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  1. The D9 has blown me away... What an aircraft! Great work devs, absolutely stellar!
  2. Bullets

    Developer Diary 219 - Discussion

    Oh.... my..... goodness 😮
  3. Ah cheers pal, i think I knew external models of the FC aircraft were being updated 3rd party but I thought flight models might have been done “in house” cheers for clearing that up. Yes I did 😅
  4. Great to have new aircraft but kinda disappointing, no BoOP news or content. ROF development was affected once BoS came along and now FC and tank crew is here I can’t help but feel BoX development is being slowed by the side projects. Quick question, did you hire new employees to work on FC / tank crew or are existing staff being used to work on them? aka is manpower / work hours being taken away from BoX to work on the other releases.
  5. Bullets

    DD today?

    I can't wait to fly to teams first ever jet, a special moment for sure. The fact it is potentially today is amazing.
  6. Bullets

    Condor Soaring 2

    Excellent, I will definitely look to buy. Thanks
  7. Bullets

    Condor Soaring 2

    Was a massive fan of the original game. I am a bit late to the party with its sequel, has anyone here got it and would they mind sharing their opinions? Worth buying the new version?
  8. Bullets

    Forum Signature Images

    I am sorry you seem to have misunderstood me, I didn't mean create / draw a signature image from scratch for you (I am no where near a good enough artist to do that haha) I simply meant editing existing images so they could be larger on your signature. However I gave trying to create the collector pins for you a go but they turned out horrid haha.
  9. Bullets

    No engine landing protocols. Attempt 2

    I too transferred a lot of skills learnt from ROF, great way to transition to these faster aircraft. Still remember my first flight in the lagg in BOS. I thought I was going lightspeed and I was struggling to handle the power of the engine, barely made it up into the air and my landing was less than graceful. The only way is practice practice practice
  10. Bullets

    Forum Signature Images

  11. Bullets

    Forum Signature Images

    Thank you for sharing your subjective opinion.
  12. Bullets

    Forum Signature Images

    Did something similar for people back in ROF days. Was wondering if anyone wanted a hand setting up a large image in their signature box. Normally the limit is 350 x 50 pixels however there is a work around to get a 350 x 100 image or 700 x 50 image in your signature box (As seen in mine). I can explain how to do it or I can just do it for you if you post or pm the image you want doing
  13. Bullets

    No engine landing protocols. Attempt 2

    Okay after watching your clip, noticed a few things. You are far to "aggressive & jerky" with the stick. Fly smoother with less jarring inputs, this will help prevent stalling and wasting energy. Personally with that amount of height I would have slowly glided over to the airfield until I was above it, and then circled down until I could put myself at the correct place to start my final approach. Landing with a bit of extra speed is always good practice on emergency landings however we are talking 20/30kph you rounded out at 250 and was approaching at 300+ This led to your round out not working properly and you flew back up into the air with all that extra speed. Then with the ground roll. Don't be afraid to use full rudder if needed, quick snappy inputs (in this situation its okay ) to correct any drift left and right will keep you nice and straight on the runway.