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  1. I hope the developers are open to suggestions on a engine modifications to turn a C-6a into a R-2 variant.
  2. Thank you for the insight. I was going to suggested a Ju 88S-1/T-1 but I've been having a hard time finding information online and now I'm guessing there must not be any books on said aircraft variants based on your information. But I feel like if the developers do not procure the resource now, it's highly unlikely to appear later on due to the popularity of said aircraft compared to a Arado 234 popularity.
  3. Thank you for the insight on Jason's response. True but would a Ar 234 collector plane make more sense as an separate extension to BoBP than Normandy. I'm not saying the Arado shouldn't come just not yet. But be held off for now with a more relevant aircraft taking it's place. I'm still willing to buy the next expansion even if they do not take my recommendation.
  4. Again thank you for answering my questions. Do you think the developers are open to suggestions on whether the aircraft in question maybe substituted in favor of a different bomber/reconnaissance aircraft?
  5. Thank you so much. I was wondering why it was included in the Battle of Normandy expansion. Do you think we could see reconnaissance equipment outfitted to the aircraft as a modification?
  6. Were Arado 234s really present during the Battle of Normandy?
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