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  1. To solve the problem, shouldn't we ban personal skins?
  2. You are not the only one with this problem. Unfortunately, this is a general problem (even with a very good configuration). I do not know why...
  3. Airone, The current campaign that you currently offer us on Wednesday is very good. 👍👍
  4. The story of bos is that. A good level at the start and then options for simplification again and again ...
  5. Kintaro, you know my opinion. I don't want Team Fusion to make Cliff Of Dover a new Bos. I already told you, I am very disappointed with the direction taken by 1CGS which made Bos a simulator to my taste much too arcade. I regret all my purchases and no longer use Bos. If Team Fusion made the same choice, he would lose me as a customer.
  6. For beginners there is War Thunder Then there is BOS. After Cliff of Dover. And finally DCS WW2. I think it's up to the players to take the time to train and not the simulators to adapt to the players. No one would ever ask Ferrari to bring out a beginner's car.
  7. What I mean is that a beginner is better off starting with Bos. Subsequently when he has progressed, he can pass on Cliff. And if he wishes he will finally go on DCS WW2.
  8. Please team fusion, don't be like Bos. Cliff must remain a flight simulator not an arcade game. If cliff is too complicated for some players, let them play on Bos.
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