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  1. You recall wrongly as the 109E7 was the first operational plane using drop tanks and not, there was no issues with them. And also you're wrong about the 190, nothing to do with bombers (except the R8) but evolution in production and operational needs. The 190 gained 800kg in it's evolution(A1-A9) Keeping it's weight ratio constant at 2.2kg/ps. The spitfire as example gained 1190kg (Mk1-MK14) going from 2.6kg/hp to 1.9kg/hp (numbers with small error marge due to data differences depending on sources) the 190 wasn't the Fat-dog as it represented with the A8, it was a very nimble and agile airplane through all versions, just the roll-rate was slightly increased or decreased depending on the wing guns presence or lack of it... Anyway, droptanks are really needed in the game.
  2. Yes and they will loose the prop and some parts in the process. such speeds are simply instrumental errors, especially in the case of pilot's reports. the best sources are always the factory trials as those test-planes were mostly equipped with special measuring instruments, much more precise than the standard dash-speedometer. at those speeds(500mph+) the prop act as an airbrake, no WWII prop-airplane could even dream to reach those speeds of 600 without any kind of damage.
  3. Great! impatient to see the sand, the sea and a lot of tank battles...from the air
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