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  1. Amazingly kind offer of you - would love a G6 if you have one going spare!
  2. Thanks Busdriver - very kind of you! I'll enjoy that U-2
  3. Hi Busdriver - very generous of you! Well - I'd love a U-2VS, so for all those poor pilots being able to experience this when looking over the side of the open cockpit, how about the U-2 Vertigo Single (sorry.... that was a bit of a stretch).
  4. Big thanks to The Doctor for such a generous gift - very kind of you!! My son and I will make good use of it Cheers, Mark
  5. Yes please! Really kind offer - I can confirm I do not already have BOBP. Thanks, Mark
  6. That's a very kind offer - I've purchased BoS, BoM and Bok for me and my son in the past, but unfortunately BoBP is a stretch too far for me due to ongoing family health issues this year. If you could include me in your draw then I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, Mark
  7. Congrats Requiem - very kind offer, and I'd certainly like to enter for the Flying Circus draw. Thanks, Mark
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