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  1. so it does recognize my hardware and i have used it without the TM software and the joystick only still isnt recognized
  2. No matter what profile i try no matter if i make sure the game is recognizing it as one controller nothing works. The even goes as far as not even being able to recognize the joy stick when im just trying simple movements trying to fly a plane. the throttle also does not work and many buttons do not work also. the weird thing is, some of the buttons actually do work but some arent even working for the intended key bind. the dis functionality even extends its reach to the trigger the most simple of the buttons because the guns wont even fire. i would also like to mention all of my firmware is up to date.
  3. Hello I just invested even more into my flight sim experience with a new warthog HOTAS stick and throttle but cannot for the life of me figure out how to set up my key binds correctly. I even resorted to using the preset key binds that thrust master had published for the HOTAS but the joy stick wont even steer the damn plane and i have no idea why. I had also had an issue with setting up the trigger to fire MG's on the first part of the trigger pull and all guns with a full trigger pull. Again i have no idea why this stuff isn't working as i've never had this much difficulty with any of my previous cheaper joysticks. I would really appreciate some help with this joystick because I have been itching to get into this game but was waiting until my HOTAS and now it is not working. If there is a discord i can join to get this working or a file i can use with someone else key binds that work or ANY help i will be forever in your debt. Thanks, Ethan.
  4. im a new player to this game and really enjoy it. however i would like to play the tank sim portion of the game and the meme 262 with bodenplatte but i do not know how to buy them through steam as they dont show up. It is just a little confusing because Kuban and Moscow are on steam. Could someone please explain how this game's dlc model works and how to give these devs my money?
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