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  1. It seems everyone has their own idea for what scenarios should be the first Pacific campaign, so I'll add mine: I think the best one to start with would be the Battle of Guadalcanal. This was arguably the last time the course of the war was "in doubt." Although the Japanese had suffered devastating losses to their carrier force at Midway, many of the experienced aircrews survived. The battle for control of Guadalcanal was a grueling slog of attrition on both sides, and many times the Americans were fighting from a disadvantage, short of fuel, ammunition, and supplies, and often scrambling to put together enough flyable aircraft to repel the raids coming down the Slot. Additionally, advanced fighter types like the F4U Corsair, F6F Hellcat, and P-38 Lightning would not reach the Pacific for another 6 months so the Americans did not yet have the overwhelming technological advantage that ultimately spelled the end of Japanese airpower. Guadalcanal therefore offers players on the American side a unique challenge, while from the Japanese side there's still a measure of technological parity. This ought to provide a very balanced campaign on both sides. Finally, aircraft carriers on both sides were heavily involved, including carrier support of the initial landings and capture of the island. Among the peripheral engagements were the carrier-led Battle of the Eastern Solomons and Battle of Santa Cruz, providing for two carrier vs carrier actions as part of the campaign. So Guadalcanal would offer a quite comprehensive view of what the Pacific Air War encompassed. Plane Set Allies F4F-3 Wildcat (USMC) F4F-4 Wildcat P-400 Airacobra SBD-3 Dauntless TBF/M-1 Avenger PBY Catalina J2F Duck Hudson Mk III (RNZAF) Japanese A6M2 Zero A6M3 Zero A6M2-N D3A1 B5N G3M G4M2
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