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  1. I really hate that this new version is coming. 😊
  2. Hello, Is the new campaign launched? I can not connect. The password is not good.
  3. I am impatiently waiting for the release of TF5 to buy it.
  4. Not to mention planes that disappear when they pass a cloud.
  5. I do not think clodo is hard. I'm just reporting what I hear from players I know.
  6. I think Bos knows the success because it is a simulator that is very oriented arcade. I know many players who have dropped Clodo because it's too difficult for them.
  7. Therion, It is OK. Thanks a lot ! ✌️
  8. When I play on a multiplayer server, I can not select an armament or fuel. (See attached image)
  9. Can you tell me when will the "cloud bug" be fixed? (It's really unpleasant not to see planes flying along a cloud.)
  10. OBT-Lionel


    Players who want gps can play on WOL.
  11. Merci aux organisateurs pour cette excellente soirée !
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