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  1. It would be a cool touch if the map was dark and unreadable at night until the player turns on cockpit lighting. The level of illumination could be varied with the time of day, and the cockpit lights might illuminate the map less than full daytime lighting (so opening the map doesn't blind the player during night flights). (I've been doing a lot of night missions lately, and I'm loving them. It's like a whole nother game.)
  2. I have a joystick gremlin macro for this, and it works adequately. Initially I thought it was impossible, but the trick is to have a macro like: 1 -> ^F -> 5 (1/2: switch engine 1/2 control on/off; 5: switch common control of engines on/off). A macro like: 1 -> ^F -> 1 won't work because it leaves you with no engines selected, and 1 -> ^F -> 2 won't work because the second time it runs, it selects engine 2. My macros do get messed up if you try to use them while your engines are in
  3. Yeah, it's pretty strange that this is missing. It seems like it would be so easy to implement, and it's much more useful than most of the other multi-engine bindings. How often do we need different radiator settings per engine, for example? The no-techchat option makes this more important, because it's easy to lose track of which engine you have selected without tech-chat as a visual indicator.
  4. Does CloD have a limit on the number of devices it can recognize? I seem to only be able to bind six: Joystick, Rudder, Button Box, Throttle, Gamepad, VJoy#1. My second throttle and second vjoy device are unrecognized. (If the limit is indeed 6, is this something that could be easily raised in a patch? I've got my controls set up just about perfectly for BoX, and it would be frustrating to need to rework them completely to make due with only 6). Edit: Is there a way to select which six devices will be used? I can probably cull one of my vjoy devices if I map button pres
  5. Is there a flag I can pass to skip the splash screens at the start? I don't need to see the epilepsy warning and "Note for new users" every time I launch the sim, and there doesn't seem to be a way to click through it.
  6. I've always found the way radiators are implemented on these planes to be frustrating. I've long had my radiator controls bound to a slider, but that doesn't work on these planes. If I use buttons for this, I have no tactile feedback about the position of my radiators, and this is annoying without techchat. So I threw together a hacky joystick gremlin plugin that generates virtual button presses as a slider moves. You can get it here. You'll need a vjoy device and Joystick Gremlin. Follow the instructions in the readme. Note that the plugin has no way to look at the sim's state (or
  7. Currently, there are four grass quality presets: off, normal, distant, and ultra. But it's also possible to get higher quality grass by editing startup.cfg. I find no ill effects setting grass_distance to 600 (ultra is 300), although values above 800 or so seem to produce flickering under some conditions. But manually editing this isn't ideal, because 1) any other changes to the graphics settings will cause this edit to be overwritten, and 2) it's not discoverable. Very few players know they can get better grass by editing this. So: Add a Super-Ultra grass quality prese
  8. For me it's the Macchi. I think it's a beautiful plane, and I love to see Italian planes represented, but the guns are useless, the 20mm gunpods were never used historically (as far as I can find), and I don't like seeing it as a stand-in for the C.200 in Moscow scenarios. I also want to like the P-47, but I can't figure out how to do anything in it besides drop bombs and die.
  9. There's no need to remove the existing actions. Keys or buttons bound to an existing toggle action would stay bound, so this change would be unnoticeable to you. Those of us with toggle-switches would just have the option to go and re-bind those actions.
  10. A few controllers, like Virpil's throttle, have non-momentary toggle switches, and many people build button boxes with such switches. Unfortunately, Il-2 has poor support for these right now, because many binary controls are implemented only as a toggle. Landing gear is one exception: there are distinct 'gear up' and 'gear down' bindings, which means distinct switch positions can be bound to distinct actions -- it's perfect. On the other hand, with a control like "boost on/off", both positions must be bound to the same toggle, and it's possible for physical switch state to more easily get out
  11. The first problem sounds like your throttle is double-bound to the turbosupercharger. As for the second, the P-47 has an RPM control (constant-speed prop), not a direct prop pitch control. Are you sure you have your slider bound to RPM? Does it work in e.g. a P-51?
  12. Excellent post. I'm also no expert, but a one note based on what I've read: > too lean a mixture causes detonation It's actually more nuanced than this. From Pelican's Perch #43
  13. From page 10 of this PDF here: https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/p-40-flight-manual.7478/page-2#post-390159 This is intended for later models, but engine in the P-40E we have is fundamentally the same. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain why this behavior occurs.
  14. The P-40 (unlike other planes in the sim) lacks a manifold pressure regulator, and thus manifold pressure depends on throttle position, RPM, and altitude. In the real plane the RPM dependency actually reverses at about 12,000ft: below that altitude increased RPM results in decreased manifold pressure (the engine generates more suction in the intake manifold), while above that altitude, increasing RPM results in increased manifold pressure (because of increased supercharger effectiveness), although I don't believe this is modeled in the sim. Since there's no direct translation betwe
  15. I think the idea of audible warnings is clearly gamey. I've never heard of anything like that in real life. The temperature gauges should give warning, sure, but at the point where an engine starts making abnormal noise, something is toast. It's not going to fix itself just because the pilot throttles back. Even "knock", despite the name, isn't audible in airplanes, and that can destroy an engine in seconds:
  16. An amusing anecdote from Lipfert's book, p85: Dave Hastie also has an interview where he describes his engine failing dramatically shortly after he went to WEP:
  17. One point in favor of the MS 406 and the Curtis Hawk is that both were used by the Finns, and could easily fit in Continuation War scenarios.
  18. I agree. This would be an instant pre-order for me, although I would like to see more French planes.
  19. I hope they don't splinter the multiplayer environment by allowing per-server timer settings. It would be annoying to join one server and need to manage my engine one way, and then have to relearn the same plane for a different server with different engine settings. Besides that, none of the three options you propose, Astra, actually resolve my issues with engine management in this sim.
  20. I'm actually working on a Joystick Gremlin plugin that will make it easy to bind an axis to the radiators on these planes. I still need to test it and work out the bugs, but I hope to have something working in the next couple days. Edit: This has taken longer than anticipated due to lack of time, but I've not forgotten.
  21. I voted other. I'd like to see engine modeling improved, with at least some attempt to model knock at high MP/low RPM settings, more granular temperature modeling within the engine, and fully useful cockpit gauges, such as oil and fuel pressure.
  22. Overreving destroys engines when the piston starts moving faster than the valves can compensate, and they start colliding (unless you moneyshift quite aggressively, in which case you probably throw a rod or something in addition to the valves and pistons kissing). Almost all of the planes in the sim have RPM governors, which will try to maintain a set RPM regardless of throttle input (you can think of prop pitch as like a continuously variable transmission controlled by the governor). There's no reason to deliberately run an engine at RPMs that will result in piston-valve contact (
  23. If "Königstiger" means "Bengal Tiger", I wonder what Bengal-Tiger could translate to. 🤔
  24. Their visibility in daytime is far too great. They're a highly visible wart on an otherwise beautiful game. They look bad when taking off and in the pattern with AI, and they are abused in multiplayer for daytime signaling and to mask the shape of the plane. It would be great to rework them (and tracers) to look more natural, but I imagine rendering changes are harder to allocate time for than simply removing them. Don't let perfect rendering be the enemy of the good. Please remove them until they can be fixed. For reference, Limitations of the See and Avoid Principle h
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