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  1. JG27_Kornezov

    Team fight with tactical analysis

    This a quite a long video, despite the fight lasted only 3 minutes :). I wanted to make a new type of video about the tactical situation. So I comment what is going on from tactical perspective using the tacview software. After the fight you can watch the tactical analysis If you have any ideas you can comment: At 0:45 i misplaced the file so a dark screen is present for 10 s. I just cannot do the whole rendering process again for a training video :).
  2. JG27_Kornezov

    DCS 2.5 and Il-2 BAttle of Kuban Sochi

    The version of IL2 Great Battles is more polished. The river looks more natural, the mountains are top notch too. Nevertheless with the jet speeds you fly too fast that you cannot really enjoy the terrain. The planes in WW2 fly a lot slower so the increased detail really makes a difference. I think a true comparative video should include the free p51 from DCS and not the Mig 21 to be able to match the speeds of il2 planes.
  3. JG27_Kornezov

    The biggest threat: FW 190 teamwork

  4. JG27_Kornezov

    Bravado Marauders

  5. Well done, good video. Great flying for both pilots. I think the 109 made a great defense. But he was thinking "Hey the La is with landing flaps close to stall speed, (if I keep my speed higher) I can accelerate and outrun it" , then well, you can't, it accelerates like a Ferrari then it zooms like V2 rocket. An ace maker for sure.
  6. JG27_Kornezov

    AI Constantly Turning

    I am sorry to quote the first post of a very long discussion. But it appears to me (as a guy with 10 years of flight sim experience), you are doing something wrong in your fight with AIs. I remember when I was completely new in the flight sim in my first squad squad they gave me a game track, how to deal with AIs. Written posts are not good enough to get it. That video completely explained things to me, for the whole of my flight sim career, the pattern remains unchanged. Actually, AIs are very good training partners. I find those things pretty basic and self explanatory that everybody should know that but apparently not. So do you think that such a video would be useful? PS Definitely the AI can be improved, but BoX is state of the art. And by the way historically, on the Eastern front there were pilots who flew with less than 20 h of flight training. BoX series is not really a game, it is a sim that allows to connect with the world of aviation, that is completely foreign but awesome.
  7. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    Thank you for the interest. JG27 stops current recruiting. I will post if there will be future recruitment cycle. It is vacation time. We value quality over quantity. So we cannot accept people beyond our training capabilities. You can PM if you are very desperate :).
  8. JG27_Kornezov


    I am impressed with the wing damaging of il 2 bos. In the rise of flight the wings looked more scripted. There are a lot things under the hood so people who flew rise of flight can give the best opinion. Nevertheless the VR support is the true innovation. Regarding the sound I have always written on the forums, that it is about time to do something more innovative with the sound. Regarding the graphics we are at the very limit what the current technology allows, but regarding the sound all flight sims are frozen in time. This video just shows how good and innovative for its time rise of flight has been.
  9. JG27_Kornezov

    GOOD HITS ! Most Brutal kills Compilation

    The hit fighter disintegrates not as an immediate cause of the hits. The disintegration happens because the wing structure is weakened by the hits and when the air-pressure hits the foil surface it cannot sustain the force and breaks. So when you have a hit wing do not apply high G afterwards. The damage model of wing structures in the sim is one of the most awesome achievements.
  10. I taught you were going to show us how to control the fight in 109 in lower energy state against Spit.
  11. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    What our team is about is using modern era fighting doctrine in WW2 planes. So being in a team we can engage and and try to survive in tactical situations in which the common pilot is doomed. The reason: 1. Right now we fly as a team once per week, very limited time, so time sinks like flying and looking for targets are not a good option. 2. That kind of server is perfect for training of new recruits. That is the place to learn the team tactics. When you have the basics you can level up the challenge. 3. We do not want to bounce unsuspicious targets, they have all the instruments to know we are there. We want to train the recruits to fight in difficult tactical situations. 4. Last but not least, there are very good pilots there, maybe some of the best in the game who fly in the opposite team. Actually 9./JG27 David Red is very very influential for me. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out his high angle of attack techniques of rudder, aileron and elevator coordination. I used a lot tacview to check if I can match the same performance characteristics looking at the alpha, and G load charts. At the end I realized that some people when you look at the telemetry data have peculiar characteristics. I can identify some people just by looking at the data, not even the track. Another influential pilot for me is AK77. From him I learned some particular defensive techniques, he uses very fast alternations between positive and negative G loads combined with outside snap - rolls. So he is generating high speed over-shoot, in that way when you over shoot he has a very slight energy disadvantage and can counter-attack immediately. And of course JG27_Papafly, he is the official JG27 team tactics guru master.
  12. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    Hi hevishot
  13. JG27_Kornezov

    TRAITOR! A red pilot flying blue at Wings Of Liberty

    Of course the simulator is fantastic, the best we ever had. No matter you fly Blue or Red everyobody has its chances. Regarding who is going to win on Wings, where I have observations it is entirely dependant who has the better, more organized team as it is a team effort. However we want it to be even better. Another topic of course.
  14. JG27_Kornezov

    JG27 is recruiting

    For some reason it is now I see all the messages. You can join for our next session Thursday at 18:15 CET at our TS server: jg27.typefrag.com:4040 We can meet before that for a training session you need to PM me.
  15. JG27_Kornezov

    TRAITOR! A red pilot flying blue at Wings Of Liberty

    Good video, nice Gun camera shots. But if you are honest you would admit that the exact same kills in the exact same situations would be achieved by you flying in a Red plane. The Russian bias is in the unrealistic performance regarding some aspects: unrealistic diving speeds, unrealistic zoom climb performance. My opinion was that it was a way to make the game more fairplay in the BoS scenarios but when the La 5 FN is introduced no need for that anymore. The Yaks should not make 750 km/h indicated speed safe dives anymore. You need to fly more blue and you will feel at home in the RB!WC (Russian Bias! Whiners Club)