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  1. fiddlinjim

    A Good Career Lessson

    After getting shot down too many times and having to repeat my mission several times in order to keep my pilot alive I realized that I was making a serious misjudgments in the way I was flying the mission. What finally dawned on me was that one best stay with his flight and not go off alone trying to get a kill. When you leave the protection of the other fighters you are looking to end up on the ground.
  2. fiddlinjim

    Thrustmaster TPR

    These look like a good product from Thrustmaster with their quality that you don't care for but curious as to what pedals you currently own and use? I own and use a set of MFG Crosswinds which are very good.
  3. It sounds like your rig is defective, no electrical noise in my setup
  4. fiddlinjim

    Thrustmaster TPR

    After watching Sokol's video I see that the pedals swing on a central pivot and do not move independently.
  5. fiddlinjim

    Thrustmaster TPR

    They do look impressive and the first pedal assemblage that appears to truly replicate the action of real plane pedal/rudder movement. The vast majority of sets, as everyone knows is push forward on one pedal and the other pedal swings rearward. If the pedal separation is sufficient to allow for a center Monstertech joystick mount, then I will sell my new MFG Crosswinds on ebay, and buy a set of these. I have had great luck with my TM Warthog and hope these are the same high quality.
  6. I just flew an early night time flight and was disappointed in not seeing any lights at all, emanating from any town or village. They were totally dark which does not seem entirely realistic. Also no lighting around the airfields making landing very difficult. I realize these are war scenarios and black outs would be in place but it would be nice to see some airfield lighting, especially after receiving signaling flares that it is ok to land and some lighting from village windows.
  7. The GVL Throttle with the IL2 Sturmovik set-up looks really enticing but as I use VR exclusively I am concerned about the practicality of so many buttons and being able to locate them accurately by feel. Has anyone experienced using the GVL throttle in conjunction with VR.
  8. fiddlinjim

    Accelerate time in mission........

    I will log the time to travel a set distance at each of the four speeds 8X, 4X and 2X and post them here.
  9. fiddlinjim

    Accelerate time in mission........

    I don't see any shaking but can definitely state that looking at movement over the ground and watching the speed at which the distance indicator decreases and watching the movement of the plane icon on the map that 8X is much faster than 4X and 4X is much faster than 2X.
  10. fiddlinjim

    Accelerate time in mission........

    I use 8X acceleration in almost all my career missions for egress back to the home field after clearing the combat zone. 8X works just fine without issues and I normally use medium density ground units!!! Any problems appear to be with the users rig and not with the program.
  11. fiddlinjim

    Spitfire IX

    WOW, I have been flying the Spitfire IX and when equipped with the optional clipped wings, gyro gun sight, mirror and the Merlin engine it is a top notch fighter. Looking forward to a career with it in Bodenplatte..
  12. fiddlinjim

    BF 109 G-14 Radio Compass

    Unfortunately, it appears that the horizontal (range/distance) marker is not working at this time.
  13. fiddlinjim

    BF 109 G-14 Radio Compass

    The BF 109 G-14 has a FuG-16ZY Radio Compass that is available in the selections grouping.. On the dial are two arrows, one is vertical and one is horizontal. The vertical arrow indicates the direction to the nearest field possessing a radio beacon and is easy to follow. Steer toward the direction indicated to locate the field and when you are properly oriented to land, the arrow will be perfectly vertical with its white tip opposite a stationary mark on the dial periphery. However I am not clear as to the functioning of the horizontal arrow and I have not been able to get it to work. I suspect it is to set up a recommended glide path for that airfield and would appreciate instruction as to its purpose and how best to utilize it. If it is to follow a glide path then info as to the approach altitude along with the recommended distance out and how to follow the arrow would really be helpful. Thanks , fiddlinjim
  14. fiddlinjim

    Spit IX - RDF??

    The Spit IX has an RDF with two needles, the vertical needle indicates direction to the nearest field. What is the function of the horizontal needle and how does it work? I suspect it is to indicate a correct descent angle but I can't get it to work.
  15. fiddlinjim


    How do I get into the IRON MAN MODE???