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  1. aircraft-gunsights.com has this excerpt from the San Giorgio manual: "reticolo inciso sulla specchio" seems to translate as "pattern engraved on the mirror". I didn't type up the full thing to translate it, but it seems like that's just the pattern that the gunsight reflects onto the glass. Why it wasn't hidden out of sight like in so many other gunsights, I don't know. Edit: Oh, it seems like the yellow piece in the illustration above folds down and provides a rear sight post: It seems Requiem has posted the full manual for the gunsight here.
  2. It can't be a backup sight; there's no front post for it (and the real backup ring and post are to the left). I always assumed it was an implementation detail of the Italian reflex sight, but I'm curious about this too.
  3. Please fix the front sight post on the Il-2 model of 1943. It falls off as soon as the front of the plane takes damage. I've lost it in 4 of the last 4 sorties I've flown in it. Screenshots and track attached. Other players have encountered this too: If there is other data I can gather to help reproduce this, let me know. It's incredibly annoying, as someone who loves flying the Sturmovik. There's hardly any point in flying the 1943 model if I'm just going to lose my sights as soon as I enter combat. il2.zip
  4. The problem with swapping config files is that the game seems to read them only when launched. So if you join a multiplayer server, check what targets need to be hit, and decide on what plane to fly, you then need to swap the config, relaunch the game, and rejoin the server (which can be difficult if the server is almost full). It would be better if you could alt-tab out and have the game reload this file when you enter the cockpit.
  5. Bunkers are built to withstand HE. I wouldn't expect them to be destroyed by anything but a direct hit with a delayed fuse.
  6. This isn't a new bug. I remember seeing it several months ago. A track and recording of it would probably be good, though.
  7. Type of Improvement : Control Proposals : Add individual feather-engine keybinds for each engine. Benefits : Consistency with most other engine keybindings, which have duplicates for each engine. Feathering is available mostly (exclusively?) on twins, so there's almost never a reason to want to feather all engines. This feature is a popular request, going back at least to 2014. The new no-techchat option also makes this more pressing, as when playing without techchat there's no good way to check which engines you have selected.
  8. I've been flying the A-20 lately, with fully duplicated engine controls. Everything works great, except when I need to feather the engines. There's only one key to feather all selected engines, which means I need to select only the bad engine. As soon as I do this, all the engine controls go nuts. In this video, I'm at 70% throttle, 80% RPM, Auto Rich mixture on both engines. I deselect engine 1, and engine 2 immediately goes to 26% throttle, 100% RPM, 100% mixture. I reset everything, reselect engine 1, and immediately both engines go to 26% throttle, 100% RPM, 100% mixture. I don't have anything bound to the standard, all-engine throttle/rpm/mixture/radiator axes, and nothing else is bound to the 1 or 2 keys.
  9. IMHO the HUD compass should be tied to techchat, and the G-meter should be a separate setting. The compass, just like the tech-chat messages, provides information that the player can get from the instruments. The g-meter, on the other hand, conveys information the pilot has but the player otherwise lacks.
  10. Okay, I managed to reproduce this and capture a recording. This is a quick battle against a flight of 4x Il-2s. As the recording starts, I'd just shot up the leader. Moments later, he enters a spin from which he's unable to recover. Rather than flying on, the rest of his flight descend rapidly along with him. Two of them impact the ground immediately, the last plane levels off at extreme low altitude and eventually flies straight into a clump of trees. bomber-suicide.zip
  11. I've never heard of a magazine explosion in an airplane. I'm not saying for sure that it couldn't happen, but I've never heard any report of such a thing in the real world. I'm skeptical that a 20mm HE round has enough payload to breach the neighboring shell and cause a chain detonation.
  12. Not multiplayer specific. Just an hour ago I (190A-8) lost my left wing to a single hit (to the right-side fuselage) from an Il-2's rear UBT in a quick mission. No doubt single machine gun rounds can bring down planes (by killing the pilot, or starting fires, or damaging critical parts). But I'm pretty skeptical of the idea that these warplanes would explode into fragments from single hits like they do now.
  13. My speculation is that the pneumatic system which drives the flaps loses pressure and can't hold them up on its own for long periods. Flying around with the limiter extended and the flap control in the up position would eventually result in the flaps spontaneously deploying. If that's the case, the only safe way to fly it would be as modeled in the sim: the pilot first puts the handle in the up position to raise them, then sets the limiter to 0, then resets the handle to neutral.
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