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  1. WOW, now that's my kind of gal. Most realistic trailer I ever saw.
  2. The new UK upgrade has produced some beautiful scenery from VFR at approx 1000ft.
  3. DCS Instant Action Been flying Instant Action, The Channel Terrain with WWII fighters recently and found them to be really fun and entertaining. The action is almost immediate and you are given instructions and visuals as to where things are happening. Quite a nice break from the long and detailed campaigns, try them you might just like the game play.
  4. Wow, I must be one of the lucky ones. I've had my PIMAX 5K+ (203 serial number) for over a year and I fly with it almost daily and it continues to perform very well indeed. I was and still am considering an HP G-2 but they seem to have some difficulties now, that need to be resolved. I've never had any problems with frame breaks or cracking, the headset harness works OK and my view seems relatively sharp and crisp, I'm sure it could be better and I plan to upgrade my rig and head set at a later date I have a i7-7700K, 1080Ti and use Pitool 266 at 90hz, normal view, I t
  5. I fired up IL2 in VR and starting with the Intro Screens into the cockpit I am seeing a smaller image, best guess is that it is approx a 75% to 80% smaller than previous. I had made no changes to the IL2 graphics, Nividia, Pitool or Win10. The UI setting was previously on Automatic and I then tried 100% UI but still no change to the size. However the image does appear to be sharper but smaller. I then tried DCS and MS2020 in VR and their image was unchanged and the same relative size as it has always been. Would appreciate some guidance as to how to get back to my orig
  6. I use time scaling on a regular basis and it works perfectly with visible jump between 2X to 4X and I revert back to normal time when approx 10KM from target or spotting enemy planes. However I don't use any Mods which might cause issues.. You do have to be attentive when flying in clouds or at a low altitude when time scaling as you can lose control quickly and crash. i7-7700K, 1080ti, 32 Gigs, 5K+,Warthog Hotas, Pedals
  7. This would really be a boon to players as some of the distances are just too long and require sitting there for what seems an interminable time. Granted real missions may have been long and tedious but this is a game and an option for players to get to the action quickly would be helpful, of course, not everyone would want to use it and that would be their choice. I use time acceleration now but a quick snap to the action would be a valuable option.
  8. Please read my instructions carefully: Go to key mapping, select what item you want to control, move the button on the stick or throttle and that is it. For the axis move over to the right where you see the Sine emblem, select that and setup the sensitivity of the pitch/roll axis. To delete a Key bind select the X in the key bind you want to delete, then right or left mouse click and its cleared.
  9. You can set up an outside of the cockpit view with F2, the exterior of the plane will be visible but you can move that view around with the mouse and see the terrain and forward. There are no key maps available to leave you freely flying around in space.
  10. These are the opinions of the author and I'm sure there are lots of other opposing ideas and opinions: MSFS 2020 - Some beautiful 2D scenery over big towns and mountains but I found it somewhat boring after a few weeks and just don't fly it much anymore, however VR is on the way. DCS - Lots of planes both prop and jet, clickable cockpits, aircraft carrier landings are fun and difficult but if your into VR then IL2 is the better of the two. I fly almost exclusively in VR and continually come back to IL2 every time and when all things are considered, I always find it to be the
  11. What Don has described is the only way I have found to correct/reset the head position in VR.
  12. Had same problem and fixed this way. Turn off VR and turn off TrackIR, exit game and then re-enter game. You will now be able to adjust/move your pilot head position using basic selections from key mapping i.e. HOME, DELETE etc etc Once you get pilot head where you want it, then select F10 to use that position as default. Go back to game and set up VR etc. WORKS
  13. I bought and tried a console and ended up selling it on ebay, using that kiddie controller rather than a Hotas seemed ridiculous.
  14. Tried all my 12 campaigns yesterday and they all go into a Loading Mission Information and then wont go into the Missions. Any Ideas as to the problem?
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