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  1. Ahhh I see. Will hold onto the ponies for a little while longer then. Cheers.
  2. Cheers all for the observations. Good was actually a poor choice of words on my part, as I really meant good as in the 'is it interesting to fly and achieve mission objectives' sense. I'm not really a MP sort so the whole I will only fly an uberplane thing is of little interest to me. And reading the replies it certainly sounds like this could be an challenging little number, so will add it to the hanger.
  3. Hello chaps, been a while since I've been in this neck of the woods. I notice that with the current sale on, that FC1 is a more realistic price (especially with the current sillyness ongoing) but having been burned by RoF I still have a few reservations. Mainly is the Scout Experimental 5 a finally fixed and now an ace maker, or is she still the gutless boom and run away widow maker of RoF? Also the central inline scouts - can they now actually be spun when pushed beyond the limits, or are they still the spin proof wonders on training wheels like they where in RoF?
  4. Having bought BoS and the spitfire collectable some time ago, with the current sale I thought I might give some ground pounding ago, and as the HS-129 is the german collector plane opposite the spit, thought I might pick it up. So any thoughts on what it's like? I've read they were quite underpowered, but not a wholle lot else so if anyone has some gen they would like to share I'd be interested hear. Are the field upgrades game changing or meh? Cheers
  5. Cheers for the advice all. Thanks to a kindly sort of chap I now have the Kuban theatre to fly the spit in. Will deffo look into your mission generator Vander.
  6. If it is anything like the one from RoF, then it is way beyond my limited abilities 😱
  7. Cheers for the input gang. Well it's good to know there is content available for the spit. How does one go about linking store and steam accounts? If I recall when I first logged on from steam it asked me to set up my account here - so does that mean the accounts are already linked or is there some over step required?
  8. Ho chaps So the skinny is that I own BoS on steam, and with the current sale on was eyeing up the Kuban expansion. Unfortunately steam don't have the collectors editions just thebase expansions, which is annoying because it's really more the spitty V that has grabbed my interest. So as it's only the one ship I'm really interested in and eeing as my finances are somewhat light at the moment I figured Imight just grab the spit as a standalone collectors aircraft. So my question is will I be able to do anything with it if I don't have the base expansion? Or will it just si
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