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  1. I've had the game about two weeks, and actually haven't flown any German planes yet. Not sure why, but now I kinda wanna see how long I can hold out.
  2. I think I'm beginning to understand the flair system. Copper for buying in sale, silver for full price, gold for pre-orders. Steam doesn't count. Is that right?
  3. Ah. Oh well. Didn't know anything about the difference at the time, just saw it was on sale.
  4. Just took it out for a couple more skirmishes in SP, and I actually think I'm getting the hang of it. The problem was I wasn't managing my speed well, and the plane just doesn't have the low speed stability I'm used to from the Yaks (which is what I've mostly flown so far). Anyway, blew three 109's out of the air, one of them with the 37mm, so I'm figuring it out slowly but surely. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  5. I think not keeping my speed up is my issue overall.
  6. Not sure whether to post this here or somewhere else, but... I've noticed that my flair only shows BoBP and Flying Circus. Probably because those are the two that I bought directly from the web store, whereas I picked up the other three on Steam (didn't know at the time that buying from the web store makes the company more money). Anyway, is there any way to get the flair to show the other three packs that I own? (BoS, BoM, BoK)
  7. Topical humor (humour?) My first choice of video sadly included some Nazi imagery.
  8. Really? Hasn't been my experience. How do you get it going faster?
  9. Sorry, this is probably a dumb question, I'm really new, just bought the game a couple weeks ago. Is the P-39 a plane? I ask because, like... it looks like a plane? It has wings and a propeller and all that stuff you would expect a plane to have. So I was pretty sure it was a plane when I first saw it. But then I tried to fly it didn't seem to be able to do plane things, like turning or climbing or remaining stable, etc. It was able to dive, I guess, but I'm still not really sure if it's a plane or just a misleadingly plane-shaped object that was added into the game as a joke. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Okay, obviously I'm kidding. In all seriousness, how do you use this thing effectively? I understand that not all planes are turn-fighters, but like... 1) You can't see much out of the cockpit because of all the massive bars in the way. So, hard to find people to jump. 2) Even if you manage to jump someone, it's not a very stable platform to aim with. 3) Say you do get a shot or two off. If you don't kill whatever you were aiming at, what's the plan? You can't really run away unless you're coming from way, way higher, because they're all faster than you! Especially if whatever you jumped has friends. 4) Jumping someone in the first place usually requires being at a higher altitude, and as bad as the P-39 is on the deck, it's even worse the higher you get. So what if someone finds you up there? Curious how you all use this thing. I would have expected it to be better, given that all the top Soviet aces loved them.
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