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  1. IMHO the HUD compass should be tied to techchat, and the G-meter should be a separate setting. The compass, just like the tech-chat messages, provides information that the player can get from the instruments. The g-meter, on the other hand, conveys information the pilot has but the player otherwise lacks.
  2. Cliffs of Dover Blitz has a dead simple "save/load" keybindings button. Say what you will about that game's user interface, but it is very functional.
  3. Okay, I managed to reproduce this and capture a recording. This is a quick battle against a flight of 4x Il-2s. As the recording starts, I'd just shot up the leader. Moments later, he enters a spin from which he's unable to recover. Rather than flying on, the rest of his flight descend rapidly along with him. Two of them impact the ground immediately, the last plane levels off at extreme low altitude and eventually flies straight into a clump of trees. bomber-suicide.zip
  4. I've never heard of a magazine explosion in an airplane. I'm not saying for sure that it couldn't happen, but I've never heard any report of such a thing in the real world. I'm skeptical that a 20mm HE round has enough payload to breach the neighboring shell and cause a chain detonation.
  5. Not multiplayer specific. Just an hour ago I (190A-8) lost my left wing to a single hit (to the right-side fuselage) from an Il-2's rear UBT in a quick mission. No doubt single machine gun rounds can bring down planes (by killing the pilot, or starting fires, or damaging critical parts). But I'm pretty skeptical of the idea that these warplanes would explode into fragments from single hits like they do now.
  6. My speculation is that the pneumatic system which drives the flaps loses pressure and can't hold them up on its own for long periods. Flying around with the limiter extended and the flap control in the up position would eventually result in the flaps spontaneously deploying. If that's the case, the only safe way to fly it would be as modeled in the sim: the pilot first puts the handle in the up position to raise them, then sets the limiter to 0, then resets the handle to neutral.
  7. I suspect they spent much more time at cruise power, but in combat I suspect most pilots just ran 100% WEP until the enemy was gone. The engine limits seem be mostly about preventing excessive wear, and wear doesn't matter if you don't make it home. If there's an account where a pilot says "I'd been at WEP for 5 minutes, so I throttled back in the middle of the dogfight because that's what the training manual says", I'd love to hear it. Instead I've seen accounts where pilots say "We just went to WEP and stayed there until the engagement was over and we remembered to throttle back. You could easily be at WEP for 20 minutes or more."
  8. This. But actually it's worse than that. I expect the devs are encountering this problem already with titles like Bodenplatte. I'm one of those new players, by the way. I watched some streamers, added BoS to my steam wishlist, and then bought BoM, BoS, BoK, and all the collector planes for about $100 the moment they went on sale. I could buy Bodenplatte, and I'm sure I will eventually, but what's the hurry? I still haven't flown half the planes I own. I might as well wait and see if I can pick it up at a discount. We're more or less in agreement; I'm just saying they should price the bonus planes at $0. "Buy X, get Y free" is a better sales pitch than "Buy X, get Y at a 50% discount", and we agree that players who stick with the series are likely to pick up all the games eventually. I don't think enough players are buying the series in reverse chronological order for 1C to lose out on much with this pricing.
  9. Charon

    Realistic flak

    Didn't light flak use contact fuses? I can't imagine being able to estimate altitude and range fast enough to be useful against low flying aircraft, and the shrapnel is so minimal that timed fuses wouldn't seem to help much in hitting the target.
  10. Let's imagine we get a module with 8 new planes and 3 'reprints' for $65, or discounted to $50 for anyone who already owns the older planes. How many people would wind up paying the full $65? Is it common for new players to start with the latest title? I don't have their sales numbers, but I have to imagine that as the series goes on they're facing a problem of older titles cannibalizing sales of the newer ones. If you're new to the series, you need to really love the Western front to start with Bodenplatte, when for the same price you could pick up BoM, and BoS, and BoK, and three collector planes when they go on sale. That will probably be even more true with a module set in Italy, which is somewhat of a forgotten front. Throwing in a couple of additional existing planes, (109G-? and P-40E, maybe?), with a full price or preorder purchase of the next BoX would be a nice sweetener to encourage new players not to wait for the price drop, and solves the problem of new players being turned off by an Italian plane set. It wouldn't affect enfranchised players, who will buy it anyway, and it's unlikely to affect sales of the earlier titles as long as they don't choose to bundle unique planes like the A-20 or the Ju-87.
  11. The supercharger switch for the #1 engine is just to the left of the pilot near the other engine controls, but I can't find the switch for the #2 engine.
  12. I didn't know that was an option, thanks. I wasn't recording, though. I don't know how useful the Mission file will be, since my flight seemed to dive in response to the leader being shot down. mission.zip
  13. I just flew a single-player Pe-2 mission during the Battle of Moscow. We'd just dropped bombs and were heading home at 2k altitude, and were under attack by 109s. This wasn't going so bad at first. They were mostly occupied with our escorts. I'd damaged one with my forward guns, and they didn't seem to be doing too much to us. I wasn't flying in formation, and I looked over just in time to see the rest of my flight all dive through the clouds. That seemed odd, since we were meant to fly home at 2k, but there were no more 109's in sight, so I set a heading towards home. I wasn't able to find them after this, but I eventually linked up with one other straggler. When I landed and reviewed the events, I found this: One of our planes was shot down. I'm guessing our leader, Egor Osipenko. Then over the next 13 seconds, three more planes flew straight into the ground, despite suffering no major battle damage themselves. It looks like they tried to keep formation with a falling plane and didn't have time to pull out.
  14. Realistically modeling fluid behavior would be hard, obviously, but it seems like it could be faked easily enough by creating a big invisible box object on the ground where the tank hits (with parameters determined by velocity and fuel load). That object can have a simple DM like all other ground assets. When shot it damages anything it overlaps with, disappears, and is replaced by a fire object (already in the sim). It doesn't need to spread, and it doesn't need to stick to vehicles. Not perfect, but good enough to give players a sense of how the tanks were used in real life.
  15. One idea I had recently is that the pneumatic system may not be capable of holding the flaps up on its own for long periods. If the pilot of the MiG leaves the handle in the up position, but the limiter extended, it may be that the pneumatic system runs out of pressure and the flaps deploy spontaneously. If that's the case, the only safe way to fly the MiG would be as depicted in game. Once the pilot retracts them, they must also raise the limiter to secure them, then put the handle in neutral.
  16. The duck is shockingly maneuverable. What works for me when attacking them, if I don't hit them in my initial pass, is to climb to about 500-1k and keep my eyes on them. The first pass generally spooks the Henschel pilot and they'll turn for a while, but I'm too high for them to hit. Eventually they think I've lost sight of them and will start to run in a straight line. I can then dive on them again, and their visibility seems to be poor enough that they don't usually evade.
  17. Yep, this is definitely a bug, and I've complained about it as well. It seems like any hit to the nose removes the front sight post.
  18. IIRC only 17 C.202's were deployed to Russia, and they scored no kills. The C.200 saw much more use on the Eastern front, and is the plane we should have gotten instead of the C.202. It would be a great addition to the game.
  19. I strongly agree. It seems pretty silly to me for the game to warn me about engine temperature when there are perfectly good gauges in the cockpit to tell me if it is too hot. Or that my gear is down, when I've got lights to tell me that. Or to tell me my fuel tank is hit, when I can look behind me and see fuel streaming out.
  20. That looks just like something I would build in Kerbal Space Program.
  21. Don't worry, it's not just you. Vasily Emelianenko, 'Red Star Against the Swastika'
  22. Type of improvement: Interface Description: Reload input bindings from disk when starting a mission. Benefits: I maintain multiple sets of key bindings for different types of planes, and I know I can't be the only one who does so. It's particularly important for multi-engine planes. Right now, if I join a server and see we need e.g. a Peshka, I need to leave the server, exit the game, swap in my twin-engine current.actions, launch the game, rejoin the server, and then fly. It would be great if I could instead just hit alt-tab, swap in my twin-engine current.actions, return to the sim, and hit start. In an ideal world we'd have a handy in-game way to maintain multiple profiles, but that sounds like it would be a lot more work to implement.
  23. It sounds like it's the lack of armor, then. When I take gunfire to the back, most of the rounds are hitting the back armor to no effect, and I guess the wounds are either to extremities, or are from shells that miss the plate but explode near the pilot. The rounds you're getting hit with aren't explosive or large by WWII standards, but they are still full-power rifle rounds. A hit to the torso should be immediately incapacitating or fatal.
  24. I mostly fly Sturmoviks and I'm almost never one-shot in them, even with the canopy open (although it does clearly provide protection when closed). I'm frequently wounded, but I think I've only been killed or KO'd midair in a sturmovik once, by flak. There's definitely some level of minor wounds simulated. When I'm killed or KO'd flying fighters, it's usually either a high deflection shot through the canopy, or an unlucky shot from a gunner through the front glass. I can recall many occasions where I was wounded by fire from my six and continued flying. Maybe you're flying mostly against late-war planes with greater firepower? I do think the KO effect is a tad weird. I wouldn't be sad to see it replaced with a straight up pilot kill.
  25. Type of improvement: Gameplay Description: Once drop tanks are implemented, we should be able to drop them and then strafe the spilled fuel to start fires. Benefits: This was a real tactic used by American pilots, particularly against trains. AFAIK, no other sim has implemented it, and it would be a unique and different technique for ground attack. I've provided documentation here.
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