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  1. My game wont even work with 20.4.2 experimental I just noticed this glitch on Kuban, you can see geometry on mountains..
  2. RX 560x 20.2.2 I have flickering while low to ground and black outlines around my planes. No pixilation issues or sky going black unless I use FXAA, MSAA is just fine. My game also randomly crashes and says something about a "d3d error" and "No permission" errors. Hot fix only made the flickering slightly better, still get black patches. Have not tried messing with drivers, not gonna change them because only 1 game is messed up. Here is the black outline I was talking about
  3. im playing with a lowly ryzen 5 and don't get any slowdowns, I don't think its a cpu issue @Icer_Cro Are you sure you're not just daft? This game is very user friendly
  4. I need all of the files haha, I have all planes so. Each one fails when I try to DL it! Weird stuff. Even tried a different web browser
  5. Thanks again, you're a true goddamn American hero
  6. oh, just drop the whole thing in? I don't need to open the text doc and do anything specific?
  7. Also, how do I use the recommended gpreset? I downloaded it and its a text doc with multiple settings, not sure what to do
  8. Is there an alternate download source? When I click download it says zipping then when its complete is asks me if im sure I want to leave and lose the download and I click "stay" and the download just disappears
  9. Thank you so much Rowdyb00t and CanadaOne ! Appreciate it
  10. so does anyone know where the snowy mountains are located in game? would love to fly a u2 around them
  11. For some reason after setting ground targets to Medium instead of Low, some missions have me attack friendly Airfields, even the ones I spawn at. All sorts of enemies spawn there too, sometimes I get killed by an AAA emplacement on takeoff. It looks like they should be friendly from how they are positioned but it glitches out and makes them enemies. I also get a friendly fire warning while shooting them. Here is a screenshot and one of the affected missions. Almost all that I generate are like this. I tried new campaigns and had the same problem, Im using the most recent version of PWCG,
  12. Whats that in the screenshots?? Theres mountains in this game?? I have nearly 600 hours played and haven't seen those yet.. 😵 Where can I find them? what plane u be flying up there
  13. This mod is broken again as of 5/15/2020. You get "object undefined" errors nonstop while shooting Edit: Turns out im just retarded and downloaded the old version by mistake
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