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  1. Don't buy the London Pack!!!
  2. Would be nice to get some pictures of the Hurricane even if it has been delayed. Been a bit devoid of info on its development bar being told its been delayed for a while!
  3. Had my fingers crossed for news about the Hurricane
  4. A storm's a brewin 🌪️
  5. Well news on the spitfire is certainly a pleasant surprise! Will she be getting a bubble canopy? Most pictures I’ve seen of IVX’s had them but I don’t know how common they were! They do certainly complete the look and function of a late war spit though...
  6. I have my main games & windows all on a 1tb NVME drive and then lesser played games on a SSD
  7. I disagree, I feel like this would induce motion sickness in a lot of people. Your “head” moving without any other senses feeling it and it not aligning to what your real head is doing would play havoc with your inner ear. I don’t get motion sick but I think this would make me haha.
  8. Any update regarding the hurricane would make my day.. unless it’s bad news of course hehe
  9. Call of Duty Modern Warfare would like to have a word with you.
  10. No worries haha! Hmmmmm how about a nice screenshot of your new ride?
  11. Firstly a massive thanks for all your kind words and amazing entries, they where truly impressive!! Winners Hurricane = @HR_Tofolo P38 = @Nekhebu PMs with codes will be sent imminently. Again thank you for all your drawings!
  12. I know it’s lazy of me to ask but is there a single download that includes all your modifications that gets updated every time or do we need to download lots of individual modifications?
  13. Why is there a cap on how many reactions you can give I love it cybermat!
  14. That is a VERY good drawing in paint you did there hehe (no worries you are still entered!) Raaaaaid actually flies aircraft in this game?! Thanks Feathered! Thanks for the wise words. I am actually fortunate to have landed my dream career so young so am very happy where I am in life already! Things can only get even better!
  15. you may potentially receive a hurricane on delivery of your best attempt at drawing a hurricane on paint Dad?!?! You’re back from getting ice cream? not ms paint but I will accept this masterpiece
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