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  1. What is the name of the server? From the JG27 we can organize a little Bodenplatte event like an airfield attack for the reds. We have the recipe.
  2. JG27_Kornezov

    Me 262: New Age

    Beautiful video, but I am afraid the enemy AI gunners are even more into the Jedi territory after the update.
  3. Pict check the Wheaton's Law. This is not difficulty settings those are annoyance settings. When you have limited time and what you want is to get into the action as fast as possible this is the last thing you will ask for. Those things are mainly for guys sitting comfortably in single player, not in a hurry to go anywhere, they may even be OK to fly just a circle above the field. When you do starting procedures 100+ times most seasoned multiplayer pilots won't find them very funny. What I wrote was a compromise, and I was not mentioning the technocrat anywhere.
  4. I am perfectly aware that some like as much procedures as they can get. But some including me do not like it. After doing that for 100 times it will become repetitive and boring. The best compromise is to make it a player made option not on server side. Everyone will be happy. I flew War Thunder as well, I have some very good memories.
  5. I think the red will be better off with Yak 3 than with Yak 9. But Yak 9 is vey similar externally to what we have in game, so really it will not be a big deal to make it.
  6. Not only I have a whole procedure for the PC like plug in the joystick, the peddals, calibrating the joystick as very often it is needed because of Windows. Starting the program, manually changing the process priority because it helps. Now I will have according to you to make airplane procedures too. If some like it, others don't. The "E" key is perfectly fine. All those procedures are a huge time sink unless you are after fully simulated plane but then go to DCS.
  7. For the moment the flying hours are updated: Wednesday 18:00 CET to 22:00 CET. We fly on the EU official server. You can find us on the general TS. We fly on the EU official server, due to time limitations we cannot affort to fly on full real server for the moment. We prioritize having fun over winning a mission or an online campaign or war. The other reason is that training pilots on full real server is a waste of time. Full real servers are not for newbies, unless they want to be the cannon fodder. We do not seek for an exclusive squadron membership, as we fly only once a week. However only blue flying commitment for trainee pilots in full real servers and online campaigns is a must e.g. Wings; Knights etc. No such things as balancing is a valid excluse, only blue. The reason is that training is a serious commitment of efforts and time from us and we cannot afford those to go against our friends in other blue squadrons and their efforts to win a capaign. That is your game, but that is a game in which you have to choose your team too. Choose carefully and wisely S!
  8. Please petition the developers to fix at last the flickering bug.
  9. Pe 2 gunners had special training. No wonder they can switch seats instantly.
  10. Team tactics 3 kills under 3 minutes: The tactical analysis is at the end of the video. So it is possible to analyze from all available perspectives. Feel free to make comments. Intended music: Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune
  11. I think you should not regret that for a second and I think you made the right choice. At those times the "flight engeneers" had very approximate idea of the physicics of flight especially the critical angles of attack. Many good pilots died for that precise reason, as the design was evolving by trial and error. I think you should not second guess your pilot instincts and you made the right call. Even more it was not a full scale replica so, the calculations are different and really god knows what actually you would fly. Also those planes tended to be bitchy and peer advice was giving the critical safety margin regarding what to expect and how to react. So no peer advice today. And what to be a test pilot with the risks involved like the pioneers of the flight LOL.
  12. I did read your post. And by the way you present your content it is pretty obvious you are struggling a lot in the multiplayer. Even more as a newcomer to the forum you are insulting respected members of the community for no reason. Well we have some heated debates in the community but it is always about an issue, like specific plane performance or FM. Tactics are pretty obvious for those who have experience. Actually yes, I am teaching those who are interested how to get better. It is a long process though. And I am proud to say that we made a totally effective team with our new recruits and we have the videos to prove that. In the recruiting process the character is much more important than the skills though. By the way you react it is highly unlikely you are going to get recruited LOL by a high tier squad. Even worse trying to make your own squad without any idea how things work on a squad level is a very bad practice. Myself, I feel delighted when my team massacres newby squads. For those who think that youtube has all the answers. No they are not there youtube cannot give you feedback and correction, only your team mate can. It is even hilarious when somebody watches videos and becomes an expert in the area. To answer your question the Russians are flying tactically as a team on the servers, they have objectives to destroy. The fighter cover has to protect the bombers. They do not have the numbers to make several layers at different altitudes, sometimes they do, but rarely. To stop them you need also to get low. Any 5 km flying blue pilots are completely useless for the mission. Not to mention the fact it is utterly boring. Even more the historical evidence is exactly the same the il 2 were flying low.
  13. The topic is the downfall of the simulation community and not the downfall of the simulation games. The simulation games are getting better and better, the content is even more than we can actually enjoy. There are a lot of people enjoying the sim. Part of the issue is more about the downfall of the initial enthusiasm of the first generation of simmers. Even though by any means their dream came true. The present title is by any means the sim they have dreamed to play. And even if that title is there, even if that they have purchased the game. They are not involved. A lot of people lost interest. And I think it is a normal process. Even though many of them do not play anymore some support the developers by buying the new content. My squad JG27 is one of the oldest squads in the il 2 46. Squad members were even involved with the creation of the Hyperlobby. Today we have only one guy who was there at the creation of the squad. Where are the others? I think they lost interest. I have also friends that lost interest in the genre. Whole squads disappeared like that. Squad communities were much more vibrant and active back then, than they are now. I think we have more a downfall of the simulation squadron community. People loosing interest is just one part of the equation. The new comers is the other. And it is there where things start to get interesting. Back in the time it was at the squad level where all the training was happening. When you join a squadron you have a kind of a personal instructor who teaches you the ropes. I remember when I joined my first squadron VNVV (Royal Bulgarian Air Force), I was taught the basics of the Luftwaffe tactics. It was an awesome experience to have no experience whatsoever and to fly a training flight and to have an instruction about what to do. I took notes. Only one guy from the whole squad VNVV plays now, it is VNVV_Rosev. Now it is not how things happen we have youtube, we have streams. You have for example DerSheriff, people who enter the game they have watched his stream and other streams a lot. People watch his tutorials and other tutorials that are excellent and those people are doing a great service to the community. And as such content is readily available in youtube, those new guys think, that they are good to go. Who cares about joining a squad? Then they join alone in Multiplayer. Then they transform themselves into cannon fodder very quickly, again and again and even more. And many of them just rage quit some are repeating the cycle with watching more DerSheriff content, some quit for good. Only a few try to contact a squadron and seek for answers. And when they fly with a squadron their first reaction is the amazement how much more they survive in the hostile environment. When you fly, you should not be alone you rely on others, that is the squadron experience. The newcomers miss one very important point. This game is not about playing alone. It is not Fortnight. It is a team play electronic sport. You do not play alone, you play as a part of a team. And only in a squad you can learn how this is done. Not by watching youtube streams but by interacting with the other pilots. So there are a lot of people that are missing the most important content in the game the team play experience. So as old players loose interest and there are no new replacements the connection is lost that makes the squadron. And many old squadrons are now a mere shadow of what they were before.
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