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  1. July 16th then! haha don't be silly of course its in two weeks.
  2. That’s not what I am saying at all.. I just feel like that is the best way to avoid the situation where a new release is made which is so upgraded it’s not compatible with what we have so far...
  3. I don’t feel like you should write it off so easily. You don’t know that for certain and the devs don’t either. I am sure most players of this sim would float the boat to give it it refresh it needs.
  4. I would be very happy to pay for this upgrade of existing content.
  5. I can answer that for them, with our £££ .
  6. I wan't to avoid this as much as possible... It pretty much killed ROF and it will kill this. If game engine development happens It I really really hope they do it with the current Great Battles series.
  7. Upgrade game engine Improve all textures. (New 4k external skins excluded) Improve Performance Improve AI Rework Engine wear/damage mechanics Just a small list of things I drastically need to happen to bring the current Il2 series up to 2019 standards. Granted this sim is still the best on the market for what it is. I don't think the team can do all this and work on a new expansion at the same time. Every time we have brought up one of these issues before we have always got the same reply "not enough time or resources" which makes me think something needs to change. I would rather these things be worked on to rejuvenate whats already been released than get a few more 109's and another scenery. Otherwise if game engine development doesn't happen as the game progresses we could end up with what happened to ROF. Finally a new version will be released which is not compatible with everything that's been released already and pretty much kills the player base of the old game.
  8. A few pics of a Mustang or Lightning on this American holiday would be pretty awesome pretty please ?
  9. Gents I have figured it out! Thank me later.. What we need is this. il2: Battle of Hurricanes! Plane set - Allied - Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane, Hurricane. Axis - Captured Hurricane, Captured Hurricane, Captured Hurricane, Captured Hurricane, Captured Hurricane.
  10. I don’t desire Korea or PTO.. as stated earlier I feel the game is in dire need of refinements & engine upgrades. Eventually after that a late war eastern front, Italian or early western front (hurricane) would be fun and more importantly would sell well.
  11. Okay so just been messing around with a few things. Changed my clouds setting and I am certain it is the clouds affecting my performance now, not your textures. Switched from High to medium and the stutters are gone and I've gained a large amount of fps..
  12. Yeah it was weird, It was only spikes when I panned the camera round or flew a little bit. I would sit at 130+ over fields ect but over mountains was 110 and then the dips I talked about were 20> fps. I don't have a clue about what would cause it sorry 😕
  13. Honestly this is a stellar idea, there are so many little things that need cleaning up but would take a lot of time or resources. I wouldn't even mind if we had to throw a few £££ in to fund it. IL2 great battles : House keeping edition.
  14. Looks amazing but Im getting pretty bad performance drop spikes when flying over the mountains (don't know if its just that area its just where i am flying right now) FPS drops from 110~ to 20/30 with bad stutters as textures are struggling to load.
  15. I see the word Hurricane I link this poll!
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