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  1. I bought and tried a console and ended up selling it on ebay, using that kiddie controller rather than a Hotas seemed ridiculous.
  2. Tried all my 12 campaigns yesterday and they all go into a Loading Mission Information and then wont go into the Missions. Any Ideas as to the problem?
  3. Here is there forum: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/top/daily
  4. Completed Mission 2 successfully with 2 enemy shot down and a good landing at the nearby field. Excellent idea of not having the enemy planes labeled but visible on the map, I had a heck of a time seeing them. However I did take a couple of squirts at the Stukas before I recognized their landing gear. Good campaign but would like to see more activity on the departure field.
  5. Thanks everyone for the info and I think I will wait and do the 3080 upgrade and then sell my 1080 ti on ebay and the savings generated by only upgrading the GPU to a 3080 will justify upgrading my Pimax 5K+ to a Reverb G-2. Don thanks for your detailed instructions they are always needed and appreciated.
  6. I have a mid range sized desktop with I7-7700K CPU, 1080Ti and 32 gigs ram. Prices on the 2080Ti are dropping quickly with the onset of the Nvidia 3000 series. Would like to upgrade to the 2080Ti but having never built my own PC, I have questions that I hope some of the technical experts can answer. 1. Will the same cable connectors work for a 2080Ti? 2. Will I have to make any software adjustments to use the 2080Ti. 3. How significant will the improvement in visuals and FPS be with the upgrade?
  7. I embarrassed to admit that I have been flying MSFS 2020 for a few days now and can honestly say that flying without my VR is not nearly as catastrophic, trauma inducing and soul destroying as I feared it would be and as some respondents have indicated it is. In fact I'm finding the clarity in the terrain and panel dials/switches to be quite refreshing however I still fly IL2 and DCS in VR regularly and find the immersion and blurriness with my Pimax 5K+ to be just as much fun as before. When MSFS 2020 goes VR then I will put my headset back on and fly happily into the future but until then its MSFS 2020 in 2D. Stick with what you find satisfactory and don't let us VR elitist deter your enjoyment.
  8. I'm afraid you are the only one who doesn't like VR, sad to say so but its the truth
  9. Select "Reset to Default" for the keyboard
  10. Took a flight around the pyramids in Egypt, landed and taxied around all the structures including the Sphinx . Then flew around the Turks and Caicos islands and landed my Icon A5 in the water. Go to Google map, type in where you want to go and then input the lat/long into Msfs 2020 and off you go on your magic carpet.
  11. Well I bought it before reading your report. Any method to remove it without affecting FS 2020????
  12. Really enjoying MSFS 2020, no problems at all except maybe the slow slow loading time. Been flying down at the tip of South America from Punta Arenas towards Cape Horn and didn't realize how much open sea was down there, looking at the maps I always thought the canals were very narrow. Not so. Would like to hear from other pilots as to the interesting places they're flying over, my next flight will be along the Great Wall of China. After that I plan to fly a drone at a 6 ft or so height along the top, beside it, around the defensive forts and in the surrounding area etc etc. Then will fly over London and then take a drone through the streets. Great FUN now, hopefully VR when implemented will give more immersion in the plane but its really good now!!!!.
  13. FS2020 has a drone capability whereby the user can fly around objects at near ground level for a totally different view, and without a cockpit, but I can't find where I originally saw it. Anyone know the setup directions/source for this info?
  14. Downloaded everything Ok onto my drive C-SSD but unless you have a somewhat fast internet connection then best to plan on a few hours or overnight. Scenery very impressive and Track IR works good. Fortunately I have TM Hotas Warthog which is the default control system and the setup of my MFG rudder control was a bit intimidating and I still haven't found how to setup the toe brakes. Some instructions as to the setup method would be especially helpful rather than fumbling thru with trial and error.
  15. Venom, My single lighthouse just started working again, no changes made, nothing different. It just arbitrarily activated. I did go to Lighthouse alternative setup and everything worked OK except the cockpit moves in/out with head movement.
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