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  1. I have the Pimax 5k+ s/n starting with 204, a 1080 Ti, Win 10 and Nvidia running the latest versions, Pitool 260. Went for a ride in the new P47 and a short hop in the DCS A10c and in both instances I was blown away with how sharp and clear the cockpits are and exterior views are just as good. My thoughts were if the Reverb is better than this then it must be truly spectacular.
  2. My 5K+ unit continues to perform beautifully with daily use and never had a serious issue.
  3. I tried the GPU Hardware Acceleration with Win 10, Pimax 5K+, Pitool 260 and 1080Ti and found it unacceptable because of extreme jittery performance. I have not received Win 10 2004 or Pitool 261 todate.
  4. Well, my Pimax 5K+ with 1080Ti, Pitool 260, latest Nvidia drivers, normal FOV and standard graphic non modded settings is just so much more clear and sharp than either video that I am inclined to believe that the videos must be seriously downgrading the sharpness of the Reverb. The difference in HMD clarity is quite simply a day vs night and the Reverb is constantly touted as the best of the best. Something must be wrong somewhere.
  5. Never use the Target software. It just isn't needed. I don't know if this will but whenever I have any difficulties I can cure 99% of the problems by updating and insuring Win 10 and Nvidia are the latest versions and then restarting my rig.
  6. The previous DCS hotpatch actually helped The Channel Map in VR, but todays 6/17/20 hotpatch ruined everything and it appears to be worse than ever.
  7. I started a refund request ticket with PIMAX for the paid for $300 lighthouse and controllers and received a full PAYPAL refund 5 days later. I am one user who finds no faults with Pimax, they have been great with all my issues. Looking forward to the 8KX later this year.
  8. Don, thanks for the response, you and Lusekofte were very helpful on this issue.
  9. LuseKofte, I updated windows 10, updated Nvidia, updated todays Beta release and DCS in 2d with monitor and trackerIR runs smooth but VR continues to be an exercise in futility. I give up on The Channel Map in VR.
  10. My only access to The Channel map is with Instant Action and trying to use VR with my Pimax 5K+ is impossible due to a totally unstable view. I end up having to go back to my TrackIR in order to fly around. I also can't access The Channel with Create Fast Mission as I get a Node missing alert when I try to pick a starting point and then it reverts back to the DCS home screen. Is this a typical problem or has someone found a workaround or a special setup?
  11. How come they have these Limies driving on the Yankee side of the road?
  12. Please post if the ride in a plane is smooth and controlled as opposed to the jerks and jumps during racing.
  13. I use Normal FOV, I did not like Pitool V259 because of the darkened effect, but quite satisfied with V260. Haven't checked the FPS but everything runs smooth and clarity seems improved. I don't know whats not to like about V260.
  14. I have a Pimax 5K+ and a Nvidia 1080ti and just downloaded the Pitool 260 version with the 144 Hz setting and it is a tremendous improvement. Brightness is restored and it runs smooth as silk.
  15. Never received an email about problems with my shipment or address, but will send in a support ticket. Oddly they sent my HMD to same address as I've always had.
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