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  1. It's all a non-issue for me; I can't wear any VR headset for more than about 30 minutes without becoming so nauseated I feel like I'll vomit. While I'm perfectly fine with a TrackIR for hours. I can't name my condition, but my ophthalmologist can - my daughter has it, my 2 sons don't. No one has to convince me of the immersion of it - both my sons have different flavors of VR (Playstation VR, & Occulist Rift) and I've experienced the visual-virtual glory of both. Personally, I hope VR never becomes a mandatory requirement for flight sims, because the day head-tracking support is dropped is the day I'll have to stop flying them. I certainly don't fault those who embrace it for wanting it in their sims. Anyhow, nice that everyone here is being quite civil about the discussion. I've made similar comments on other forums and been heavily condescended to, lectured to, called a bull$h!ter or a defect for doing so. I guess there's enough of a WOW factor in VR that discussing it brings out the worst side in some fans.
  2. Personally, I don't care whether that's how it was; at midday it's next to impossible to see the landing strip and it's already challenging enough to land some of the aircraft on landing strips that are easy to discern. As far as I'm concerned, it's a specific terrain detail where TF should forgo realism for the sake of practicality and use a texture for those desert air strips that contrasts better with the surrounding sand.
  3. How would this now work for the Blitz Enlightened Florist campaigns? Those campaign's folders are as follows; ...\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\TEFCampaign\East ...\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\TEFCampaign\West ...\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\TEFCampaign\Beaufighter I'm currently attempting to play through the Beaufighter campaign and it's proven to be problematic. As well, I certainly don't have anything like a bob.campaign_beaufighter.state.ini in either of my \TEFCampaign or \Campaign folders.
  4. While I'll agree that not including a startup, take-off & landing mission for the Tobruk map probably wasn't the wisest decision by TF, the steps that Limbo detailed are about on par with the number required in Flight Simulator X to create a cold & dark startup - and there's many a GA sim fan that have made the effort to do that. In that sim, it can be quite a challenge for a new virtual pilot that doesn't know the layout of the aircraft well and requires some reading to make sure everything necessary is shut down before the default save file is created. The way I see it with IL-2 CLOD; creating a cold & dark startup gets your feet wet with the mission editor, which is a plus because once mastered you can to lots of cool things with that tool. 😎
  5. I like DW Tobruk for the most part, but I do feel that the maps needs some improving in terms of what's called landclass textures in other sims. As well, some of the terrain texture are in need of better contrast, like gravel runways and the surrounding sand. I'm a big fan of flying twin engines with my dual throttle HOTAS setup, so I really welcome the edition of the Wellington and Junkers 88. I haven't got to the 88 yet, but I'm finding the Wellington more of a challenge than I thought it would be - engines overheat faster than a baby with a fever and it's hard to get up to a decent speed. Very cool though that you can switch to the nose and tail gunners, as well as the bombardier positions in it. Not to mention the modeling of the cockpit and those stations are darn impressive, albeit the nose and tail gunners are identical (was that true in real aircraft?), so the only way to know which your in is by making quick glances at the moving land below. I really like the new, late version Beaufighters and love that you can fly with 2 x 500 LB'ers strapped under your wings. I also really like the Martlet III, for which I've found the flight modelling to be superior to any other sim I've flown a F4F Wildcat in - gives a flying experience much closer to what I've read about. TBH, so far I've been flying more on the Channel map with the new aircaft than on the Tobruk map. There's still so many new aircraft I haven't tried yet - not sure how or when I'll get to them all.
  6. I've wanted to fly a Sunderland for years. My uncle was an RCAF Airman who perished in one over Scotland in 1944. I've dreamed of a day when I could take off in a flight sim and fly a combat mission in a Sunderland out of some UK airbase. I have First Class Simulation's Sunderland for FSX, but of course it's not the same. When I noticed the Sunderland I and Sunderland I/Trop were selectable aircraft in a Tobruk quick mission I got excited, but sadly they're not available under Options > Plane. I'm guessing the 4 engines might pose a problem for making them player flyable in IL-2 CLOD. Anyhow...I pose the question to the devs none the less; will the Sunderland ever be available for players to fly?
  7. Oooh, night intercepts - sounds scary and challenging, yet exciting. 😲 Do you fly those campaign missions in the later Beaufighter Mk IF with BCO, or is it the earlier variant like in standalone Blitz?
  8. I have the flashcard and it states this for step 10. "Wait approx. 5 minutes. Then push throttle forward to 110%" So I'm a bit confused by your comment - if the throttle only goes fro 0-100, how after 5 minutes can you advance it to 110% ? Or did you perhaps mean to state "The early Beaufighter" in you comment? I don't own the Tobruk DLC yet (seriously considering it), does it have a campaign for the Beaufighter?
  9. I did the free upgrade from Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate to Windows 10 in early January. It went off without a hitch and migrated my settings perfectly. After hearing the struggles some of my siming buddies had with the upgrade back in 2015 & 16, I'm glad I waited.
  10. OK...so where did you get from what I said that I was expressing some sense of entitlement? Did you not read this party of my reply? I get that this is 777 Studios and 1C Game Studios' creation and that they made that call long ago and won't be adding clickable cockpits - been quoted a few times in this thread. I was making the statement you quoted figuratively and as part of a wider discussion. The whole gist of my comment was that from a player's perspective, I don't get the argument that clickable cockpits are somehow only a study sim feature.
  11. TBH from a players perspective, I've never understood the study vs survey sim argument as a reason for not having aircraft with clickable cockpits. From a Dev studios's perspective, where how you allocate resources and spend dev $s impacts profitability, for sure it make sense; goes as far back as the days of Jane's survey sims vs Microproses' study sims. If a Dev studio doesn't think they can create a profitable survey sim with a highly simulated environment as well as aircraft with clickable cockpits, by all means they shouldn't do it. In every flight sim (combat or GA) with clickable cockpits though, there's also the option for players to instead just use equivalent key presses or map command to device buttons - an industry standard that's been around for quite some time. As I said earlier, I'm not interested in clicking buttons or click-pulling levers in the heat of battle, but I do recognize that other players are and I don't want to limit their options. I mean there's nothing saying that just because a survey sim has clickable cockpits, that its aircraft modelling suddenly needs to be ramped up to be on par with a study sim.
  12. I can't recall for DCS, because I haven't run it for some time. For Blitz there's Realism checkboxes for "Complex Engine Management" (enables the need to properly operate prop pitch and mixture levers) and "Engine Temperature Effects", which requires you to pay attention to engine temp and take measures to prevent it from overheating. There's also also a checkbox for Mission Take-off and Landing, which if enabled will require you to do some cockpit clicking if thosee 2 above checkboxes are also enabled. As with BoS, every Blitz command can be mapped to a key/key-combo or HOTAS button. If you don't have those 2 checkboxes set, you can still click some cockpit switches and levers, but it's not necessary and you can ignore them. Cold & Dark startups aren't available in Blitz (at least up to Team Fusion patch 4.5 I ran), but IIRC they're there for Desert Wings -Tobruk
  13. Amen to that. Although I have a setup to handle any button assignment I might need, I've had to create some elaborate LibreWriter templates for my gaming keypad, joystick and 2 throttle quadrants and diligently map one out for every flightsim profile I create. Those are printed to PDF and are displayed on my tablet whenever I fly. Definitely a bit time consuming, but without them I'd be lost. Albeit, they do have the added benefit of helping me better learn the flight sim as I work through the process of creating one. I'm new to BoS and not being able to save aircraft-specific HOTAS profiles has been a surprise to me. I thought it was just me missing something, but I haven't found anything that will let me do that. I can't recall another flightsim I own that doesn't have that feature.
  14. Well I've come to BoS after playing through 2 of the campaigns for CLOD Blitz and I have mixed feelings about it. Startup procedures are where I find clickable cockpits to be most appropriate and TBH the automated startup sequences in BoS feel lacking to me. My opinion is no doubt influenced by my spending a lot of stick time with GA Sims like FSX and X-Plane 11, where startup procedures are a big part of the challenge and fun. On the other hand, clicking cockpit buttons in the heat of battle isn't something I particularly enjoy - whether WW I, WW II or modern era. I rarely flew fighters with full engine simulation in my CLOD campaigns, For the Blenheim though, where speeds are lower and defence is your crew gunners, it seemed more appropriate and I enjoyed clicking all that I could. I have a gaming keypad that easily allows for 50 keys/combos to be mapped to it, and its rare that I don't utilize it in some manner for a flightsim - even my GA Sims. So I manage just fine without a mouse-clicking UI. Flight models are IMO king and are what makes or breaks a flight sim, and high fidelity, clickable cockpits won't save it if the core modeling is poor. That said, sitting through an AI bot having all the fun in BoS startups, is painful and even seems a bit silly to me.
  15. Oh OK - good to know & thanks for the reply. By multicrew are you referring to just the Pe-2 and the He-111, or would these gunners commands also direct the rear gunner in the IL-2 and the Ju-87?
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