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  1. Hello everyone... I've bought a SSD drive and I've installed Great battle on it and my question is this one : is it possible to import all my setting from my previous instalations to the new one ? Is there a file I can copy directly to import my settings to my new installation ? thanks in advance for your answers I must add that I didn't installed Il2 Great battle through Steam. (I've seen that there is a post wich give the solution with steam)
  2. cool skin Julian.... do you know wich unit and pilot flew this plane?
  3. cool P39 Szelljr.... could you make some more of the 45 IAP that we could fly abobe the Kuban map
  4. Cool and thanks.... on my side of the Atlantic, I'm working on the Bf109F2 (I had to stop, I have many problems with my computer right now) and I'll make some skins for the ETO soon - (before that russian front)
  5. hello Detcord... I don't have any specific unit in my mind but I was thinking of units that particpated to the circus offensive.... hurribomber were part of this mission and it could be useful to design mission over the Low countries or, for the future, above Normandy here is an example : http://armahobbynews.pl/wp-content/uploads/70042-profile-1-blog-1200x640.jpg oops I've made a mistake and the picture didn't show : there is a lot more information about that plane on this site : http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/10/05/hurribomber-mk-iib-from-174-squadron-raf/
  6. Cool skins Szelljr.... just a little question : the plane number 'O5' was flown by wich unit and pilot?
  7. Great adition Detcord has there is not that many G14 and as usual, your skins are very nice... I'll try again my little request : do you think you could skin a skinpack of hurricanes MkII from the RAF (period 41-42 ETO) they could fit perfectly with the reihland map and even more with the future Normandy one.... thanks
  8. Great idea of skinpack Obelix.... and a group of stuka for the Kuban's operation was needed... thanks et bonne année
  9. Cool skin Julian happy new yea to you and to all the plaes of Il-2
  10. Flying circus volume two, oh yeah..... with twin bombers and the incredible FokkerDVIII.... great news
  11. I try to find Johnny Red's album in pdf for a while... look very nice... Charley's war, also drawned by Joe Colquhoun is the best comic about war ever
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