best climber, the best g tolerance and the guns more big.... yes this is right.... thet simply like win and let the challenge for masoquish people. This people move to red for sure... and blue will be outnumbered.... i hope im wrong, thats one of the reasson for what i vote for include BoP on actually TAW and DONT made other different. For end, to suggetions more about stats. 1.- Include a parachute kill top 5 -- Yes! is time to play, forgot moralish and idiotic concepts like "honor" etc, etc. But here are some older people like me , we learn to play here with all respect to other players and we consider kill a pilot in a chute isnt a dogfihgt... dogfights was ended before... kill a player in a chute is more for shooters than sims... People like my dont help to team . Pilots are a vital resource, TAW rules promote they by killed. I proposse a TOP 5 parachute killers list to encourage all to play same game all of us. I think i have to actuallice my software ( hardware is imposible ) and lear to play modern games with modern people. I can consider, TAW offer my something similar to Star citizen and combine flying experience with shotter experience... for example. I need enjoy it! little trhick for reprograming older minds. 2.- Separate stats for red and blue side. Yes. I like see more red stars on stats. But more important. You dont think is a unffair comparative ? and maybe we can recover some of the genuine "spirit" about kill rankings. They exist and use, but i think was for they own army. And going to History.... look number.... best LW pilots have like 300 kills.... and best VVS 60 ( numbers dont exactly ) Thats all. Again. Congrats to Blue side. All new red players for next edition are really welcome. THX to all people made posible another TAW,
  5. Flanker, i know my english is terrorific.. but this setence have some sense for you... or for you is a threath and simply your mind push your " auto defence LW wining system " button? hahahah. Man, please.
  6. I only rememeber one red vicotory on crime map... i think 2 editions ago... not sure. But only remember one time and i doubt we can repeat it. Look at the map... krasnodar is lost On few missions ventsy will be closed All red have to move to rear border map and german forces advance with totally advantaje acroos the map... On general terms, both sides have oportunity to do same type of missions. And if im not wrong they have same kind of objectives. On TAW from beginig , bomb missions have high level of reward on terms of strategy. I mean, close base and destroy resources, attack depots , etc... That i want explain is.... red is good destroying tanks . Our best chance is stop enemy tank attacks and maybe end on a draw.... best performance for blues is fighters and bombers.... they can kill more pilots, planes and destroy more objectives..... Need it be balanced... maybe.. Have same number of objetives but can carry a double of bombs ... no doubt is allways and advantage..... Practically same time of " risk " exposition by double reward .... limit load for blues? increase objectives for blues? decrease for reds? ... My impression is , reds win some editions, especially when some big dedicated groups fly on VVS side , and along the edition we mantain a balanced quorums. Last patches punish hard to red side, Is the conclusion of TAW stats. I no want go to detail reassons.... facts are, red pilots lost is 133% more than blue ... and i think we continue having more chances for not be caputured.... This is the fact, red pilots are easy to kill, more than ever ... TAW design , limit resources of pilots and planes, based on " historical results " im sure if every edition from begining, red lost 133% of pilots and planes.... and all editions ended with blue victory for this reasson... then , based on this results, is easy imagine TAW design changes, and by default VVS have advantage of pilots .... not is the case.... because actually situation is caused by last patch deployed when TAW just start. And this is like i say... because one of the main interest of a competitive game is... both sides can win. thats all. Please aprecciate im not complaining nothing about posible tnt ammo, anti-g tech , marginal but vital advantage in g tolerances.... no, no, no. I accept all of this things are totally right. Or if u want i accept , all blue players , simultaniosly with last patch, improve they skills .... OK. Then, now , we have a competition with not too much chances for red side... in future editions, no interest for the side allways losing I suposse i will continue flying, and maybe is good idea, dont change nothing and wait for next patch, or simply no change nothing and observate if results are the same, then try some improvement. Is really not easy. Is like allways a apassionate edition and i enjoy it ... but not think on win too much... i like challenges but i recognice crazy things. Is a long history... many factors... and historicity isnt one of them. A simple new patch can change all, and sed to garbage all TAW improvements... is a hard task. allways a big thanks to all DEV team.
  7. Its soon for congrats to blue side for Win this current TAW edition? i can wait mates.
  8. Bienvenido Ataquerojo! bonito nick
  9. Thx friends. I assume are a logical relation betwen climb and acceleration for general idea. And of course engine power deploy . Thx. Then if i want know more i can do some test ... im not sure what can be best metodology. Any idea? I think in 2 posible 1.- From Speed X at altitude Y, do a dive with angle Z and max power. Then check time and speed . Dive acceleration. 2.- From Speed X at altitude Y, max power , then check time and speed. Level acceleration.
  10. Afortunally we have some charts about speeds, climb rates and turn ratios. And good tests about this data. THX. I try to find something about accelation of airplanes. But seems nothing is analized about this caracteristic. Anybody have any info about accelerations. Thx in advance.
  11. lo ,malo supo es que seguramente, cuando desde una cuenta argentina quieran abonar a otra cuenta de fuera el importe del juego... les metan otro palo que supere el 30% de recargo por pago de targeta.... que por cierto que locura.....
  12. Saludos Respecto a las campañas deberias de ser capaz de poder iniciar al menos la de estalingrado y moscu. Pinchas en la campaña, creo que eliges bando, creas un piloto, eliges escuadron y cuando empezar y empiezas. Apenas juego offline. Pero si tienes moscu y stalingrado deberias poder volar las campañas respectivas. Tema teclado no se... la verdad estoy muy hecho al joy... y lo de seleccionar siguiente objetivo .... no se si se puede... yo te diria que volases sin ayudas star citizen ) Suerte y que disfrutes del sim!
  13. Question to our great TAW admins Have any new about future TAW on west front? thx.
  14. old ADW sistem was more efective than actually i think. Anyway all improviment to taw are great. some on planetset is another good idea.
  15. Thx U know if this pilot suffer some lost of conciencius and pass out ? or can be conscient all time. Thx
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