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  1. I've enjoyed the first three of these; looking forward to more.
  2. Nice, you made a Vierdecker.
  3. Jason, thanks for this, I've now added BoBP and FC to round out my collection of all the released maps. Now all I really need is the time to dig into them. 😄 Best of health to the team in Moscow (and everyone here too).
  4. Nicely done, I enjoyed watching this.
  5. You were very fortunate to have avoided that flap they threw at you during the second engagement. 😄
  6. I know that this is an older thread, but I want to give my appreciation to all the CH owners upthread who posted information to help the rest of us. I particularly want to thank @LukeFF, whose advice to add CHARDLY when creating macros for combination keypresses fixed a vexing problem for me. I was glad to find the info here, since CH Hangar shut down a while ago. For example, I had a macro for Auto-Mixture Control as "LSHF m", which caused the mission map to toggle instead because the Control Manager software does not treat "LSHF" or "RSHF" as modal in the same way that it treats plain "SHF", "ALT", and "CTL". Changing LSHF to "HOLD LSHF" made it better, but I was still seeing the mission map toggle until I changed the macro to "HOLD LSHF CHARDLY m". Thanks also to Luke and to @Charlo for posting their Control Manager profiles. It's always interesting to see how other people set things up. As I mentioned in the New Players thread, I'm using kit I bought about 15 years ago: CH FighterStick, Throttle, and pedals, as well as a TrackIR 3. I used this setup for IL-2/1946 (and MS flight sim) before it got all locked away when I moved house. I few years ago I brought out the stick & throttle to use for Elite Dangerous. I use the CH Control Manager software to map the three CH pieces into a single 7-axis device, although today I learned that neither of the toe brake axes seems to have survived storage (they don't respond to calibration). Everything else is still working great. In any event, thanks again for the help. Now that I (mostly) have my controls set up, it's time to learn how to fly again.
  7. "The P-39 Airacobra Was The Most Underrated American Fighter Ever Built". According to the TFA, the RAF flew one mission with a P-39, decided that they'd seen enough, and shipped all of theirs off to Russia (who loved them). I remember having some fun with the P-39 years ago, maybe in Aces of the Pacific.
  8. Shamrock, thanks for the links to your StormBirds blog. The buyers' guide was interesting, although I had already picked up Battle of Moscow during the recent sale. I've been away from flight sims for the last decade or so due to various RL issues, but hope to spend some of my year-end break getting back into IL-2.
  9. Greetings, everyone. I saw that a lot of the Great Battles titles were on sale last week, and I am scheduled for two weeks off-work at the end of the year. What a fortunate coincidence. I watched a few videos and did a little reading, then decided to start out by buying Battle of Moscow (Premium) from the developer site. Quite some time ago, I played a lot of IL-2/PF/1946 (not well, but a lot). I spent most of my flying time in either an IL-2 or in an SBD Dauntless. When I moved house about a dozen years ago, all my flight sim gear got packed up. This will be my first time back since then. All of my kit from 2007 still seems to work, so I'll be using that. I have CH Products devices (FighterStick, Throttle, Pedals) and a TrackIR 3. I still have my CH configuration file from IL-2, but I doubt that will help me much. I'll need to spend some time sorting the button mapping, unless someone can point me to an example. Sadly, CH Hangar shut down a little while ago or I would look there. I am looking forward to spending a significant part of my year-end holiday learning to fly in the skies over the Volga. S! I know this is from almost 5 years ago, but I'm glad he posted it here. Requiem has an amazing channel with so much to learn!
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