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  1. When you do not have a G suit any mean to add drag is a viable option. That is a quite an old trick from il2 46 though. Just wandering by order of magnitude what is more shameful deploying flaps in a yak or deploying gear in 109 ? I taught another miserable survival, but online Marengo on EU official started to cheer about the drag after I thanked him. So I decided to watch the track, looks I made the right timing.
  2. Some very old tricks too.
  3. Or have you seen spitfire panic.
  4. It is not a bad idea from time to time to read attentively the sources you provide, provided of course you have the ability to understand. It is clear from the article that one of the major problems is the efficiency of the inflation of the suit in modern G suits. Regarding high G instantaneous turns the p 51 virtual pilot has an unfair advantage in the game. The instantaneous turn tolerance should be exactly the same for all pilots. Regarding sustained turns there is the advantage of the G suit. However only in the jet era planes were able to sustain enough high sustained Gs, p 51 is not f 15. [edited]
  5. There is some information how it works. I took the pressure data was from an e-book. https://www.aerosociety.com/media/4847/a-brief-history-of-flying-clothing.pdf Whenever more than 2 G are detected the valves open increasing pressure. Regarding the G strain maneuvers. I think they were never called that in ww2. However there are multiple historical evidence of pilots sweating and being exausted by the muscle strain in high G combat. So what were doing all those guys during high Gs maneuvers? I think the G strain musclue contraction is as old as the fighter aviation. The new techniques are different also including forceful pumping of 02 in the lungs. The operation of the pump requires also power that is also a limiting factor before the jet era. What is also interesting the centrifuges do not mimic oscilanting G, like those in instantanious turns. The air-inflated G suit is not made for that. The inclination of the seat is more important in the high G instantatious turn also the anticipation. That is why it is not as easy as people think to ride the backseat of f14 for example, if the pilots pulls some Gs without warning you you want to kill him afterwards.
  6. There is a difference between: oscillating and sustaned lateral acceleration G. The G suit needs to be inflated in order to be effective (and that takes some time). That means it will work only if the G forces are added gradually. If the G forces are added relatively quickly the inclined position of the seat has a bigger effect, together with the G strain maneuver (anticipation and the special breathing technique). That would mean in high G instanatious turns the 109 has to have initial advantage and not the p 51. At high speed the G forces can be reached faster than the G suit is able to react. The G valve controls the rate of inflation and the action is not instantanious, pressure increases linearly with acceleration at around 8.6 kPa (1.25 psi) per g in UK aircraft [(10.3 kPa or 1.5 psi per g in the USA) - inrelative modern G suits. That is why liquid filled G suits have an advantage over the inflatable one, in my opinion. The p 51 pilot would have minor advantage at moderate G when the Gs are sustained. The current situation when the P51 has an advantage no matter what is not acuratel and should be corrected.
  7. That is the game we were dreaming years ago to play.
  8. Online multiplayer dogfight situations between La 5 FN and bf 109 K4
  9. You need to join a squad and talk to real people. There is a limit how much entirely theoretical studies can be usefull. The learning curve is very steep indeed.
  10. The Me 262 is dangerous enough solo, but its true potential is released when deployed in a team.
  11. I do not see what is so funny about a bug that is making our game experience quite miserable. Why do you react like that?
  12. I think from developper point of view they think what they would do next. Option 1. To make a whole new package with Late Russian planes: Yak 3, La 7, Yak 9 variants, il 10 together with a new map. The question is that the German planes are already released. Maybe they would make FW 190 A6, FW 190 A9 and Ta 152. bf 190 G10. Option 2. To release those planes individually as premium planes Yak 9, Yak 3, La 5. The questions will arise strongly after BOBP is released as they will have to choose what to do next but then other possibilities arise. Option 3. Japanese theater Option 4. Early Jet Age with UK, USA and Russian jet prototypes versus German prototypes. I think a good choice would be if they could at least release yak 9 as premium (maximum historical flexibity). Then they can still the possibilty to release somethinglike late Berlin front map or Balaton, I am not a history expert.
  13. That kind of guys will be never accepted in our squad. There is a whole thread with squadron promotions and instead of making a little effort to read and investigate he is using the lazy approach dropping a few lines waiting to be recruited.
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