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  1. Ah yes, the vodka! 😃 Now I don't feel so bad about not succeeding (must be the vodka).
  2. Hello All, Regarding Tigre88's (thank you, Tigre!) mission "Beast Hunting" for the SU-152 - has anybody ever achieved mission success? I find that my fellow SU-152s are useless, generally all knocked out before a single kill and I don't have enough ammo to successfully complete the task. Just wondering...
  3. Converting to binary worked! Load time down from 9 minutes to about 4 seconds. Whoo hee!! Thanks, Thad!
  4. Greetings, Since the last big update it now takes exactly 9 minutes from the time I select a mission (of any type) until the mission begins. I see the splash screen with the words "LOADING Please wait" but nothing discernible happens for the next 9 minutes. Anybody else having this issue? Any possible solutions? I suppose I could just for a quick jog while it loads - but then I'd have to put my shoes on. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. That worked! Thank you! I don't remember previously having to press "A" to get the Tilde key to bring up the Command Menu. Do you happen to know if this was a (fairly) recent change with the updates? In any event, thanks for all for the help.
  6. First of all, thanks for the quick replies and great suggestions. Tilde does work when I make a Word document. The Command Menu will not open via the Tilde key in any tank crew position or in any of the tanks I have tried so far (three or four). I've attached a screenshot of my key mapping page to help determine if anything is obviously amiss.
  7. Key mapping shows the Command Menu assigned to the tilde key; still no joy. I would also add that the tilde key did work some time ago (early in the year) but I hadn't used it for some time. Last few times to call up the Command Menu unsuccessful. COVID-19 at work here? 🙂
  8. Good folks, I haven't been able to access the Command Menu via the tilde key. I checked settings, tried various key combinations with the tilde key - all to no avail? I only have TC so no competing flight commands an issue. Any suggestions appreciated!
  9. Hello All, In watching a YouTube video of the TC SU-122 in action I saw, on two occasions, a side view diagram of the vehicle called up. In the first case (no damage as yet), all systems were depicted as small squares in green. After some combat, the second call-up of the diagram showed color changes to depict fuel usage as well as damage. Could somebody please tell me how to call up this diagram? If necessary, I can provide a link to the particular YouTube video. Thanks in advance! - Tom P.
  10. Just tried it and, by Jove, it worked! Thanks for the quick response!
  11. Hello All, Have not found this answered anywhere. How can you change to color of the sighting reticle? In videos of gameplay, I have seen the color changed, so I believe that it is possible.
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