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  1. The way people respond to her murf makes me very sad about this community. This is the guy who several times per year was buying licenses and was distributing them for free. Why? Just to support the game, to support the community. Where are the guys who got them. Did they say to him good bye. Nope. I was playing with this guy, I know how he can fly. Yes he is not krupinski, he is not mr. X, he is not sharfi but he has fair enough experience to know when things do not feel right. I will not say I trust his judgement, because I know exactly who that is, the guy who is running more than 20 different alias and have been banned from at least 2 servers. It is not about red or blue bias it is well beyound that one day he is in a spit, tempest or 262 the hit rate is the same. That can be confirmed by the very best red pilots on the eu official server. This drama is happening only there and that is why people who fly on full real servers may not know what it is about. Regarding the posted video. I found this particular sortie. This guy scored 6 kills in a sortie. You can see some long range shots. What is the hit rate. It was 26% hit rate in a spit. I am sorry you can check the best, nobody can do that. Either you shoot at close and very close range and you get high pourcentage of hit rate or you take some long shots if you hit you are happy but you cannot have 26% hit rate.
  2. Very nice setup. You show cockpit and tactical view in the same time. Also the control surfaces. Very good team work.
  3. JG27 is preparing a 101 training workshop open to all. The beginners are welcome. Anyone interested please PM to set a date and time that is appropriate for the majority.
  4. No he was shooting and missed. I liked very much the snap roll maneuver.
  5. I still can't believe the p51 he missed at 25:47. There cannot be better position. I think this guy has seriously to train shooting. I would be mad if I loose such opportunity and to overshoot like that and get killed in that way.
  6. Those 30 mm hurt way too much :). I get bounced regularly by slow planes. The 262 comes so fast that the window between detection and last chance evasive action is very narrow.
  7. The sudden acceleration is not due to the physics of acceleration of the 109 in the game but it is due to the network and internet and ping situation update. When there are players in different continents this is what happens.
  8. For me the initial state of the analysis is the situation when the 109 stalls for the first time 0:40. For me it is obvious that the p51 failed to take advantage. Poor timing and average reversal techniques of the p51. He has to train more that. Not only he did not anticipate but he was 8 seconds late on the reversal, and during that time the 109 was accelerating and building energy. The second time he was late too, and at the third time the energy differential was not just enough to escape in the vertical. Some do not understand that planes build energy not by only climbing but by accelerating too. WW2 planes do not have t/w ratio above 1 to build mechanical energy (total energy) just by keeping the nose up. If you are close to stall speed climbing does not add total energy by much it just transforms kinetic to potential. If the other plane accelerates it is more efficient that hanging in the air. If you are at the top you can stay there to gain positional advantage at no energy cost, or you need the reversal as fast as possible. Hanging in the air does just that you hang and do not build energy. So the best technique is to anticipate the nose drop of the plane below and reverse faster and before him. In that way not only you have a shot at a hanging plane below but you build energy advantage. He had the 109 on the plate, instead he had not only to overshoot but turning right into the 109 guns. The thing the p51 did right was to jink in the vertical. The better pilot gains advantage not by turning harder or tighter but by having a better timing. All he needs is just several seconds of hesitation.
  9. We will need to wait for Elon Musk to fix that. Elon Musk: Starlink latency will be good enough for competitive gaming https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/03/musk-says-starlink-isnt-for-big-cities-wont-be-huge-threat-to-telcos/
  10. It is not really about discipline. It is more about understanding what is going on. Anytime you attack with energy advantage (and you want to maintain that advantage) you overshoot, well when the target is destroyed that does not matter. But when he is not then you have to carefully make a decision. What is the difference in speed, what is the cross angle. If it is a low cross angle with minimum speed differential you are in a world of trouble. Situations: 1. low cross angle, low speed difference: big problem, jink and extend but do not pull up or dive sharply. 2. low cross angle, speed difference: you can use the vertical but be careful and jink and turn a little (the bandit should be damaged at this pass) 3. big cross angle: big speed difference: then you have to apply all you know from yo yo and vertical maneuvering to reengage, or if you are only for the bounce disengage. 4. big cross angle: low speed difference: there you apply discipline depending what is your plan, and the situation: the safest option is to turn away without steep climb or dive. The aggressive option is to go into yo-yo but then you commit. If you get in situation 4, after being in situation 3 and you did not score any hit, the situation is not good, then maybe move on while you still can, turn the other way and extend. Your case was a big cross angle with moderate speed difference. Then you reverse and by being faster you turn and placed yourself right in front of him. He had a very good gunnery skills though. Almost anytime when you overshoot going into scissors is a very bad idea in a German plane especially against an opponent with skills. When you see how good he counters your attack you should know that if you are alone you should be very careful with continuation attacks. The best tactic is to keep the fight in the vertical and slow them down.
  11. Hi welcome back. I apologize for answering so late. We fly every Wednesday starting from 18:30 CET on the EU official server.
  12. After you overshoot with big speed advantage you should not go into scissors in front of him (reversing back in front of him). The bandit is slower and all you do is placing yourself into his gun sight, he does not even have to do anything. min 14:40
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