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  1. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    What our team is about is using modern era fighting doctrine in WW2 planes. So being in a team we can engage and and try to survive in tactical situations in which the common pilot is doomed. The reason: 1. Right now we fly as a team once per week, very limited time, so time sinks like flying and looking for targets are not a good option. 2. That kind of server is perfect for training of new recruits. That is the place to learn the team tactics. When you have the basics you can level up the challenge. 3. We do not want to bounce unsuspicious targets, they have all the instruments to know we are there. We want to train the recruits to fight in difficult tactical situations. 4. Last but not least, there are very good pilots there, maybe some of the best in the game who fly in the opposite team. Actually 9./JG27 David Red is very very influential for me. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out his high angle of attack techniques of rudder, aileron and elevator coordination. I used a lot tacview to check if I can match the same performance characteristics looking at the alpha, and G load charts. At the end I realized that some people when you look at the telemetry data have peculiar characteristics. I can identify some people just by looking at the data, not even the track. Another influential pilot for me is AK77. From him I learned some particular defensive techniques, he uses very fast alternations between positive and negative G loads combined with outside snap - rolls. So he is generating high speed over-shoot, in that way when you over shoot he has a very slight energy disadvantage and can counter-attack immediately. And of course JG27_Papafly, he is the official JG27 team tactics guru master.
  2. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    Hi hevishot
  3. JG27_Kornezov

    TRAITOR! A red pilot flying blue at Wings Of Liberty

    Of course the simulator is fantastic, the best we ever had. No matter you fly Blue or Red everyobody has its chances. Regarding who is going to win on Wings, where I have observations it is entirely dependant who has the better, more organized team as it is a team effort. However we want it to be even better. Another topic of course.
  4. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    For some reason it is now I see all the messages. You can join for our next session Thursday at 18:15 CET at our TS server: jg27.typefrag.com:4040 We can meet before that for a training session you need to PM me.
  5. JG27_Kornezov

    TRAITOR! A red pilot flying blue at Wings Of Liberty

    Good video, nice Gun camera shots. But if you are honest you would admit that the exact same kills in the exact same situations would be achieved by you flying in a Red plane. The Russian bias is in the unrealistic performance regarding some aspects: unrealistic diving speeds, unrealistic zoom climb performance. My opinion was that it was a way to make the game more fairplay in the BoS scenarios but when the La 5 FN is introduced no need for that anymore. The Yaks should not make 750 km/h indicated speed safe dives anymore. You need to fly more blue and you will feel at home in the RB!WC (Russian Bias! Whiners Club)
  6. JG27_Kornezov

    The Last Flight of Makar Gorshkov

    On the contrary talking heads and a Spit video is a perfect match. I did not use them because of the you-tube audio policies most of the time not available for use or blocked in in 237 countries, I do not mind the ads as I do not monetize my videos.
  7. JG27_Kornezov

    The Last Flight of Makar Gorshkov

    The music is so fucked up it gets kinda awesome. I liked the video very much.
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  9. JG27_Kornezov

    Bf 109 K4 information?

    Here in il 2
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  11. You got many good answers but I bet you are even more confused after reading them. A common mistake is to use "scissor and a roll on the side/top" when the bandit is not in gun's range with no enough energy to catch you. So not every six is equally dangerous. Regarding the dangerous sixes, that is a problem for every player and looking for solutions never ends. Regarding 2 on your six I call it "Ace traps". The reason is that even if you are an ace you are very likely going to be shot down. And that is also making the game interesting (constant challenge) because even if you are better 1 on 1 than anyone around you in the combat area, if you get yourself in dangerous situation you are getting shot down. There is very few I can add to what was previously mentioned. But what I find important is for you to join a squad. In our training what I do: 1. Exercise 1 is to get the guy in front of me and to ask him to show me his defensive maneuvering. Only then I can really assess his level and make proper recommendations that can be immediately useful 2. Exercise 2 to show him the jinking routine as minimum base line. What jinking does, is that buys you time. Also jinking allows you to defend against more than one bandit. And jinking also allows your team mates to help you, that is not going to happen if you maneuver violently.
  12. JG27_Kornezov

    How many Spitfires IX will we have?

    All I see how LW players die pathetically, giving cheap kill after cheap kill. The machine to kill Spits is the FW A 8, and the Dora, not the Messer [edited]
  13. JG27_Kornezov

    How many Spitfires IX will we have?

    I think Spitfire lovers should concentrate to get the most of their Spits now. For that you do not need the 25 boost. As now it totally outclasses what the Blue force has to offer. When Bodenplatte is out you will feel like flying an i16 in a Battle of Moscow, capable ot outurning everything but slower than everything. It is fair not to have the regular G2 without the engine limitations?I feel your pain.
  14. I found another interesting video
  15. The slip indicator is telling you that you need to apply left rudder to fly coordinated. That is how step on the ball is interpreted.