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  1. Any change about pilot captured posibilities'? I bail over my territory after nice combat, around 5 km over friendly territory and i be captured . first bail on taw, over friendly and captured! nice start , yes sir https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=3386&name=666GIAP_Tumu i edit, i think was bail on 1012.7 but i bail on 1112.7 . Bad luck 😃
  2. Intercept bombers is not easy , but you can use some tips.... about approach lines For example, in the mind of the bomber the best way is not street ahead... they usually made some plain. You must think what factors are interesting for bombers... like wind direction.... the bombers do better bomb runs if do aligned to wind direction... other interesting aspects can be posible references on ground , you suposse they can use for navigate. Another thing can be ... consider logical they try evitate other posible objective that can alert about their position. and at the end some lucky. I think my percentage maybe is around 30% of succes , is not too bad. ,)
  3. Jg4 Eisbaer I really respect jG4 , especially some old members , and dont respect your because your stats results are good( that are really good and i want congrat to your squad ) I see JG4 doing huge bomb raids at high level , i had good combats trying evitate this bombs runs. I was defeated most of times. Jg4 have a great pilots, and usually made important things for win maps. And good performance too.
  4. about super players ... that means not is the plane is the pilot.... on true are both things.... if you are a mediocre player on better plane you improve.... if you are good pilot ( as can be Ami ) and have a untochable plane... then you are practicaly god. From this point of view.... m262 no have counterpart in this map... and for this reasson .... plane factor is allways present.
  5. Anaconda u are amazing ..... i can imagine, allied side can win first map thx to your professional help no? ah! u dont played first map?..... welll .... then thx to your professional help we lost last second map. thx .... and one little thing .... u dont played on russian side, u played on allied side in west front .. will be nice get your help on russian side for east front ... especially if you fly more than 10 missions, and not only fly enought mission for be on stats and stop play when you are ..... i mean along the whole war. Look my stats on cini tarako ... i can show you is possible fly for first time, like a noob, for axis side and have practically one enemy kill per sortie without death ..... along 8 missions .... is true, that dont say too much ..... but seems for you, anecdotical data is relevant ... Because really, your contribution for this taw is anecdotica ... And really .... before send people to fly another games and teach to the rest how fabolous you are ... think a little ... because you are really pedant and say nosense things. This last taw is suposed to test right? people have to made some feedback, or not is a test? Lets go play next taw Again thx to admins for your work
  6. TAW is NO historical recreation. Stop no sense justifications. At begins TAW needed be balanced.... reds had a excelent results . TAW was tweaked and becom more balanced And now, TAW maybe can taking care about people are "crying" or ignore they . No matters. The difference is how many reds you find next edition ,for vulch over enemy bases with yours intouchables m262.... and become a LW legend.... ah and dont foget.... win the war! hahahahaah i hope every day will be less. lets go see. Adms, what plans you have for start old East TAW edition? Thx
  7. people complaining about m262 are crying? good aproach to community opinion mate.
  8. Good performance Cp Siddy One question to admins, are planned start east taw after this present taw ? thx
  9. Siddy, i must disagree with u, practically all TAW is a constant balance evolution. And M262 must be out .... is too much advantage in our fictional scenario. Extend to 4 maps on western is a good idea Planetset need more love ... is a punishment for allied side.
  10. Today intercepted first m262 .... hhahahahahahahha ... i dive from 3k to 0 mts.... plane was shaking like a crazy... i had to use trim to go out of my dive... he breaks and continue running... i managed to hit 2 shots on plane..... But the best of this TAW is see a me262 strafing and killing a pilot on runway. fantastic! m262 vulching over bases... our AAA start shoting when enemy pass and was at 1km of base... i dont know for what reasson TAW have me262 ... i know is a design decision. But i dont know if the objective is this... see m262 sneaking around the map and vulching landing planes over bases... But one of the best things is , on taw u can rewrite history , and imagine what can will be happening if...
  11. Luse , u need check on website how many time remaining Over the map, u can see team players counter and elapsed time , check it before join. Mision duration is around 2:00 Hours +/- 5 min
  12. Mate i just do a test , and it works for me... Usual name and tag for my il2 account https://ibb.co/zbx1dph new name and tag for the same il2 account http:// https://ibb.co/rZzjqsf I registered on taw and just fly my first ever mission on dark side. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=CINI_TARAKO_TUMU
  13. Amix In true you only change your name and squad tag... your account reamains be the same... on fact you dont change your email ... that u use to logg in.
  14. i think i undestand. If you want your game recognize your secon nickname Dog1 you need do the next. Go here https://il2sturmovik.com/ Up right corner u have a loggin option, u must be loggin. Then click just before loggin, u can read " profile " click here and then you go to your account data, here you have 2 fields, user name and squad tag. The data you put here is the data used when you open game and go to TAW, change here from Aminx504 to dog1 In your case , use simply your Dog1 and left second field ( squad tag ) empty. I hope it works. Good luck
  15. as i expected... m262 for everybody.... Is well know TAW non need be historical and i agree..... but is funny see.... when blue side have to dance with most ugly..... me262 for everybody.... Ok i think TAW is limited for a one map for me..... I no have problem to combat in underplane... i do practically all the war... but inclusion of jets.... it too much. I think i waist my lifes on second map... trying vulching something over enemy arifields.... I hope this go fast.
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