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  1. I do the same thing including closing the IL2 icon at the bottom of my screen and have never had a problem. Next time up, I can either start directly with the IL2 desktop symbol or Oculus home and go to previous history and click on IL2 or DCS or FS2. Both procedures work very well and absolutely no problems.
  2. fiddlinjim

    Dogfights of WWII DVD's For Sale

    The DVD's are sold, no additional offers.
  3. fiddlinjim

    Dogfights of WWII DVD's For Sale

    No ads, no recapping
  4. fiddlinjim

    Dogfights of WWII DVD's For Sale

    I have the History Channel's DVD's for the "Dogfights of WWII" in the original case. Both DVD's and the case are in mint condition. 4 DVD's totaling approximately 9 hrs -24 minutes viewing time. "Experience the most thrilling aerial battles of WWII like never before". Season One: Flying Tigers, Guadalcanal, The Zero Killer, Death of the Japanese Navy, Hunt for the Bismark Season Two: Kamikaze, Thunderbolt, Luftwaffe's Deadliest Mission, P-51 Mustang, Tuskegee Airmen, Death of the Luftwaffe, Secret Weapons Send offers through to my forum email.
  5. Thanks, You are always the most knowledgeable in use of the Rift.
  6. Since the last update the rift has started posting a warning about falling etc while in the VR mode. I can acknowledge the warning and bring the game up but prefer to disable the warning completely, so that it never shows again. Has anyone been able to do this and how?
  7. I often use the FLYBY view momentarily to see if anything is closing on my six.
  8. fiddlinjim

    PIMAX vs Oculus-Vive-Samsung

    I just watched a YouTube video on the new StarVR and their FOV was stated as phenomenal along with an automatic IPD measurement. However I was very-very surprised with the tester comments that resolution is no better than current VR units, i.e. Rift, Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey. Not sure I would pop for a new unit if clarity/resolution was no better than my Rift, I can easily set my personal IPD and while I would really like a larger FOV I would'nt pay a big premium just for it alone.
  9. I am a long time and loyal Oculus Rift user but just watched the You-Tube reviews for the Pimax 8K and 5K+ and I am very impressed with their product. The increased FOV and Clarity of the 5K+ using native resolution and the promise of an 8K-X also to use native resolution resulting in even greater clarity than the 5K+ appears to be the real deal second generation VR. Oculus especially just appears to have given up the game on a Rift CV2. Granted there will be some bumps and glitches along the way for Pimax but I will bide my time and when the 8K-X finally hits the market I will be ready to buy and put my Rift on ebay at a bargain.
  10. Wow, This will require a heavy duty rig and may put a lot off considering the STAR-VR. This info is directly from their website Minimum System Requirements Operating system Windows® 10 64bits Processor Intel® core™ i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen™ 7 2700X Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX1080 Memory 16GB
  11. fiddlinjim

    Key binding question - cruise control?

    I use a TM Warthog Hotas and set the forward movement with the throttle axis to the speed I want and leave it there and control the turning with my rudder pedals. Works great.
  12. I would suggest buying a used and very cheap VR headset and then cutting off the forward panel of the headset and wear it when looking at your monitor. Then you have achieved exactly what you are looking for, a 2d headset.
  13. fiddlinjim

    Different key mappings possible?

    Thad Please furnish the path to get to the INPUT folders, I cannot find them Where do you keep the unused INPUT folder, on the desktop? Would like as much detail to accomplish the dual input setup as you can provide Thanks
  14. I haveThrustmaster Warthog Hotas and tank movement for forward, backup and turning movements (easily setup thru Key Mapping). Also have MFG crosswind pedals and with Key mapping, they can easily be set to turn tank while using the joystick for movement.
  15. fiddlinjim

    A few important questions about tank crew.

    Thad Turn on the HUD, same as in flight mode. You then see main gun direction with reference to tank body, ammo type and count, RPMs and distance to targets. etc etc. Really helpful!!! How did you set up the different folders for tank and flight, I really need to know how to do that? Please explain in detail. Jim