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  1. Hi JediMaster, what you're describing is the exact issue I'm having, a friend bought BOS and we've been trying to create coop servers (not dedicated) but as soon as one of us hits the button join, the game starts to freeze or we get error 10019 (after a very long time). - We tried to open ports 28000 UDP + TCP and 28100 TCP - We typed our current router IP address in the "Network settings" in 'Use IP address" - We tried to use default mission (complex template) - We have no issues when joining other servers in both coop and dogfight. - I'm using the Steam version and he uses the IL2 Store version -We are not using any VPN It seems something gets blocked as soon as someone tries to join the server of the other. If someone have any idea if there is a workaround for this problem. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for this great patch! Unfortunately I'm having a rather weird AI issue: when I start a duel in QMB, the enemy AI crashed its plane after a few seconds. I was able to reproduce this every time I launched a duel. It seems to affect only the AI piloting a FW190. With other planes their behaviour seems normal. I tried both Normal and Expert difficulties. Could this be caused by the recent changes made for the AI? Anyone got the same problem?
  3. Hi everyone, In case you didn't notice it yet and for those who bought the game on Steam, here is the first sale for our favourite game Unfortunately I wanted to support the devs so I already bought it on the offical store but for those who want a good offer just go here : http://store.steampowered.com/app/307960/ 25% off for the main game 50% off for the premium planes (shit I would definitely buy my second premium plane with this price...) Hopefully this should help 777 to get more players! Cheers,
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I guess it's a weird bug with my joystick and BOS, it's the only game where I had this problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game with default settings. Still there, having a strong pull towards the left once the plane is airborne, not centering by itself. The alternative solution was to disable force feedback in the options. No shaking or anything but at least I get the "center spring" which is better than nothing.
  5. Hahah actually I was about to blame Staline, but then I realised that the Stuka does the same thing! Both Nazi and Communist plot though.
  6. Hi everyone! First of all, my apologies if this question is "common sense" but I couldn't find anything in the forums about the 'problem' I'm experiencing at moment. I'm a bit of a noob. I recently bought the amazing Microsoft Force Feedback 2 praised by many of you. This gem works like a charm with most of the games I tried. (ROF is probably the best one regarding the force feedback management) I obviously tried it with BOS and was surprised that a strong left rolling tendency occured with all the Russian planes (LA 5 included). Basically, once I get enough speed, force feedback tends to pull my joystick towards the left if I don't correct it myself. It does not come back to center position by itself. Is it what we call the Torque effect? The funny thing is that both 109's are not affected by this 'issue'. The joystick remains perfectly in the center position like in ROF for instance. I use the roll trimmer to correct it a bit but I'm wondering if it's not caused by my FFB2? I previously used the T. Flight Hotas X so it's my first FFB stick and I'm not sure about the usual behaviour with this technology. I hope my description of the problem is clear enough! Many thanks in advance
  7. Brief description: [uI] Plane Settings Menu not working in QMB for unpurchased planes Detailed description, conditions: 1. Launch the game (not the premium edition) and select Quick Mission. 2. Select any plane you own. 3. In the AI side, select a plane you don't own (either La5 of FW190) 4. Click on Settings. Results: Player can't select any settings for the AI (either skins, ammunition or fuel) The menu behave weirdly (accept button is not working). Please see screenshot. Expected results: Player should be able to select any settings (except unlocks) for the AI using Premium Planes like in Rise Of Flight.
  8. Brief description: Missing Glass Texture in the BF109 G2 cockpit Detailed description, conditions: 1. In the main menu, select Quick Mission 2. Once in the Quick Mission menu, select the B109 G2 and remove the Headrest. (do not select Glass-Armored headrest.) 3. Start a quick mission. Once in game, observe the window behind the seat. Results: The window at the back is missing as there are no reflections. (please see screenshots) Expected: A glass texture should appear there. Severity: Minor class bug, but it would be nice to fix it Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): COMPARATIVE BF109 F-4 / BF109 G-2 Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7 CPU Intel i5-2400 GPU AMD 280X (driver catalyst 14.9 WHQL) 8 Gb ram SSD 120 Gb
  9. 'Talking about mid-air collisions: From another angle :
  10. Same here, I wouldn't mind to see these informative messages appearing on screen. For instance I have no clue if the tail wheel is locked or not (sorry if it's obvious) I just press the key hoping it works. Same thing about the aileron trim, after a while you forget completely what was its last position. Once again, it feels weird looking at the levers to check everything, it's like if you had to look at your gear stick when you drive a car to know the current gear. Moreover the current HUD only displays the mixture and the water radiator, when you start learning the full engine management, it would nice to see also the oil radiator, the prop pitch (but I agree with the RPM as a reference + noise of the engine) as well as the water and oil temperature level. (I know there is an overheating icon, but I'd rather know before it happens) Obviously I totally understand that all these info can be read directly on the instruments and this should only be an option that can be turned off (a bit like the aiming help)
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