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  1. I have been using my Warthog for the last 5 years and have never used the TARGET software and I fly regularly in IL2, DCS, WT and X-Plane. Just make your axis/button assignments from the drop down controls listing and fly, I can't imagine any necessary use for the TARGET software. I try to make as many assignments as possible similar for all planes to avoid confusion and then make a few assignments specific to a particular plane.
  2. I'm sure Oculus is a quite a bit like Apple or Micosoft and one can't really speculate what they are working on, they all seem to prefer developing completely new ideas for an evolving marketplace rather than upgrading existing products. However, it never hurts to hope.
  3. I really hope yours and dburne's optimism is borne out in fact and if Oculus ever does produce a 2nd Gen unit that we as simmers can use, I will be their first purchaser as I am completely sold on the quality of their product.
  4. fiddlinjim

    THE BUTCHER - SP scripted campaign [Fw190]

    These are some great missions and quite varied and I especially like the taxi and getting into position for takeoff, however The Butcher Bird is one B---h to maneuver on the ground. You have to be extra alert whenever you release the back pressure on the stick (tail wheel lock) in order to make a turn because The Butcher bird will spin 360 degrees in a flash. Something special in one mission is to have the canopy open for startup while it is raining and I'm getting raindrops on my windshield and GOGGLES, then startup, close the canopy and the goggle raindrops start evaporating. But good fun!!!!! Looking forward to an additional FW190 campaign from you and hope you make the missions really tough but not to long..
  5. Unfortunately there has only been one 2nd Gen headset to hit the market in the past 2/3 years and that was the Vive-Pro, which sells for more than the Pimax 5K+ HMD. I do hope "The Big Boys" that your referenced and specifically OCULUS, come out with a spectacular 2nd gen HMD but so far they aren't even acknowledging plans for a unit that would be applicable for flight simmers to use. I fear we are a niche market and that "The Small Boys" are our only hope for the future while "The Big Boys" pursue the wider public VR markets of Video watching, Augmented Reality and non-tethered applications such as the Oculus GO.
  6. I have had my Oculus Rift CV1 for approximately a year now and fly with it almost daily for an hour+, both IL2 and DCS. My Rift has performed flawlessly and I still enjoy its use immensely, even though much criticism has been leveled at most all the current VR HMDs for the screen door effect and lack of clarity. I can honestly state that I have never found the screen door effect or the clarity issue to be even a minor problem and in all reality I don't even notice either as being a difficulty I heartily recommend the Rift and also the Vive as well as some of the other HMDs for anyone wanting to go VR with minimal startup cost. I was always hoping that Oculus would come out with an upgraded Rift HMD, but in spite of rumors and innuendos that just doesn't seem to be forthcoming, at least not in the foreseeable future. . Consequently, I have ordered a PIMAX 5K+ hoping to upgrade my VR flying experience to the next generation HMD and from all reports I can expect a moderate increase in clarity, a lessened screen door effect (but not completely removed) but with the major benefit being a much larger FOV (field of view). This to me personally, is quite important as I fly from a non swiveling chair and I don't have a satisfactory method to really look around fully or to check six and while the Rift view is good it is quite similar to flying while wearing a dive mask. .
  7. Having played both the scripted campaigns and the career mode, I definitely prefer the campaigns. I find the career missions often times very-very long and sometimes very boring, especially when you fly long distances and nothing exciting happens and then a long trip home. The campaign missions are not nearly as long and usually each of them has some enemy action to deal with. I realize that the career missions most probably match conditions as they really existed but I personally fly for fun and like the shorter missions.
  8. fiddlinjim

    Going back to TrackIr

    I use VR exclusively now but feel it is wise to keep my track IR as back up in the event the Rift was to fail, before my Pimax HMD arrives.
  9. fiddlinjim

    Mapping Trim to Axis

    I use a Warthog Hotas , and I have never found the need for assigning an axis to trim. A slight bump on an assigned button and planes trim out fine, occasionally you have to reset but never an issue. .
  10. fiddlinjim

    P47 - Flight Instructions

    New P47 pilots may find the following information helpful. In 1943 the army made 3 instructional movies for potential new P47 pilots and they are posted on You Tube. "How to fly the P47" Video one is on familiarization with the planes systems and cockpit controls. Video two deals with startup, taxi, take off and landing Video three is for flying and acrobatics Each video is approx 22 minutes, hope they help in flying this big heavy bird
  11. I have and use the MFG's now and they are very good, however I also used the Saitek pro pedals for years and as Sgt Joch experienced they were fault free and accurate and the toe brakes are essential for a realistic flight experience. Recommend the MFG's but also recommend the Saitek Pro Pedals and you can find them on ebay at good prices.
  12. I used Thrustmaster Pedals for years and had no problems at all. Suggest you get the Thrustmaster TFPR and upgrade later to one of the more expensive brands.
  13. fiddlinjim

    Tank Controls Request

    DCS has a separate and dedicated controls setup for each of their planes, I would hope IL2 could easily do the same and differentiate Plane and Tank controls.
  14. fiddlinjim

    DCS news

    I can't say about all B-17 attacks but when I've flown against them their return fire is very dangerous and they didn't fall out of the sky with only one of my hits. There is one exception in the "Instant Action" scenarios where the Spit is following a B-17 on the mission opening and the bomber is too easily shot down, however I have not found that to be the case in the campaigns or single missions.
  15. fiddlinjim

    DCS news

    Manu, I also use VR and fly IL2 and DCS exclusively. The bomber streams in "The Big Show" campaign are quite large approaching 50-60-70+, and numerous fighters both offensive and defensive.. Bomber related combat is at very high altitudes with lots of condensation trails, however the designer has properly considered less powerful PCs in his mission setups and gives an option at the beginning of the flights to reduce the number of planes/combatants to what is manageable to a particular PC. DCS also offers another Spitfire campaign and also one for the P-51, both of which are very good.. IL2 at this time does not have large bomber streams because it is set on the Eastern Front, however the IL2 career mode is very extensive, challenging and immersive with quite beautiful terrain detail. I particularly like the ability to fly almost all the planes available with different and realistic scenarios. Both DCS and IL2 are top notch in every respect and each has its strong and weak points.