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  1. Pretty good news, eager to see all this... thnks for it...
  2. Same question here : where can we get this beautifull skinpack (judging from the pictures) ? If it's not out now, I'm eager to see it thanks for that
  3. When I see this great G14, I picture immediately a nice skinpack of G14 for Bodenplatte - from JG53 for example - (the kind you've made for the G2/4/6 for Kuban)... Can you make this happen? I'm sure you can... great job Gustav....
  4. Great skin as usual.... eager to see some more and a little question too : could you upload a skinpack with all your skins for the F-2 & F-4 (and E-7 if you've made some) with the full swastika? keep up the excellent work
  5. Thanks a lot... I was a great fan of your skin for Il-2 1946 (from the 109, the 190 to the P-39 to the Yaks) did you make some more for Il-2 GB (I've already seen the F-2 from JG51 but cannot find more) eager to see some more
  6. Hey, that's great news.... It is Sakai here and me too, after making a lot of stuff for Il-2-46, I'm going to do it for great battle (I eally enjoy it and for a skinner, it's so much more interesting... eager to see those jugs in the sky
  7. Hello Samson... your skins for the P-39, are they finished and where can we get them? thanks
  8. This is a great idea Mikojad (Gustav's skins are truly excellent) but can you upload a new pack with the full zwastikas thanks in advance and thanks gustav for his work
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