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  1. @Ouky1991 I would greatly appreciate some tips to be able to skin like you! You camo/paint schemes are in my opinion one of the best and I don’t know how you do it haha, do you have a special brush or setting I’m missing out on 😄 you get the paint looking just right.
  2. Thanks! I would be willing but unfortunately I’m no good at skinning camo. I don’t have the skill or patience to line up the patterns or even get the camo looking good haha .
  3. Non historical custom skin in my theme! DL: https://www.mediafire.com/view/fw1azrdfc3sxgsb/Me262A_4k_Bullets.dds/file
  4. People are having issues returning their units because it hasn’t officially been launched yet. Customer support staff are not aware of its release and no one has been trained to give advice haha... it’s a real sh** show. I will still be buying one at first availability and I’m sure they have their reasons for whatever they are doing.. just wish we could have some communication from them.
  5. Have you even looked at the settings? Does Shift + M ring a bell?
  6. Because pal, real flying involves pressing keys and flipping switches and doing it in sequences and specific orders. This is a simulator that aims to be realistic in nearly all aspects of combat aviation. If we had to flip every switch on start up (like dcs) I wouldn’t complain because that’s how the aircraft operates. I don’t mind the current system we have had for simple start ups because flipping switches in a sim is waaay more of a hassle than real life. As you have to use head controls and a mouse rather than your own eyes and fingers so it’s a nice compromise to just press E. However as countless people have said now. This new update to the process isn’t even adding something that adds seconds to the process, no switches, no looking for keys. Just bind a key or axis for rads and rpm (which you should have already) and voila!
  7. Unfortunately you are not missing anything.. hit the nail square on the head.
  8. Time to 🔒 All useful information regarding the “issue” has been posted and people are just squabbling now.
  9. Does anyone know what is going on with the reverb in the UK? There has been practically no announcements or word from HP.. The pro version (with leather face cushion) was released but sold out after a few days (unfortunately I missed this chance..) and hasn’t been restocked since. I’ve been searching for updates on either a restock of the pro version or the release of the consumer version everyday but nothing has come up! Have I missed something or has HP completely botched this “launch”. Even just a date from them would suffice..
  10. I am in disbelief people are moaning about a feature that adds immersion and only adds seconds to the startup procedure... you can’t win. And is completely skippable if you wish for it to be via the settings.
  11. 😂 I don’t know why but I get the feeling you are a pessimist haha.
  12. You better watch your back sir... or more accurately your six..
  13. Had all my hype for the next patch ruined broke my main arm in two places.. time to learn how to fly left handed haha
  14. Good thing opinions can be wrong ey?
  15. Tracking looks fine for the reverb. WMR is perfectly adequate from what I have seen for flight sims / driving games. Full scale room is where wmr can fall down but even then the reverb looks good!
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