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  1. What I don't understand, why did they modify something that worked well ??? For me it remains a mystery ...
  2. There is an improvement regarding the visibility of contacts. Unfortunately we have not yet returned to the level of visibility before the 4.0 update. I hope it will be done next time.
  3. what I regret, is that there are no announcements concerning the improvement of the visibility of the contacts
  4. I'm not sure that half of Cliff Of Dover fans play in VR.
  5. Bravo, strongly that it begins ...
  6. SeaWolf +1 I agree with everything you just said. Like you I did not buy Battle of Normandy and I even plan to ask for the refund of all my games if it does not improve in the weeks to come. (Not sure to get it ...)
  7. SeaWolf, Thank you for all these explanations. I understand better what they wanted to do. If they do not find solutions, I prefer the old system.
  8. If you say so ... 😉 I'm so optimistic that you, I do not see any improvement and I still do not understand why they changed the visibility.
  9. Of course they know, what I do not know is why they do not do anything ???
  10. On the forums of many players have raised the problems encountered. These problems are very numerous. I do not understand, 1 CGS does not test before releasing a new version ???
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