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  1. I use the PIMAX 5K+ with a 1080Ti GPU. My current Pitool Beta Version is V1.0.1.180 and Firmware V2.1.255.212 and whenever I check for the latest versions Pitool always states no updates are available and I am sure this is not the case. I have Win 10 and Nvidea up to date with their latest versions. My question is what is the latest Pitool Beta and Firmware versions and exactly how do I install them??
  2. Ready to buy, please elaborate on the details for mounting the Hotas and pedals onto the chair. Are you using the mini-buttkicker? I tried to use the larger unit in my second floor flight room and it vibrated and made so much noise the wife gave me the ultimate threat (its either me or that thing).
  3. It was a silly unreadable post and appeared as if written by a underage child so I took his advice and did block him.
  4. I bought a DOF reality about 1.5 years ago for flight simming and ended up selling it to recover some minor part of my investment. It was at that point not satisfactory for flight sims, this was my experience and also that of several other users I spoke with. However the DOF was shipped on time, packaged well, made sturdy and very well, adequate instructions, factory support was good and not at all difficult to set up. The problem was the actuating motors had a lot of excessive play that simply could not be adjusted out, this provided a very rough/jerky ride, and there was also no speed or sensitivity adjustments. It did not resemble flying at all however the buyer of my unit set it up for simulated racing on dirt tracks and was extremely happy with it.
  5. BON or Hurricane pre-order, either would be most appreciated.
  6. Tigree88, How do I make the supporting armored units move with my tank and will they attack the enemy positions?
  7. WOW, What a surprise when my main gunsite took a hit and shattered. Great play!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I use the Pimax 5K+ HMD (i7-7700K and 1080Ti) exclusively for my flying but have found that using the Track IR5 is much better in Tank Crew. The VR clarity while flying is totally sufficient to enjoy both IL2 and DCS but the lack of VR clarity in Tank Crew prevents my being able to shoot accurately. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue or has someone found a solution to a lack of an adequate VR zoom?
  9. I don't really understand the comparison photos. I have the Pimax 5K+ with a 1080Ti GPU and I always have the same clarity level or even better on the gauges that is shown with the XTAL. Exterior views are also very good with the 200 FOV. Is it the "Thru the Lens" setup that is causing a discrepancy, would appreciate some knowledgeable explanation from the experts.
  10. Whoa, hold on here guys. You both are major contributors to the forum. We all know that dburne is a supporter of any HMD other that Pimax and we all suspect that Swiever and Fenris are brothers. I am a satisfied 5K+ Pimax VR user that started with the CV1 and used it happily for years I would go back to back to Oculus or to another HMD if they provided what I feel is the most important factor and that is natural vision clarity and especially a large FOV. Pimax has done a great job with good clarity and the 200 FOV with my 5K+. I am planning to buy a new rig when Nvidea issues a 3080Ti and Intel issues a new more powerful CPU and hopefully PIMAX can have the 8KX shipping by then. Granted PIMAX hasn't done well on deliveries as I am still waiting for the lighthouses and controllers I paid for quite some time ago. So to each his own
  11. I have setup a flyby view on my Hotas and I can check my six with a quick thumb movement, works just fine. No twisting and no turning.
  12. Was just flying in IL2 and recognized that the VR clarity appeared better than last time out with my Pimax 5K+. Upon exiting I noticed that Seam VR had issued a new Steam VR Beta upgrade to improve VR, in my opinion the new Steam VR Beta Upgrade has definitely made an improved difference.
  13. Meplanes, How about doing a campaign rather than a lot of separate missions that have to be downloaded individually?
  14. Flew the Bodenplatte mission and it was good but would have enjoyed more if there was active planes taxing and taking off.
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