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  1. considering how many accounts there are about the actual combat use of 13lb, and allowance test of +15lb i also say it was very plausible in the time frame. the though part is getting actual data, since the tempest is one of those aircrafts where information even on the basic models is tough to find.
  2. I think after reading this thread the argument should be if we should get the 13lb tempest which i fully support. the 11lb seems like a done deal and 9lb seems to be more out of time frame or "game play" than the 13lb is all things considered. I also noticed some people are regular in attempting to logical fallacy soo hard to pre nerf none 109s. its like so consistent among so many threads its pathetically obvious. and needs to stop.
  3. I get your idea about KE, but 8 .50s will take out about all APC i can think off aside from addon armored ones and IFV
  4. I would love to see some napalm/incendiary bombs on the P47, I honestly cant remember any game that did incendiary well "both visually and game play as well" I think the current fireball effect of an aircraft hitting the ground and fire effects in IL2:BOX will simply look amazing in game if used with bombs. create a small effect that does damage over time or fire damage "also a mechanic in game from what i can see" I dont think it will be that technicality impossible and would make for some amazing clips. As for what type of 47 D30 seems to be the stadnard though it looks like there where some D40,28,25 and even some razorbacks. the "N" and "M" are in time frame as well maybe we get an upgrade down the line, But I would rather see the entire plane set go into 43 time frame, since LW is quite fleshed out in that time frame i think it will allow tons of allied aircraft to be made, and flesh out more the LW line up.
  5. Nooooooo ! cant say i am not disappointed. However clear communications and being upfront about it is always appreciated. The team did an amazing job with whats out and sure they need some time off. Happy holidays and still cant wait to get my hands on the A20 and P39
  6. so December is here, any ETA on when well get our hands on the Remaining aircraft's? I need some P-39 in my life
  7. To be honest if we are talking about effects i would say the one that needs the love is Wingtip vortices. The effect game play as spotting them indicate some action done by the enemy aircraft. at the moment they are so subtle "yet pretty" you can barely notice yours let alone the enemy. I mean there where quite visible even in low quality ww2 gun cam "at 0:25sec" https://youtu.be/fQTfXVqNo9A?t=25 I know i saw one that is of better quality well need to find it
  8. Had 2 Star citizen fans in the back of Pe2 on our team accounts, they both had VR and sticks in anticipation of SC multi crew. Glad to say their mind was blown and they all bought their own copies now
  9. Disagree, had plenty of B17 missions with Mplayer on IL2 HSFX/UP3, with large flights and escorts. IF the mission is designed well "for example bombers had air start and allocations and time window" to reduce the "slow" part of the mission. and with join on bombers a shot down bomber crew can easily man the flying ones. a flight of 12-30 bombers was not unheard off with events and large squadrons, flew in some and attacked more. we had a few missions even taking off and flying to targets as well. So this is not new, it has been done before and really that novel or that complicated. Now on the small team part sure i agree with you the team is small. and with the content expansions coming up will also be overworked. but a 3rd party dev team can get this to work with needed support and with the marketing window of the HBO show and relevance of VR. This has no relevance to BOBp, aside from the plane sets them selves. basing the entire future scenarios over an operation that lasted less than a day is not a good long term investment
  10. HBO is good at keeping it hidden. However it looks like the writers and location scouts have visited the locations and its in pre-production. not much else about it sadly. This was the same case for the pacific as well it was pretty very little information till filming was done.
  11. While I know that the team is under a lot of work load with massive planes over the next year. I do think there is a massive opportunity that needs to be considered and that is a True Multicrew experience with A have bomber mainly the B17 that will fit perfectly with the next scenarios of BOBp. I am sure some know that Spielberg/Tom Hanks new HBO miniseries the Mighty eighth is now in production, for those who do not know this will follow the same production of Band of Brothers and the pacific, both considered to be some of the finest world war 2 series ever made. The new series will feature the daylight bomber raids by American forces over Germany with a budget of 500million USD. This a huge opportunity in my opinion for the sim market, and as usual always cascades into the gaming market, the WW2 fps craze that was inspired by and Saving private ryan and Band of brothers created a massive market for world war 2 related games, and huge influx of people into this historical setting. same happened with the pacific. my expectation is that the same cycle will be repeated again. and capitalizing on a highly publicized massive project is simply too good of an opportunity to miss. I have to confess, I am more of a fighter pilot, if you ask me about my wishlist it will max out at something like a B25/Me410, however I think this opportunity can bring an influx of players and financial benefits that will impact the community greater for a longer time. Will it propel IL2BOX into the COD/BF size market? probably not, but it will 100% create a huge impact IF and i sate if a B17 multicrew is done just right. When i say just right i do mean that the work of a gunner crew, and how it works in the game will need to be upgraded, quite a bit, both in VR support, more detailed damage model to be witnessed by the crew, better effects both for flak and interior damage, and dare i say it, some "what we might consider arcade eliminates" that work as step lader into the full sim mode. other options like ability of the gunners to switch potions, better AI gunnery, Ability of multi crew to use bomb sights or even co-pilot. I know this is a major task, and I know this will require a significant programming effort, heck i would say if a B17 or heavy bombers pack is done at that level it will justify is own full price and location of operation, all of which require time and effort. But once more I think the opportunity is simply too good not to at least be considered or discussed. And I think that IL2: Mighty Eighth VR experience concept can hit several markets at once.
  12. You can not argue for historical accuracy then argue for balance in the same breath, using your own argument basically means for historical accuracy half 90% of the LW pilots online need to be simulated as rookies and allies get a 10:1 slot ratio. The only argument at this moment is will it sell, will it bring more players to game and keep them interested for longer time. Historical sets of aircraft over a 1 day operation is not really a long term investment. Historical accuracy or balance is down to the mission maker, the aircraft need to be versatile enough to be able to change possible time lines by modfications and other means depending on what the mission maker wants to get.
  13. I got BOS when it first came out ages ago, the whole unlock system "coming from IL2 1946 HSFX/UP3 from good old spit vs 109 of warbirds" was a bad idea at start and pretty much turned me off the game. Then that got fixed and Kuban was out, which is a bit more my taste "moscow was a bad idea imo for us Mplayer only crowed" dont get me wrong I enjoy it but the plane set was limited from what BOS had. Also with DCS breaking its Mplayer, Starcitizen carping the bed as well. At least in my circle Il2 BOX is an ideal candidate, now i bought all the options and even pre-ordered the new stuff. Also bought some accounts to be used by team members who where on the fence, who then also bought there own accounts. also did a few give always for BOBP and BOS. The Dev Updates also helped a lot, when having a squadron moving from sim to another its good to know what are the plans and how fast is the progress so that a squadron can invest time and money for the long term "its tough to migrate people into a new mind set. Lastly with ground combat "if its done well and fits with Mplayer it will be amazing" and the new setting of 1944/45, i have to say lots of hype in our squadrons, i had 3 dudes pre order and more planing to in the coming weeks cuz the setting interests them. If i would say the perfect dream option to add to whats coming is a decent multi crew bomber "and ability of gunners to move around or even use bomb sight", i think that will convince our FPS guys who been having fun in the back of the peshkas, but a B25/17G/24 will simply be amazing if multi crew is done right. and maybe one day able to command ships. though i think that is overall hard to do, i hope the new influx of people will allow such things to happen Now realistically speaking, I do hope for a 1944/1943/1945 focused game, I mean the line up we getting is great but after that, the line up needs to be more fleshed out, more options and plane sets that work well Vs. each other. I have a feeling that Il2BOX has a good chance to build the best ww2 sim that allows for Mil sim crowed "not just the SP study sim guys", keep you eyes on the ball to the devs, support Mplayer more, and it will drag in more people for sure
  14. To be honest they have to, its a quick win as the data for all those boost levels are available and documented. Having the spit IX be flexible from a 1943 model to a 1945 model by using modification options should not be That hard to do at least the options like the guns section and boost/fuel options. Now to really go ahead of the competition like DCS then having the clipped wing, new tail or LF/HF options are frequently what i am asked about when talking about IL2 to my DCS buddies who still didn't switch over. Yeah its more work to add those options to the spit "And imo all other aircrafts as well" it does reduce the game between Milsim and study sim. Add to that the option of creating an early 1942 and 1943 scenarios as the line up gets flushed out. The spit 9 is possibly the only aircraft to be able to operate in all those options with limited work needed.
  15. The list needs way more AAA to be honest, needs to have at least 1 SPAAG per nation. Mk19 for the US Crusaider for the UK Wirbelwind for Ger Zsu-37 for USSR. while they are not in time frame for the battle i have to say AAA is one of the most fun items in Warthunder. heck even static Guns here will be fun like 88s, and 3.7inch guns
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