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  1. JG27_Kornezov

    Standard defensive maneuvers

  2. LW single digits limits, VVS infinity.
  3. JG27_Kornezov

    10km aircraft render range and why it is unacceptable.

    SeaW0lf The visibility example seems right in RoF. Since the last visual update flying on full real servers has changed. I had a longue pause and now I find it is almost impossible, to have a complete picture of the situation. No complete picture = no tactics. If you see one contact you need to try focus exclusively on it, with great pain. Even keeping contact with wingmen is difficult. That kind of visuals does not favor interesting fights. Maybe for that reason the change of DM, faced a favorable acceptance, even if it is highly questionnable. The new DM reduces the probability to be immeditaly shot down by an undetected ennemy. As there are no strong sound effects sometimes you do not even know you are taking damage LOL. So regarding gameplay everything is connected. Some claim that using 4 K monitors with high refresh rates supported by powerfull video cards they spot perfectly, while others don't and that is bringing an edge. But this is not the gameplay that would favor the arrival of new players and would be financially friendly for the developpers. As for me the game of flying for long minutes straining the eyes for having fights for a small fraction of that time is not my cup of tea. You can join on the servers with icons, there is one that is EU official but it is very unstable lately.
  4. JG27_Kornezov

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    Meanwhile a skillfull use of FM mechanics brings results lke this:
  5. JG27_Kornezov

    Where's my thread about the FM issue collection?

    The post about FM issues was not a panic attack. We analysed a lot, flew a lot. Actually we all are beta testers for free. The post about the issues has a value regarding the F M issues. Nowhere was stated that we are in a hurry, or desperate to see it fixed. Just we wanted to share something of value with the community. However i personnaly felt a little offended by the initial reaction. Now hopefully it can be analysed by mr. P. Actually i am much more into quality than quantity.
  6. JG27_Kornezov

    No, stuka can not take the most damage...

    It is interesting but the poll is vastly in support of the new DM. I wonder however how many of the poll participants are playing and active in multiplayer. Because in single player if you want to have a stronger plane you just need to check your plane as indestructible, it is not necessary to affect the gameplay for everybody else. On one hand it is not reallistic every plane to fall from sky with missing wing everytime you shoot, on the other hand the 30 mm look vastly underpowered. In the video as you count only the visual damage splash, I suppose as only every second bullet is HE, the damage taken was even bigger as you cannot count how many AP hit the PE2. What is written regarding the test 77.CountZero seems like good testing method. On the other hand as the game is designed to be played in MP, our MP experience matter a lot too.
  7. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    JG27 is actually the Sim version of the Hell's kitchen.
  8. JG27_Kornezov

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am interested in battle for kuban.
  9. JG27_Kornezov

    Run, Run, Run ...

    No, I use Pulfrich glasses to have 3D perspective.
  10. JG27_Kornezov

    Does il2 bos have THE best damage model?

    I think the visuals do not correlate with where the damage is taken. Visually it is a piece of art. I think there are two completely different discussions here. My opinion is that unless there is a definite scientific process and the developers use science the model will not be as good as it could potentially be for example the finite element method to simulate different types of damages: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0020768312004416 It is not easy at all and right now there is not on the market a game or sim doing that. If you follow the link above you can realize that it is not a simple task software developers cannot do that alone a specific set of knowledge is needed. The simplest way is to make a model in Matlab and to adjust the existing damage model according to the matlab's model predictions. Other approaches reflect just gaming perspective and the subjective sensibilities of the developing team, the result cannot be perfect at least in this universe. On the other hand if objective scientific method is used that could be used also as a marketing tool. Even they can sell it for other games too, as they will be the market leader if they can do it.
  11. JG27_Kornezov

    Is it possibe to land at enemy base in emergency?

    Not bad options on the German side too. Allied pilots meet the ground personal on the German fields.
  12. JG27_Kornezov

    Is it possibe to land at enemy base in emergency?

    You can even declare medical emergency, romance the medical personal, refuel and take off.
  13. JG27_Kornezov

    Bf 109 K4 energy dogfight

  14. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    Hi, Raptor we fly starting from 16:00 CET (Central European time) on Thursday. However we have a Whatsup chat so we can reschedule in real time. We can try to do something as you are from USA, as I could fly another session in the week and to try to meet some US friends again.