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  1. I sent you a private message and I reported you, I have no time to waste with jealous people like you, I told you this before in another topic but apparently you don't want to understand, You spend your time comparing publicly your "perfect" work to mine, yes you are the perfect man who does perfect work, we know it, but how many missions have you created ? 160 in 1 year? I don't think so... but you are right your mission is perfect, it is made by the hand of god, the tanks roll too fast, never stop to wait for the player's tank, the tanks even fall into the water when crossing a bridge. . so you see you better be a little more modest, or in the end do as you want because I, unlike you, I do not come to play the master publicly. thank you for not insulting and polluting my topic for free, these are missions that I offer for free to the community, stop comparing yourself to me every time, you're being ridiculous... you're not ashamed? I'm going to tell you one more time, you don't have to tell me what to do or take care of what I do. Just get into the habit of minding your own business and it will get better. All I see is someone who is just jealous, you shouldn't have been so insistent in trying to make me look incompetent publicly.
  2. we don't have the same style of mission design, it's not the same assaults etc, for my part I find that there's no reason to make the half track invulnerable, if it's supposed to stay in a secure area as a rear guard. the only vehicle that can destroy it is the player's tank by shooting at it on purpose, and I find it more fun to be able to sabotage my own mission rather than finding out that the half track is invincible and therefore unrealistic. but i just had some bad luck, an enemy must have been too close to the area that was supposed to be safe. operation zitadelle is a very laborious campaign to program and a lot of elements interact with each other it's something else than just going from point A to point B.
  3. Wacht am Rhein campaign update for mission 02
  4. good news,the player "spidersky" has successfully completed the entire Operation Zitadelle campaign! normally there should be no more problems encountered now ! There were a total of 3 random issues: 1 : tank waypoints that were not working sometimes 2 : half track being destroyed " it was a problem to reload the ammunitions" 3 : tank shelters that were causing problems. "the tanks controlled by the AI could not shoot them"
  5. update of the mission 03 of the Zitadelle campaign : the half track of the 4th Panzerdivision, transporting ammunition and fuel was destroyed before combat, which was a problem to complete the mission. I really had no luck with this campaign, I tested it at least 40 times, even a player managed to do it without worries and finally I realized that a problem occurred randomly or a Cannon range setting has been changed since the last TC update? anyway, now the problem is resolved.
  6. in the panther platoon there is only tanks and the panzer4 platoon , tanks and a half track
  7. there is a half track with tanks of the 4th Panzerdivision advancing once you have cleared the hill and the defensive lines of Blizhnaya, there is no risk of this half track being destroyed as they do not move forward until the area is cleaned. and this half track stops at the top in Blizhnaya and when it stops a message appears inviting you to reload the ammunition before continuing. the player has all the time to do it at this time. then you have to continue the attack heading towards Melikhovo and at this moment you find another half track with the 6th Panzerdivision, but this half track is useless because the full ammunition is supposed to be done well before in Blizhnaya. I don't understand how the first half track was destroyed? and did you install the update? since time I have improved the programming concerning waypoints, because some tanks refused to advance randomly, it could happen once in 2 as well as once in 10 .. now this problem has disappeared. concerning the tracks of the tiger tanks which break, in a sense they are not invulnerable and then the missions of this campaign are difficult, it is done thus because players were not satisfied with the missions too easy and too short so I made difficult missions to change... you have to expect some tanks to get stuck, broken tracks and you find yourself having to fight with fewer tanks, or alone at times, but that's the difficulty of these missions! out of the 19 campaigns I made this is the most difficult of all, along with the Stalingrad campaign, but you have a choice of which campaigns to play
  8. hi are you talking about mission 01 ?? I no longer understand what you are telling me? I thought you had arrived at mission 03 ?? if not for information the missions from 01 to 04 were played by a player who succeeded them all, all that is missing is the missions 05, 06 and 07 to play to validate the campaign
  9. Zitadelle campaign mission 04 update : tank shelters were a problem, the AI controlled tanks could not detect enemy tanks protected behind the shelters, even being 1m away .. I had to replace these shelters with open shelters. I already knew this problem but apparently since the TC update relating to the terrain the tanks have even more difficulty detecting the targets behind the tank shelters .. result the mission was difficult to progress correctly... problem solved..
  10. PACK160 update *Paused game issue resolved for Caucasus Campaign Mission 07 . *replacement of all titles and images marked "Operation Typhon" in French by "Typhoon" in English for the Operation Typhoon and Typhoon TIGER campaigns.
  11. c'est en fait la mission06 Normandie de la campagne Koursk43. ce n'est pas le vrai villers-bocage, j'avais fait ça à mes débuts sur la map Lapino , il y avait rien de sérieux la dedans, la map n'est pas appropriée pour représenter ce combat. it is in fact the Normandy mission06 of the Kursk campaign43. this is not the real villers bocage, I did that when I started on the Lapino map, there was nothing serious about it, the map is not suitable to represent this fight.
  12. thanks BladeMeister ! for the Operation Typhon campaign there are 2 versions! one normal and the other surprise science fiction ^^
  13. update: PACK 150 has become PACK160 : new campaign available "Wacht am Rhein" the battles in the Ardennes. you need BOBP to play it.
  14. PACK150 update for the ambulance of mission10 the ambulance that refuses to drive 2 times out of 3? you mean who refuses to leave the village after the mission is successful? because I checked the programming and it is apparently reliable, the injured are always recovered . only it is possible that the ambulance has problems to get out of the village after the mission is successful, I just saw that I forgot to do the reliability improvement for the programming of the ambulance. it shouldn't cause any more random problems now.
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