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  1. HOOOLY SH*** !!!!!!! :o: This game is just awesome. This kind of ongoing Support and development in such a short timeframe is insane. In other games i wait for month and years through 100 of delays to get one freaking new airplane or feature and you guys bring every few weeks new amazing stuff. Iam glad i bough BoS and BoM in early access , would love to spend more money on you guys. Please release some buyable something for unreasonable prices to support you :D
  2. This! Come modding community, just give some little example of your ideas ! If you are that talented that it is worth having this discussion then please stop this pointless stuff here. Post some sort of mod worth content and let the developer integrate it into the game. 99% of the people complaining are not even able to write in LaTeX nor can they provide this game with a playable mod. Would love to see people like Zeus.
  3. Yep EU und RU server are always well populated. I am playing every day from 4 o clock to 12. At first only 1-2 server with 20 people, later mostly 2-3 server populated with 30-49 people. I never had the problem of to less people online, Most evenings i cant join my favorite server because there are not enough slots for me and my 3 team mates. Don´t know what some people talking about. As the game had unlocks for all / people were not sure about BoM and its compatibility and several other occasion i heard people crying " THIS will split the community" but 100 of bullshit mods (except 2-3
  4. The horizontal spacer was moveable to close the cooler, the middle metal piece (at the top of the intake) is formed that way that i would not block the lit when closing (your left picture). No such regulation was typical for the bf109 e3 Might be due to a field mod.
  5. HerrMurf, you might consider sending free copies of the game or planes to well known you tube player who stream flight games an do not own il2 yet. Someone also could do the same to "warthunder" playing youtube / twich guys. This might lead to more attention and reach more people who are interested in flight games but are not aware of IL 2 or got to less information. I met many player who played warthunder before IL 2 who are very happy with il2 now and never regret their change. Bringing more people here ... could help the the development This would be task of the developer themself but
  6. Sometimes i thought the same. They do a really great job but their marketing capabilities are .... in great need of improvement. If i would not spent so much time in marketing for consumer discretionary i would build them a better marketing approach for their products. Nice online presence, nice product, great support by some people of the community via you tube. But since early access a noticed a lot of minor flaws and some major. I wrote about that in one of my early posts. Everything is about communication. About HOW , much more then WHAT. Let the cat out of the bag in such a small p
  7. !!! I would spent all my FSX planes (maybe 20 and 100gb terrain etc addons) as well as all X Plane and DCS addons as well (and i own them all ... -.- ) for more stuff in BoS !! From your lip´s to gods ear! Sitting in the 777 pro , set up 200 nm trip with vatsim aaaaaaaaand abort task , *click* bos.exe . Everthing else seems to be wrong or lifeless. Even my Mig 21 in dcs will rust.
  8. It is nice to read posts like this in contrast to some of the more "discontented" ones in the past. BoS for me is so much fun to fly because i do not care about 100% accuracy of flight models or amount of content that has not arrived yet. I love the "feeling" in the air that only BoS can deliver (or that odd trainer iam used to fly in rlty xD ). This immersion ... i can´t touch dcs anymore or x plane because i fell in love with this game .... locking forward for some campaigns to increase the feeling of "beeing there and doing something that matter". Will be a huge leap forward in terms of imm
  9. BEST NEWS ever!!!! made my day. Thanks !
  10. Like your way of communication! This text could be part of a Devblog to address more people. Very thank you for this information and explanation . Looking forward to your next products, i really want to spend some money to support this game!
  11. After 3 month of flamewars, whining sessions and discussions that led no where but dissatisfaction their might be the chance to become like "me". Several attempts of introducing a more calm and mannerly way of discussing and a better approach of "helping the developer to improve the game" where blown up by people who just complained because of boredom or their inability to express oneself in a proper way. Saying that we "got treated like dogs" is that kind of b****** i am sick of reading. Especially when you did not catch the facts. I will keep that in BoS, but sometimes i wonder how people
  12. Oh dude, you just have the wrong approach: You didn´t got less for your money. You got MORE -AND saving 40$. You got the addition of an completely working unlocksystem! Plenty of hours you will be able to spend to live through the satisfying moments when unlocking stuff you did not had before. Honestly- again: that premium member will not have to unlock stuff was already said 2014, while standard still have to grind their way through. Furthermore they did not FIXED anything broken they just respond to the crowed that was wasting time for whining instead of unlocking stuff in the s
  13. There is nothing to complain about the unlocks for premium only. As the game was announced with its 2 version i remember it was clearly said: Premium accounts will get 2 additional planes, skins and some special equipment AND in one post it was said they will NOT have to unlock their equipment. If we face the situation now we got what was promised. No unlocks for premium but not for standard. Don`t know what people are arguing about.
  14. Not hearing the bullets hit your plane is somehow realistic, or rather a just little noticeable *flopflopflop* is quiet realistic. A bit more Shake when hit by 20 mm maybe? Don´t realy know. However the sound of Flak should be much louder. The explosions of these shells (exp. Flakk 88 ) are louder than fireworks when exploding, everybody know how loud the city firework can get. I think a much louder and first of all much more IMPRESSIV sound could increase immersion.
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