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  1. It works ! Thanks a million ! So happy about this !
  2. Totally agree on this point.And it appears to be ignored as well since the markings are being discussed yet a reply to this post from the devs is not there (yet). I agree here, paid DLC which does not function as it should is a bit of a shame, and I therefore do not even use this plane.
  3. Heck I'd love to see the addition of the Battle of France, and Belgium and Holland as well. Imagine taking off in a G1 xD or a Mörko/Morane. Or a Koolhoven for that matter. Insta buy.
  4. Thanks for the K4's over Moscow tip and your answers lads.
  5. G'd day Ladies and Gentlemen, Perhaps this has been asked before, but is there a tool avaiable that allows you to select your airplane in the middle of an offline campaign ? So you can for instance use the 190 Dora in Kuban (even though not historically accurate) ?
  6. Been downloading your "good old Il2 stuff" for ages and had heaps of fun with that stuff.Thanks for all your work mate !
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