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  1. Ta 152 and He 162... Not sure. I mean, I love the He 162 and I would buy it immediately. In fact I have a number of documents like the pilot manual at home. But planes like those can be perceived as power creep if not outright power fantasy by some. Some would also demand plane x (likely a Meteor, or if less historically accurate a P-80), and then we are heading straight to 1946. That being said, I would not mind a battle between the Ta 152 and the Yak-3, or a He 162 vs a Meteor. Considering we have some high-performance German airplanes left, which saw more regular service, we should favour them if possible. In Courland e.g. we would have a Bf 109 G10 and a Fw 190 A9. And if I want another Tank design, it is the A9, the pinnacle of BMW 190s. And what I like about Courland is the availability of low-tech aircraft; not good for MP but nice for SP. Perhaps another argument for Courland: the evacuation efforts in May 1945 was the last great operation of the German Luftwaffe in WW2; again another great SP scenario.
  2. Those are great ideas, indeed. And while Berlin itself is not possible, they could do a Battle of Seelow Heights-module and treat Berlin like they treated Moscow in the BoM-module. Pitting late war Soviet designs against late war western Allies is also tempting, especially Yak-3 vs P-51. However I would prefer Courland, since I like the scenario better. And it would be an opportunity to bring the Ju 87 D5 which was stilled used up there.
  3. Maybe, but there are a few other, reasonable options left: Bf 109 G14/AS Bf 109 T2 Fw 190 A9. Combined with the obvious G10, that's good enough for at least one, if not two modules. I for one would love to get the G14/AS since it was used to counter the Mosquito attacks against Norway and I like the Norway scenario. The French planes would be amazing, especially the Bloch MB 152. And the D 520 was my favourite when I was a kid. Unfortunately, it is a niche within a niche.
  4. I don't think there is any point to bother with the night fighter projects since they are out of scope and range for this game; even the day fighter projects seem beyond what a mod in game could do being often based on the C which we probably do not get anyway. The documentation of those projects is not bad at all. The thing is we would be lucky to get a Ar 234 B2, and if we want any forward mounted armament I think the WB 151/20 pod is our best chance. Not the B2/N with radar and not some C-variant with four engines, because I don't think they are on the table, but the plain B2 with a gun pod. And documentation for that is indeed not easy to find.
  5. Just to clarify: Sommer's Ar234 was not a night fighter or anything. It was a regular Ar234B2b that got a field mod in order to use the WB151/20. It seems it was a rather spontaneous action, especially the wording on the Revi sounds like that: "Auch ein Reflexvisier ließ sich auftreiben und wurde noch in der selben Nacht eingebaut [...] Nach Ende der Besprechung ließ er die Visieranlage für den WB 151/20 kalibrieren" (loc.cit.) [Even a gunsight could be found somewhere and it was installed the same night [...] After the briefing he had the gunsight calibrated for the WB 151/20] I don't know how many Ar 234s got this mod, and you needed an extra gunsight, plus the effort to calibrate it. Also, Sommer was kind of a special character and this was his personal request. I can imagine there were others using the WB151 in that manner but I would not be surprised if it was rare. Anyway, it sure would be a very, very cool mod.
  6. Not sure if that is compelling evidence but iirc there is a number of publications saying Erich Sommer used an Ar234B with the WB-151 during his flights in Italy 1945, using it only once in anger against a F-5 on April 5 1945. This includes Manfred Griehl (Strahlflugzeug Arado Ar 234 Blitz, Stuttgart 2003, p.110) who often uses original documents. I think it is solid evidence for a limited use. Not exactly Normandy '44... but then, it is a collector's aircraft, and from a strictly historical perspective using the Ar234 in a Normandy module is quite liberal in and of itself.
  7. FliegerAD

    Me 262

    Naja, in Sachen 2.WK gab es halt eine Mythenbildung in Zeiten vor der Globalisierung und im Kalten Krieg, die dann logischerweise die andere Seite des Eisernen Vorhangs nicht erreicht hat. Dass die P-47 z.B. für nahezu unzerstörbar gehalten wurde, hat man in Russland nicht gewusst. Natürlich hat sie Vorteile in Sachen 'Survivability', nur was ihr von manchen zugeschrieben wird, ist albern. Da würde etwas Multiperspektivität helfen: in deutschen Memoiren reichen kurze Feuerstöße, um die P-47 zu erledigen. Die abgeschossenen Piloten berichten eben nicht davon, was ihr Flugzeug alles aushielt... Nur liest von unseren amerikanischen Freunden eher selten einer einen Bericht deutscher Flieger, noch seltener Fachliteratur. Da macht sich die Anekdote x und Hörensagen y besser. Und so beschwert man sich, dass es nicht so ist, wie man sich das nach dem Studium einseitiger Quellen, ohne jede Quellenkritik freilich, vorstellt. (Das gilt freilich nicht nur für die Angelsachsen, der Threat hier ist ja ein Beispiel dafür).
  8. From a historical point of view, a late build of the 109 G6 makes sense. The Luftwaffe's fighter force was absolutely ill-equipped to deal with its western opponents when Overlord began, not just in terms of numbers. There is some merit in recreating that scenario faithfully, and it is not like we did not get our online-competitive late '44 Luftwaffe fighters already. I admit it is very sad that the G6AS was not included, though. It would have made a great collector's aircraft since it was there (far more so than the great but not so fitting Ar234), it was not insignificant at all, and it would generate some sales imo. As a sidenote, other than the G10, the G14AS is one of the few remaining late war high performance fighters of the Luftwaffe, and there are some intresting, not yet done scenarios in which it could be used. The G6AS on the other hand... if you do not bring it in a Normandy scenario, where/when do you want to bring it at all? It is a bit of a wasted opportunity.
  9. Since we are talking about mods for the A8/F8.... what about the option to have a bubble canopy like the D9? I like the looks of it.
  10. That is true, and notable aces liked the 109. BUT... Few of them had a chance to compare it to other aircraft in a meaningful way, except trainers of course. Günther Rall for example never thought the 109 was inferior... until he got to sit in a Mustang. It was only then he realized how outmatched his plane actually was. He was an expert pilot, and very lucky, so he never experienced being outmatched like most Luftwaffe pilots did in 1944. (This kind of bias is not limited to 109 pilots of course.) That is true and did not just hurt the fighter force. Ju 87s should have been replaced earlier, too, e.g. To be fair though making that decision would have required a level of foresight even a competent leadership rarely had, much less the RLM. This decision would have had to be made in 1942 at the latest to rearm the Luftwaffe before the allies dropped the hammer in mid 1944. And in 1942 things were not looking too bad for the 109, as its opposition was not overly formidable... yet. Sure, the 190 was better and would have been the better choice in the long run for sure, but the 109 was still good enough. Also, Germany was not exactly looking for the long run in 1942. They wanted quick knock-out blows and needed all the stuff they could get ... now. In such a situation it is hard to justify dropping production numbers significantly to from 'good enough' to 'better'. And it was easly to get in a lull, especially if you have no idea what the US was capable of both in terms of raw numbers and in terms of quality. Of course, the RLM was not competent and the German fighter force of 1944 was woefully ill-prepared for what came at them. By that point they had lost the initiative anyway and had little idea what to do. He was not the only one 🤣 The Nazis wanted to bomb the US and everybody with more than half a brain (including Messerschmitt) knew it was nonsense, yet they all wanted the money and party favour. It is fascinating how ideology can dictate certain developments even if they are dead ends and only waste resources. And that's not limited to WW2...
  11. If I am not mistaken, several SGs still had Ju 87 D5s in late 1944, so it could be used for late war scenarios, too. And that could make for some fun campaigns, trying to evade swarms of Yaks without much fighter cover... Anyway, I agree the D5 is needed. The Raketenbomben in particular would be interesting, even though we somewhat lack the proper targets for now.
  12. Und wenn das in BoN auch so ist, kann man das Modul vergessen. Overlord mit 4 Schiffen und 3 Panzern geht nicht. Deswegen machen sich ja die Weiten Russland so gut für das Spiel; auch das Eismeer und Nordsee wäre ein gutes Szenario, zumal da wesentlich spannendere Flieger drin wären (Hellcat, Corsair, Beaufighter). Mit etwas Geschick geht auch was im östlichen Mittelmeer... Das Darstellen von Massen von Einheiten auf kleinem Raum scheint nicht die Stärke des Spiels zu sein. Deswegen weiß ich auch nicht, wieso irgendjemand die Normandie 44 für gut befand. Normandie 42, Cerberus usw. - ok. Aber Overlord - nein. ...
  13. It is not really fantasy, though. Wildcats (Martlets), Hellcats and Corsairs were used over Norway and in the MTO, and they did fight with the classic German fighters like the Bf 109. Norway in particular could be a quite interesting scenario.
  14. Sie konnte mit einem WB 151A ausgerüstet werden, der am Unterrumpf ETC eingehängt wurde. Ein paar Ar 234 sind damit scharfe Einsätze geflogen und nicht nur Nachtjäger. Erich Sommer ist sicher der bekannteste Fall.
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