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  1. It is the previous session for me because I fly once per week and you team killed a player the last session of the last week. So what happened was last week was the previous session for me. You lie about de-spawning because I was there and nobody ever de-spawned. So that was the reason for kicking option. And I think that is an obligation of any wing member to vote for a temporal ban in those circumstances. You want to present yourself as a honest player, but you are not. Your posts are full of hate, everybody on the server is dishonest except you. When you were flying the 262, that was the time when the reds were quitting for no reason. Now it is us. When you were flying the 262 it was me who first started to accuse you of possible cheat. It is not side related. It is partially because of you that the 262 was removed from the server, because you were doing insane turn rates per second and the red players were quitting. I accused you for the first time when you were in my team. It was way before late allied planes arrived. There were no reds because of that. Because people who fly for years knew that the game was rigged and they just quit. They are not there to be abused by a mouse flier using cheat engine. Now it is repeating from the red side. So a lot of players realized that and they de-spawn in front of you. Second you attract the attention of other guys who want to test their cheats against yours. But you guys play into another game I did not choose to play. And finally you say I have no proof. There are stats on the server, what are the odds that a player was never hit by a bullet, by being constantly involved in dogfights. The only thing that ever reaches you is the AAA. Sorry but that never happened in the game. Nobody ever witnessed any flying skills from you because nobody can ever catch you.
  2. What Ruthless killer wrote is inaccurate. I personally voted for ban, because in a previous session he got in our team then he shot a team mate in the back. I personally have serious suspicion for a cheat but they will be addressed directly to the devs.
  3. That is the game we were dreaming years ago to play.
  4. Online multiplayer dogfight situations between La 5 FN and bf 109 K4
  5. You need to join a squad and talk to real people. There is a limit how much entirely theoretical studies can be usefull. The learning curve is very steep indeed.
  6. The Me 262 is dangerous enough solo, but its true potential is released when deployed in a team.
  7. I do not see what is so funny about a bug that is making our game experience quite miserable. Why do you react like that?
  8. I think from developper point of view they think what they would do next. Option 1. To make a whole new package with Late Russian planes: Yak 3, La 7, Yak 9 variants, il 10 together with a new map. The question is that the German planes are already released. Maybe they would make FW 190 A6, FW 190 A9 and Ta 152. bf 190 G10. Option 2. To release those planes individually as premium planes Yak 9, Yak 3, La 5. The questions will arise strongly after BOBP is released as they will have to choose what to do next but then other possibilities arise. Option 3. Japanese theater Option 4. Early Jet Age with UK, USA and Russian jet prototypes versus German prototypes. I think a good choice would be if they could at least release yak 9 as premium (maximum historical flexibity). Then they can still the possibilty to release somethinglike late Berlin front map or Balaton, I am not a history expert.
  9. That kind of guys will be never accepted in our squad. There is a whole thread with squadron promotions and instead of making a little effort to read and investigate he is using the lazy approach dropping a few lines waiting to be recruited.
  10. I just wonder why this plane was not so hyped in il 2 1946.
  11. What is the name of the server? From the JG27 we can organize a little Bodenplatte event like an airfield attack for the reds. We have the recipe.
  12. JG27_Kornezov

    Me 262: New Age

    Beautiful video, but I am afraid the enemy AI gunners are even more into the Jedi territory after the update.
  13. Pict check the Wheaton's Law. This is not difficulty settings those are annoyance settings. When you have limited time and what you want is to get into the action as fast as possible this is the last thing you will ask for. Those things are mainly for guys sitting comfortably in single player, not in a hurry to go anywhere, they may even be OK to fly just a circle above the field. When you do starting procedures 100+ times most seasoned multiplayer pilots won't find them very funny. What I wrote was a compromise, and I was not mentioning the technocrat anywhere.
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