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  1. Fun is subjective for one person to the other, I flew them in old IL2 in large and small formations and had lots of fun. but aside from that it self it is important for the overall game play, while the bombers them selves are not fun for some people, escorting and intercepting are eliminates of game play that provide a larger spectrum of fun to a larger group of players.
  2. To be honest this is not an excuse for a 90 USD game, while Heavy bombers are a significant portion of ww2. sure i get the risk issue but that can be mitigated, via kickstarting or pre orders. even current technical limitations are not an excuse to not try and solve those technical issues. however the biggest sin of all is that we do not have a solid official QnA on this very subject and is visible to all those who want or are invested in the sim.
  3. Thats up to the mission maker, he can make the target 100km away or 1km away, a larger map means more options for mission makers and more possible scenarios
  4. We need a Heavy Allied bomber, B17, B-24, Lank, I dont care which one but we do need at least One heavy bomber
  5. not a green box, i said some sort of indicator. the more realistic the better. in other words go and sprint as fast as you can at some point you will start to get exhausted, and you will feel that, the question what is the best way to relay that to the player. elevated heart beat, panting there are many ways to set indicators or feedback to the player with out it being a green box.
  6. What is the pixelization issue? can any one explain that? thanks in advance
  7. While I dont think there should be a G indicator, I do think there should be an exhaustion indicator of some sort, be it with sound or a timer or something, even if its a hint system of how long do you need to rest before you can pull G before, or how far are you for reaching the maximum level of exhaustion. it can be done in may ways from "tired breathing" or some sort of indicator.
  8. I would love to see a more flushed out plane set for BOBP, some bombers B25,A26, even the US version of the A-20H or G. Typhoon, and at least one heavy B17 or 24. Tanks should follow that as well with M10s, fireflys, Pershing's. IMO it should work backwards into 44/43 plane set so some spitfire8s, 2 options for the typhoon pits, razor back 47s, 51c etc
  9. Also please add the 150 oct fuel option for the spitfire if possible
  10. Amazing work and good job devs, thanks for the 25lb spit, really more options the better
  11. considering how many accounts there are about the actual combat use of 13lb, and allowance test of +15lb i also say it was very plausible in the time frame. the though part is getting actual data, since the tempest is one of those aircrafts where information even on the basic models is tough to find.
  12. I think after reading this thread the argument should be if we should get the 13lb tempest which i fully support. the 11lb seems like a done deal and 9lb seems to be more out of time frame or "game play" than the 13lb is all things considered. I also noticed some people are regular in attempting to logical fallacy soo hard to pre nerf none 109s. its like so consistent among so many threads its pathetically obvious. and needs to stop.
  13. I get your idea about KE, but 8 .50s will take out about all APC i can think off aside from addon armored ones and IFV
  14. I would love to see some napalm/incendiary bombs on the P47, I honestly cant remember any game that did incendiary well "both visually and game play as well" I think the current fireball effect of an aircraft hitting the ground and fire effects in IL2:BOX will simply look amazing in game if used with bombs. create a small effect that does damage over time or fire damage "also a mechanic in game from what i can see" I dont think it will be that technicality impossible and would make for some amazing clips. As for what type of 47 D30 seems to be the stadnard though it looks like there where some D40,28,25 and even some razorbacks. the "N" and "M" are in time frame as well maybe we get an upgrade down the line, But I would rather see the entire plane set go into 43 time frame, since LW is quite fleshed out in that time frame i think it will allow tons of allied aircraft to be made, and flesh out more the LW line up.
  15. Nooooooo ! cant say i am not disappointed. However clear communications and being upfront about it is always appreciated. The team did an amazing job with whats out and sure they need some time off. Happy holidays and still cant wait to get my hands on the A20 and P39
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