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  1. I voiced my suggestion above. This is just a suggestion, no demand, or even a request. Our squad has always flown and will continue to fly on TAW, no matter what weather settings will be used. We never went down to the level: if you do that, some% will not play. At this point I ended the discussion.
  2. Кому - война, кому - мать родна) It is about pain) Some players have a very selective approach, right? We do not want to play in bad weather! OK. Do the Reds want to play without ShVAK on I-16? Or with locked VYa? Historically? So if we are for history - this is the historical weather. What? 60% will not play? My God. No one asks for constant rain in missions. On the I-16, by the way, flying in the rain is still a pain. But to remove the absolutely clear sky is necessary. And for this proposal there is a serious rationale: weather reports. No need to make it so bad as in the reports. But the number of days with dense clouds (without precipitation) should be increased, IMHO. By the way, as for precipitation - the snowfall is quite good.
  3. Norz, i already answered you in the Russian forum - no one is talking about rain. A proposal to increase the number of cloudy days, and increase the density of cloudiness. Precipitation and clouds are completely different weather settings. Well, for the sake of justice: those 60% of the players you are talking about are, after all, blue side players, aren't they?
  4. Here, for example, I translated one of the reports, combat work was carried out even in severe weather conditions. OPERATIONAL REPORT OF THE STAFF OF THE AIR FORCE OF THE WESTERN FRONT By 11:00 PM 10/01/1941 First: On the entire front, the enemy did not show activity. Continuing to lead the strengthening of the occupied lines. The air force of the enemy during the day of 10/01/41 conducted reconnaissance activities and bombarded railway sections. Second: our troops on the right wing of the front were attacking. In the center and on the left wing they continued to consolidate on the occupied lines and conduct intensive reconnaissance of the enemy. Third: On the night of September 30 to October 01, the air force of the front conducted limited combat operations due to adverse weather conditions. Bombardment of the barracks on the western and southwestern outskirts of Smolensk and the accumulation of enemy troops on the road west of Dukhovshchina. 9 airplanes were launched for bombing. Bombs dropped: 14 FAB-100, 25 FAB-50, 10 ZAB-50, 24 AO-25, 140 AF-2 with the COP. Scattered 65.000 flyers During the day, on 01.10, the enemy forces accumulated bombardment, covered the loading and unloading of troops and military transportation by rail, air hubs and front command posts. 153 sorties were made, of which 27 were for bombardment, 12 for assault operations, 18 for reconnaissance, 87 for cover, 9 for escort. Bombers produced 35 sorties, fighter aircraft - 118 sorties. Bombs dropped 4 FAB-100, 24 FAB-50, 48 AO-25, 23 RS. 1550 ShVAK shells, 14,200 ShKAS cartridges, 2,100 BS ammunition were launched. Weather in the area of hostilities: at night, overcast with a height of 200 meters, fogs, poor visibility; during the day, cloudiness is continuous with a height of 150-600 meters, visibility is 2-6 km, in some places it is drizzling. And so on. This summary contains three pages. That is, the combat work was carried out in different weather conditions.
  5. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to write out the full number of sorties of aviation. But the days when the report reads "because of the bad weather conditions the combat operations did not lead," I noted in the column. There are also quite a few such days — on average, for a month, 2-3 days. Again, I do not propose to simulate the historical weather, I am in favor of reducing the number of days when the weather is absolutely cloudless. Therefore, the clear sky in Russia in the autumn and winter is a rather rare phenomenon. In addition, an increase in cloudiness may cause players to descend from space to work on ground targets. As for the bombers, I think that with certain clouds, it will be easier for them to hide in the clouds from the fighters. I do not propose to simulate bad weather conditions, I propose to increase the amount of cloudiness and cloudy days.
  6. Hi all! Proposal for setting the weather on the server. Flying on TAW, I think everyone paid attention to the fact that at least 95% of the time the weather on the maps is million by million. Frankly, there is a feeling that we are flying somewhere in Miami at least, and not in Russia. From the site Memory of the People (Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) collected the Operational Reports of the Air Force Headquarters Zapf in the area of Vyazma, which indicate the weather. Data brought to the table. September 1941, with the exception of 2 days, the weather data is completely available, October and December data are scattered, not all reports are still available. Sample summary (the section with the weather highlighted by me): The archive has two files - Russian and English versions. Files in the .odt format - OpenOffice. If you look at the data, we will see that for the whole of September only one day was clear, and then, only in the evening, the other days were quite heavy clouds and frequent precipitations. I do not propose to simulate the weather on a server on the server according to the reports, but the number of clear days and with weak clouds should be markedly reduced. Especially on the Moscow map. On Stalingrad and Kuban I will try to find data separately about. I apologize for my English, I use a translator. weather.zip
  7. Its works! thank you very much for your great work
  8. Unfortunately I can not download the template. File size = 0kb. Tried different browsers, different providers, but ...
  9. Yes, I do so. But a file of 0 kb is being downloaded. At the same time normalmap is loaded normally. Sorry for my English.
  10. Yes, I numbered positions in the drawing in random order, just to show what it is. There's quite an interesting mechanism, but my English unfortunately does not allow me to correctly describe it. I will give a link to the technical description for Polycarpov I-16. It's in russian, but maybe you'll manage to understand through an interpreter better than I can. http://www.airpages.ru/po/i16_gear2.shtml
  11. Landing gear lock. When the landing gear is down and became locked, it should be in 3 positions 1 ЗУБ and 2 ЗУБ position - the landing gear is not locked. I can not find a photo in good quality, but it can be that the character between 1 and the ЗУБ is a small letter "й", that is, the 1st "ЗУБ" - 1й ЗУБ
  12. it's not "3ЧБ" this "ЗУБ", 1 ЗУБ, 2 ЗУБ 3 ЗУБ In view of the gear teeth A mechanical pointer, when the landing gear is fully released into the working position, enables the pilot to judge on which tooth of the lock comb the locking of the creeper has occurred. To do this, on the indicator scale on the left and right sides are plotted with the numbering of the teeth of the lock comb. And the symbol is used this "*" acts as a separator between the number and letters I apologize for my English, I use an interpreter.
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