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  1. Thanks for the answer Szelljr and thanks again for all your skins...
  2. Hello Szelljr very nice skins for the Yak9... from wich unit are the number '49' & '18'?
  3. Hello Danziger Originaly, the template is from Zargos but I've completely reworked it (even the alpha layers were reworked, one per skin) It my first skinpack for great battle and I'm discovering its specificities. I've used some of the stuff I've learnt from skinning for Il2 1946
  4. Hello everyone... my first skinpack for Great battle... six La5FN of the 2nd Gviap engaged above Kursk at the end of the battle. You can get it on M4T : http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&get=653&mirror=860 Some more stuff is on the way Enjoy Sakai
  5. I agree about all that... In the QMB, fighting against the fokker DVII, the AlbatrossDV or the Spad should be very frustrating because they fly away to avoid you even in they are in a better position than you. You have to follow them and if you catch them, they don't really fight, they just try to evade your passes.... Very frustrating
  6. Oh!!!! Thanks a lot Oliver for taking the time to do it and for making an exception
  7. Hey, they look great but could you add a mediafire link to download them because googledrive doesn't work for me at all....
  8. Soon we'll get the whole squadron... great thanks Pat et to everyone, take a good care of yourself because what's happening now is not very funny.... petite pensée pour tous les français confinés... courage... en même temps, il y aura plus de skins en ligne probablement... de mon côté, ça avance aussi et bientôt sortira mon premier skinpack pour Great battle
  9. Wonderfull job szelljr, as usual.... and more SE5a are always welcome... A little question, from wich unit is the number D6940? I recall my question, I've found the answer... 29th Sqn. eager to see some more stuff from you
  10. Pretty good news, eager to see all this... thnks for it...
  11. Same question here : where can we get this beautifull skinpack (judging from the pictures) ? If it's not out now, I'm eager to see it thanks for that
  12. When I see this great G14, I picture immediately a nice skinpack of G14 for Bodenplatte - from JG53 for example - (the kind you've made for the G2/4/6 for Kuban)... Can you make this happen? I'm sure you can... great job Gustav....
  13. Great skin as usual.... eager to see some more and a little question too : could you upload a skinpack with all your skins for the F-2 & F-4 (and E-7 if you've made some) with the full swastika? keep up the excellent work
  14. Thanks a lot... I was a great fan of your skin for Il-2 1946 (from the 109, the 190 to the P-39 to the Yaks) did you make some more for Il-2 GB (I've already seen the F-2 from JG51 but cannot find more) eager to see some more
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