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  1. I would like a rousing WWII Pacific Campaign with carrier take-off/landings, island based flights with ground strafing using napalm, combat planes like the Zero, Kate, Kamikaze's, Corsair, P-38 and Hellcat. Unfortunately I realize it's too much to ask for so I'll stay in Europe and Russia.
  2. The PIMAX 5K+ normal FOV is so excellent in a dogfight, I can finally keep track of the enemy and their wild movements and my six is not a big source of concern as when I used my Rift. I thoroughly enjoyed the Rift CV1 for years but the scuba mask effect was always a real detriment to me personally and Pimax has solved the problem while simultaneously giving a big increase in clarity and very reduced SDE. Unfortunately Oculus appears unconcerned about increasing the FOV for the limited flight simmer population.
  3. tomcat, I have searched through the key mappings and am unable to find the sun filter. Where is it located?
  4. I'm an older-older fellow and can't imagine that using HOTAS assigned controls could result in even minor levels of difficulties for the pilot. VR is such a wonderful immersion asset that I never fly in 2D any longer. and my keyboard is used only for the ESC key and that is by feel.
  5. What CPU, GPU and ram Gb. does your rig have? I have an i7-7700, GTX 1080Ti and 32 GB and set my Pitool Render at 1.25 and Custom Video setting in Stearm VR at 1.25% and have beautifully clear cockpit and scenery views. My FPS runs about 45 and gives very smooth flying and was the same FPS for my Oculus CV1. For long distance flights I can setup 4x speed acceleration without any problems. I set my Pitool pupil distance at -4 and have the physical adjustment on the 5K+ set in close but the IPD is a setup you will have to adjust to own satisfaction, it took me a number of tries to find the best combination. Once setup to your satisfaction, click on the IL2 icon and everything starts, you do not have to start Steam or Steam VR from Pitool, however I prefer to start Pitool before starting IL2 to check that the Lighthouse sensor and the HMD are syncing together. Just read Fenris comments and I did not purchase any portion of my IL2 through Steam, so I do not have to start Steam or Steam VR through Pitool, but I suggest using the Steam VR Beta.
  6. Fenris is totally correct, whenever you get a cockpit dragging issue resulting from moving your head, it is caused by the HMD losing sight of the sensor. I changed the 5K+ HMD USB location port when this happened and to me and no more lost sensor problems.
  7. Whenever the aircraft moves with you body movements it means that the lighthouse is not being recognized by the HMD. I encountered a similiar problem and also a gray/no image screen, I corrected by: 1. Moving the Pimax USB connector to another port 2. Putting a dark curtain over a window next to the lighthouse, several users have reported problems if there is a glare on the lighthouse or HMD. 3. The lighthouse works best if it is approx 2 +/- meters form the HMD and looking down from a centered position and at an angle of 30/45 degrees I always turn off my Pimax HMD prior to putting the PC to sleep, and I never disconnect the lighthouse sensor, FYI the lighthouse should be on channel A.
  8. Yes, keep it simple and clik on Parallel Projections to stop being crosseyed. Suggest you try different settings in Pitool and/or Steam VR (ONLY one at a time) to determine what is best for your rig.
  9. It is not necessary to start Steam VR from Pitool or with steam website, just click on the IL2 icon and steam VR will start automatically.
  10. 1. Yes, power cord is required, I would return to eBay seller and buy another or order from Amazon 2. Download latest video card driver from Nvidea website. 3. Make sure headset is connected to video card and a USB 3 port. 4. Email Pimax support if have additional trouble. They respond fast.
  11. 5K+ will work without a base station but using one greatly improves the experience. I ordered the PIMAX base stations in October last year and it is rumored it may be later this year before they're available. Pimax even stated they shipped the base stations along with my headset but they did not. If you plan to use the PIMAX for seated flight simming then one HTC Vive Lighthouse base station mounted about 2 meters away and looking down at approx. 30/45 degrees will be all you need, they are available on Ebay or Amazon. The base station uses ordinary house power and does not connect to your computer.
  12. Fenris, When sweet spot is centered and you hold you head still and look sideways with just your eyes. There is some minor decrease in clarity from a full forward view but I haven't found it to be any more than if I look sideways without wearing my HMD. My wingtips are clearly visible but only slightly blurred from the full forward view, however the larger FOV is much better than the scuba mask view of the Rift and Rift S.
  13. radek I used a Rift CV1 for several years prior to purchasing my Pimax 5K+ and the sweet spot was always easy to locate.
  14. Fenris, I have my 5K+ setup and running with very good clarity, no noticeable SDE and the FOV factor is excellent however I don't feel the lens sweet spot is nearly as large as some have reported. I use a 19mm Vive face cushion and I do have to get the sweet spot set very carefully or things are slightly blurred and with my personal preference for very good clarity and a PIMAX normal FOV requires that I make sure to adjust to the best view possible.
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