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  1. Oh I meant AI level bombers like A20, peshkas etc. when I program them in the editor.
  2. This works pretty well actually. The only thing that is quite annoying for me that bomber always drop all bombs at once. Is there a way to change the bomb drop interval for each bomber? cheers and kind regards
  3. Hi everyone, I started to experiment a little bit with the Spawner MCU in the editor. As the manual says it is not possible to spawn groups in formation, because in that case the wingmen will just idle and don't follow the lead's actions. Does anyone know a workaround to this? For example, is it possible to form a group* between ai-planes after the mission has started? Or do I have to do it the hard way and define take-off commands, waypoints etc. for each individual aircraft? *with target-edges from all wingmen to the lead.
  4. I am done with trains for now. -.- They simply don't work as intended atm. Even a single slow train looses its waggons when there is a slope or when there are objects or trees near the tracks. Some stations are bugged too, so the trains spawn even without waggons, or the waggons are on another random track. The tunnels also don't work, the two sides are just dead ends ... I hope this get fixed someday because they look very cool and are a lot of fun to shoot. (Especially while moving 😁).
  5. Brief description: Friends can't join anymore since 4.007 Detailed description: Before the patch I hosted a lot self-build dogfight missions (from the in-game menu, not dserver) for me and 3 friends. Since the update it simply doesn't work anymore. They can click on my server, they get a loading screen, they get a notification that some files are downloaded. But as soon as the loading screen is finished they get thrown back to the dogfight-server menu without any error message. I double checked my firewall and port-forwarding, I reinstalled the whole game, I resaved my mission editor file
  6. For my gtx1060 I could fix a problem like this* yesterday by installing the newest driver (446.14). But I guess 20.5.1 is already the newest for AMD, right? At least we know now that this problem isn't limited to AMD / Nvidia. *a few planes had very blurred skin and cockpit textures.
  7. I did that already. I deleted all mission files (with open editor) and saved them again. I also build a new quick test mission to check if the old missions were compromised since the update somehow. Unfortionately it didn't help.
  8. Hey everyone, since the new update I can't host multiplayer missions anymore. I don't use a dedicated server, I just host from the game menu. Before the patch this was no problem, but now everybody get just kicked back to the previous menu after they had a loading screen (after they clicked on my server in the dogfigh-server menu), while I don't even get a notification that anyone tried to connect. I double checked port-forwarding ([TCP: 28000->28000; 28100 -> 28100], [UDP: 28000->28000]) and even shut down my firewall, but this doesn't change anything unfortionately.
  9. Since the new update I get a lot of crashes in the editor. Also everytime when I want to close the editor or the game, I get a crash. Did someone experience a similar issue?
  10. Hey all, unfortionately I have a problem with hosting a multiplayer pve mission for more than 3 players. I created a Deathmatch mission in the editor with two german spawnpoint (fakefields). One for bombers and one for fighters. For the allied side I created no spawnpoint. Everyone can join my server (I set the limit on 100 to test this issue). But as soon as 3 players take a plane on the fakefield the fourth player get this message: "maximum players reached". In the editor itself there seem no other options available for this issue. Thank you a lot for your h
  11. Thank you for the answer. It turned out this was exactly the case. It seems to me that I was too busy recalibrating my trackir and didn't see the server notifications. ^^
  12. Ok, I don't know what is going on. I constantly get kicked on startup (I don't use planes that I don't have). On top of that I get a random 10min penalty after each kick even though I wasn't even 2min in the game.
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