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  1. This will probably draw a lot of disparaging comments, however this is how I practice my shooting. Select a mission having a bunch of friendlys like those offered by Jade Monkey, drop into the rear position of your flight and start shooting them down. The flight will continue to fly straight and level while you blast away however make sure you have unlimited ammo. They just crash and burn while never realizing that there is a traitor in their midst. No need to set up your own special missions and do all sorts of work. After you finish killing them all, just restart your mission and you are back in the continuing good graces of the flight and still a valued team member. LOL
  2. I fully realize that and it is just one reason of many that I stated that these comparison videos must be viewed with some skepticism.
  3. Here is a you tube video showing a side by side through the lens comparison of the Pimax 8KX vs HP Reverb. The users rig looks to be a top of the line which is required to achieve the performance level shown. I realize these things have to be viewed with bit of skepticism as they are too often slewed in one direction or another, however if the PIMAX 8KX is in reality as good as the video shows and then combined with the PIMAX large FOV then it is the best available.
  4. I had the same problem and had to restart the game to get rid of the standing pilot. Only noticed it once but it is definitely a bug
  5. I used the outside view yesterday to find the runway. TIP: turn the P38 right from parked position and then take first taxiway on your left. Goes directly to runway
  6. It may be deemed as unfair but I use the Fly-By view to check my six in VR.
  7. Setup an outside view and then elevate with mouse and look around, you can easily see which taxiways lead to runway. Works in all campaigns. Jade Monjey will have to reply about AI colliding.
  8. JM, I have the initial set of your first missions already downloaded with the exception of the new missions. Should I remove the already down loaded missions before reloading to include the new set or just reload the entire set. My concern is that a total reload may just duplicate with a second set of the first missions. I hope I have made myself clear.
  9. The Star looks very interesting, provided it is as good as the advertising. Hope you get one and report on the use of it in IL2. DCS VR is minimally OK now but improving their implementation to equal IL2 appears to be a long way off at this time.
  10. Therion, Thanks, that was just what I needed, rudder and elevator trim is working fine now. Appears that the P-38 does not have aileron trim.
  11. Thanks Diggun I just checked the patch notes and set the manual trim but did not set the electric trim. Will give that a try
  12. I can't get any of the trim controls on the P-38 to work. The appropriate surfaces have trim tabs, any suggestions or workarounds?
  13. Same here but can turn head to left and return to the mountain view without any flickering until loading is completed
  14. Just flew the new planes and the P-38 is a beauty from inside the cockpit to the smooth way she flies. Congrats Dev, you hit it out of the ballpark with this one.
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