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  1. fiddlinjim

    Key binding question - cruise control?

    I use a TM Warthog Hotas and set the forward movement with the throttle axis to the speed I want and leave it there and control the turning with my rudder pedals. Works great.
  2. I would suggest buying a used and very cheap VR headset and then cutting off the forward panel of the headset and wear it when looking at your monitor. Then you have achieved exactly what you are looking for, a 2d headset.
  3. fiddlinjim

    Different key mappings possible?

    Thad Please furnish the path to get to the INPUT folders, I cannot find them Where do you keep the unused INPUT folder, on the desktop? Would like as much detail to accomplish the dual input setup as you can provide Thanks
  4. I haveThrustmaster Warthog Hotas and tank movement for forward, backup and turning movements (easily setup thru Key Mapping). Also have MFG crosswind pedals and with Key mapping, they can easily be set to turn tank while using the joystick for movement.
  5. fiddlinjim

    A few important questions about tank crew.

    Thad Turn on the HUD, same as in flight mode. You then see main gun direction with reference to tank body, ammo type and count, RPMs and distance to targets. etc etc. Really helpful!!! How did you set up the different folders for tank and flight, I really need to know how to do that? Please explain in detail. Jim
  6. fiddlinjim

    A few important questions about tank crew.

    Tiger gunsight is working very well. Set the "gunsight range adjustment" with key mapping on an axis so it can be moved accurately forward and backward. Make sure enemy targets have the distance shown above them and then set the Tiger gunsight to that same distance, set the target on apex of the the gunsight aiming triangle if stationary or adjust with offset triangles to either side of the main triangle for moving targets one and then shoot.. Tank Movement is working very well Double check your key mapping to make sure you don't have conflicting commands set-up for the tank movement. I had to clear all of my key mapping for flight in order to get Tank Crew to function smoothly.
  7. In order to use TANK CREW I had to go to KEY Bindings and remove my flight controls and then reset for the tank. I had hoped that I could use the appropriate controls for both flight and TC but just not the case, even though they are different vehicles. Now I have to do my flying in DCS and use IL2 solely for Tank Crew.
  8. fiddlinjim

    Tank Crew in VR

    Yes, zoom with VR is not at all satisfactory.
  9. fiddlinjim

    Gyro gun sight

    I agree. Since the latest patch is no longer possible to change the GYRO gunsight selection.
  10. fiddlinjim

    DCS news

    Looking forward to the MAC from DCS with the accent on modern fighters. I like the WWII fighters with their lack of complexity but don't enjoy the learning curve for the modern planes.
  11. fiddlinjim

    Gyro Sight Tutorial Video

    I set up for fast changing of the range distance using left side of the Thrustmaster Warhog throttle. Works great, smooth and quick.
  12. fiddlinjim

    DCS news

    Just spotted a video showing that DCS and Cap-to-Glove are working closely together to implement hand movement (Haptic) in the cockpit for stick, throttle movement, tripping switches etc. etc. While I much prefer IL2 BOX visuals and their career mode and it is still my regular go to sim, the implementation of haptic movement in DCS may pose significant difficulties for this favorite of mine.
  13. fiddlinjim

    The length of the campaign missions?!

    Once I reach altitude and have the direction established I use time acceleration regularly along with the autopilot. I return to normal time and turnoff autopilot when within 10KM of the my action point or when enemy fighters are spotted. I find time acceleration eliminates the long and sometimes boring ingress or egress flights and doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the game play. I'm sure all of the purists feel that it is a requirement to set for long periods in a virtual cockpit to really be there but not me.
  14. I was hoping the Pimax 8K would develop as the new VR standard but just read a review generated by one of the new PIMAX 8K testers and it didn't sound as if they were very close to a finished product. www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/8rd5jb/pimax_8k_m1_impression/ The tester reported feeling cross eyed after using the 8K unit as the IPD didn't adjust and the FOV is not as great as originally promised along with some other issues. Both the VIVE and the RIFT appear to be making advances in steps rather than leaps and bounds and I wish the PIMAX 8K success and if/when they can get things right, I will definitely buy one. However my Rift continues to serve me well, and like the VIVE when either company introduces a product it works well, so as of now planning to wait for the GEN 2..
  15. fiddlinjim

    A Good Career Lessson

    After getting shot down too many times and having to repeat my mission several times in order to keep my pilot alive I realized that I was making a serious misjudgments in the way I was flying the mission. What finally dawned on me was that one best stay with his flight and not go off alone trying to get a kill. When you leave the protection of the other fighters you are looking to end up on the ground.