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  1. In the p51 it is very hard to find the right balance between wing chainsaw and pew pew peanuts. The only sure thing is the big amount of ammo. My recent personnal experience is rather mixed. On one side I was able to make pilot kills at 500 m, on the other side being unable to kill rapidly and decisevely a plane being right on his tail in convergence range. So my advice for the moment is to try to aim at the fuselage: pilot and engine, not on the wings. You can open fire at bigger range and shoot longer trying to squeeze a lucky hit. I have read historical evidence about p51 being particularly deadly with their armour piercing rounds, no visual damage on the plane but the pilot is killed.
  2. Formation flight through the years, il2 46 through il Great battles. More than 10 years of flying.
  3. Once in our squad we had split teams to balance the server. I was surprised how easy was to stay in a turn fight in 110 against a lag, it was easier in 110 than in a 109F4. and the lag pilot was not an average pilot but an excellent one. When the flaps are dropped it was like a Zero with excellent low speed handling. Immediately we incorporated as a rule do not slow down with a 110, one of the guys has to make him turn and when he drops the flaps and slows down he is an easy kill for another attacker. Recently the flight model was corrected in that regard to add more drag to the 110 and the p47. So it is no wander that a pilot with good gunnery skills can wreak havok among unaware of the capabilities allied fighters (especially when the 110 has an energy advantage). It is tricky to attack, however the same is of the pe2 because of the rear gunners. Also there are legends about Kirill capabilities in his il2 on wings of liberty about what happens when you overshoot him. On the other hand those attack missions are so difficult to survive that I can tolerate this, as an advantage given to those attack plane players. And there are players that train exclusively for that type of engagements and it is no wonder some people get surprised.
  4. The G limitations force you to maneuver into a position that requires lower delflection and lower G. Most of the pilots just put hard G towards the ennemy as soon as they see them, then put their pipper into a lead no matter what is their or their opponent relative position. That reminds me a story about the old il2. One Russian guy asked his grandfather, who was an ex ww2 pilot to fly the sim. He was curious to see some real ww2 tactics. After the duel started his opponent started to turn like a madman, while he just climbed in a lazy spiral. Then the grandson sked: -"What are you waiting for, are you going to fight or not? Then the grandfather answered: -"Well I saw him turning like a maniak, he has to use high Gs, he would get tired very soon, and when he is tired I am going to fight him". Of course that was not the case in the old game, only 15 years later we get into those scenarios.
  5. I think there should be the possibility to adjust convergence of each pait of guns separately. It was not uncommont to do so, as fighter pilots were not such a good shots, so they prefered kind of a shot gun spray and pray instead of a single convergence hit point of all 6 or 8 guns. In the FW the same the inner guns were set for 550 m, and the outer for close range. Also when shooting bombers they were sametimes set to infinity. This feature lacks in il2. From my limited experience now it is much easier to have a pilot kill from 600 m, than a substantial damage at 300 m in the p51.
  6. Indeed but this fantasy is true not only in this game, it comes way back from the original il2, Warthunder (the same), DCS is not very different. (No idea about cliffs of Dover.)
  7. The historical use of flaps is a completely different issue from the sim use, even if the sim is 100 % accurate. The question is how much you value your life. Every time you slow down flaps, radiator or throttle you run a bigger risk. In those situations you need to know exactly what are you doing. And this question is really complicated. The safest and most common use, when the flaps have a big value are the vertical maneuvers, at the top when you slow down anyway. For that reason japanese late planes had authomatic flaps e.g. Kawanishi N1K.
  8. If you are hit when you exit the guy who has damaged you has the kill. Very often people exit to avoid getting killed without checking further six. So it is totally possible.
  9. The way people respond to her murf makes me very sad about this community. This is the guy who several times per year was buying licenses and was distributing them for free. Why? Just to support the game, to support the community. Where are the guys who got them. Did they say to him good bye. Nope. I was playing with this guy, I know how he can fly. Yes he is not krupinski, he is not mr. X, he is not sharfi but he has fair enough experience to know when things do not feel right. I will not say I trust his judgement, because I know exactly who that is, the guy who is running more than 20 different alias and have been banned from at least 2 servers. It is not about red or blue bias it is well beyound that one day he is in a spit, tempest or 262 the hit rate is the same. That can be confirmed by the very best red pilots on the eu official server. This drama is happening only there and that is why people who fly on full real servers may not know what it is about. Regarding the posted video. I found this particular sortie. This guy scored 6 kills in a sortie. You can see some long range shots. What is the hit rate. It was 26% hit rate in a spit. I am sorry you can check the best, nobody can do that. Either you shoot at close and very close range and you get high pourcentage of hit rate or you take some long shots if you hit you are happy but you cannot have 26% hit rate.
  10. Very nice setup. You show cockpit and tactical view in the same time. Also the control surfaces. Very good team work.
  11. JG27 is preparing a 101 training workshop open to all. The beginners are welcome. Anyone interested please PM to set a date and time that is appropriate for the majority.
  12. No he was shooting and missed. I liked very much the snap roll maneuver.
  13. I still can't believe the p51 he missed at 25:47. There cannot be better position. I think this guy has seriously to train shooting. I would be mad if I loose such opportunity and to overshoot like that and get killed in that way.
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