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  1. Wow what a nice surprise! Many Thanks.
  2. This time it's the P51 in a simple raf grey theme! Seeya in the Skies. DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bzb37b95slepe44/P51D15NA_Bullets_4K.dds/file
  3. blimey, this worked. MASSIVE gain (regain) in FPS after deleting/refreshing the startup.cfg file. Cheers bro
  4. V-sync is different from just limiting the frame rate though I thought? V-sync is about reducing tearing and decreases fps whereas just simply limiting your framerate doesn't cost any fps.
  5. Can we get some improved FPS Limiter settings, specifially 165fps. Many people have monitors with higher refresh rates and the rig to run at higher than 144hz. I know you can do it manually through the startup.cfg however it is jankey and resets constantly. Secondly, it is my understanding that if you have G-sync monitor you are to run programs with V-sync turned off ingame.
  6. Can’t wait to skin me some new shiny aircraft.
  7. Couldn't disagree with you guys more. SURE it was easier to see aircraft but it was WAY to easy and buggy. Aircraft wear appearing larger than they should have, you could have complete situational awareness and avoid combat all together if you wanted (If you had a good lookout). This was not the case IRL, I am pleased they fixed it.
  8. It turns as well as you would expect and the stall behaviour is as you would expect with the wing profile too. Very sudden and very harsh. I think you could find the 109s could probably turn harder but are limited by the G tolerance which the Mustang guys can get around because of their G suits. My advice would be to utilise the fact I find the Stang rolls quite slowly so just out roll and pull away
  9. $500 is the consumer variant, which has the shorter cable and cloth face pad rather than leather. I’ve been waiting for it to be available here in the UK but only the pro is so far..
  10. P38 has a very weird stall behaivour with full flaps. If you nose down with full flaps it enters an unrecoverable negative stall unless you add power. Ive not seen an aircraft in this game do that before, is that a "feature" / quirk of the p38 or is something wrong with the FM?
  11. When are we going to get missions with updated plane set?
  12. I am getting this too. It’s a bug which portrays really far away nearer than they are. Definitely something to do with the extended rendering distance tech.
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