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    BU0836A detected but not registering input in-game

    You sir are my savior! Thanks. Problem fixed.
  2. Hi, Looking for a bit of help. I recently installed a BU0836A into my Logitech Flight yoke Pro to try an eliminate the deadzone problem. The installation worked and the board is detected by windows and shows when I move the yoke in both the pitch and roll axis. However, when I get in-game and try to assign the pitch and roll axis the game does not register my inputs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. =AFK=Irish_AirmanGERM

    Master Server Log on issues

    That would be fine by me considering a bought BP 30 minutes ago 😅
  4. =AFK=Irish_AirmanGERM

    Master Server Log on issues

    Same issue here. Probably main server issue.