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  1. for street fights i suggest you to keep the commander's head always out, unless you hear a machine gun firing , quickly you put his head in, otherwise you may take a long time to locate the hidden targets, in fact you risk injuring or killing the commander only if you get hit by an explosive shel and in the game it does not happen often , the su122 is dangerous for this it is necessary to put the TIGER in angle facing the shots of guns fired at point-blank range by the shermans in the streets, because that can make its armor pass from 100mm to 140mm.
  2. hello this is a science fiction version of the "Operation Typhoon" campaign which is played with a panzer4 but otherwise as regards the snow there will be some but later in the campaign .. more you will advance towards Moscow and more that will freeze
  3. thanks Blade , yes i will continue to update things if someone finds a problem in a mission or if there is something to review. i wanted to do some missions that take place in the city but it wasent a good idea, the tank seemed to be driving on an extremely bumpy terrain while it's a road in the middle of the city. so i preferred to drop this project. concerning the infantry that will arrive I will see if the result is satisfactory, but it would be a bad idea to put an army of robots that walk and stop in the middle of a field and stay like that... I feel that this decision to p
  4. update of the campaign Wacht am Rhein : modification of the attack date of the German army in the presentation
  5. thank you! yes indeed it's the 16th of december! at the base I had gone on the writing of the moment when hitler asked for the preparation of this operation on the 16th of september and it has been postponed several times to finally start on the 16th of december! I will modify the text
  6. small update: replaced all mission thumbnails for larger thumbnails for the campaigns: Panzerdivision Panzerdivison2 Tiger pack I know there are still old campaigns that have small thumbnails, maybe I'll update later but I'm not motivated to redo everything now and then it's not that bad to have small thumbnails
  7. hello , he need onlyTank crew if he play in the official site but with steam he need stalingrad and tank crew
  8. hi Trym! thank you ! I hope you have fun on the new campaign! Hallo Trym! Danke ! Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß bei der neuen Kampagne!
  9. thank you ! I hope you will have a good time 😁 😁
  10. you have to follow the red arrow through the forest. have you seen this arrow? the fence is a trap set, you have to go around this fence, go deep into the forest by following the arrow
  11. the link is in the first page of this topîc ! maybe you missed it because yesterday I made an update, I replaced the thumbnail of mission 02 of the new campaign "Operation Zitadelle2" by a new thumbnail that I find more beautiful, I don't have not notified the update as it is not a vital update
  12. update from pack 160 to pack 165 : new campaign available: Operation Zitadelle2, follow the battle of the 6th Panzerdivision. I promise you that this is the last campaign that I made ..................................... ...................... for today .. damn drugs ... I should file a complaint 😃
  13. Hello! thanks ! I just saw your message, for the panzer3 you can find it in only one mission, mission 01 of the Narva1943 campaign. if not for the campaign Operation Typhoon in reality it would have had to be panzer4 with short barrel, but these tanks are not controllable by the players and moreover they posed a problem, they are completely unable to pierce the T34, the campaign would not have been able to work.
  14. I just retested it and I successfully completed the mission without worries, you just have to neutralize the machine guns in front of the edge
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