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  1. salut! merci je suis très content que tu t'amuse bien avec ces missions et bien oui je fais des mises à jour surtout pour les toutes dernières, quand je me rend compte de quelque chose qui ne fonctionne pas vraiment comme il faut dans le jeu, je fais des ajustements , généralement je préviens , sinon oui il faut tout désinstaller du répertoire il2 ainsi que dans les emplacements de téléchargement puis tout réinstaller.. si tu trouves un bug ou un truc qui ne va pas, n'hésite pas à me le signaler... je test les jeux mais malgré tout certains truc m'échappent. mais autrement les campagnes Narva, Koursk, orel je ne les touche plus... pour le KV1 premier modèle moi perso je le trouve pas moche ni pixelisé , mais bon les goûts et les couleurs.... moi au contraire j'aime bien ses formes typiques carrées qu'avaient les premiers modèles.. c’est le KV1 tel que je l'ai toujours connu.. le kv1 s ça me parle moins Hi! thank you i'm very happy that you are having fun with these missions make adjustments, generally I warn, otherwise yes you must uninstall everything from the il2 directory as well as in the download locations then reinstall everything .. if you find a bug or something that is not right, do not hesitate to report it to me ... I test the games but despite everything, some things escape me. but otherwise the Narva, Koursk, orel campaigns I don't touch them anymore ... for the KV1 first model I personally find it not ugly or pixelated, but good tastes and colors .... I on the contrary like it its typical square shapes that the first models had .. it is the KV1 as I have always known it .. the kv1 s it speaks to me less
  2. yes but you are off topic since almost the beginning, it is a question of the relation between the TIGER and the sherman, it is well the point that I had pointed out, you wanted to answer my comment therefore I answer you that the sherman is weak, you can find all possible excuses, that it is secure, that it is equal to the panzer 3 and 4 etc, but compared to the Tiger it is weak and the video games which stage a basic sherman who destroying a tiger or a tiger 2 from the front from a long distance is pure propaganda or simply an unrealistic game.
  3. in a weak tank like the sherman I hope that we can be saved quickly when we are hit
  4. 2, sometimes 3 shots, 5 shots by the 88 mm tiger canon to destroy a sherman at 50 meters .. it already happend 5 shots normally at this distance 1 single shot is enough .. especially that I touch the turret or the front in the middle .. I would not like to be in the place of a crew member of sherman during the 2nd world war
  5. this sherman of TC I find it quite strong, gun and armor point of view .. it looks better than a T34 ..
  6. no it is not possible, in the game there is no firefly and no T34 85 ... I'm talking about the standard sherman and the T34 76, I'm not talking about the forefly and the T34 85 .. and of course it is possible with these basic tanks, but by the flank and at very short distance and hoping that the tiger don't be angled
  7. new missions : Fort Alamo and Fort Alamo Panther you will have to delete and download again, I forgot an important detail in the mission.
  8. yes and there is enought tank games which offer unrealistic situations, with sherman or T34 who manage to destroy tigers and tigre2 in 2 cannon shots from the front, at the limit why not create an IS2 or an M26 pershing and subsequently a Tigre2 and a jagdtiger .. but the most important thing is that the simulation is realistic and not arcade or propaganda oriented like some games
  9. I think it must be since the update, because these tanks in question are set to "normal" I could have put them on low this is true, but I have already put quite a few tanks on low .. but in any case they are not in high for the precision of their AI .. they are already placed far enough, if I place them further, after there will be other problems which will be added, you will advance towards the village and you will be attacked by other additional enemies who will appear more the column of tanks and nothing will go as it should. not to mention a slowdown of the cpu ... because it will become overloaded with enemies
  10. for the fact that the enemies are shooting at 1000 m, I think it was since the game update, because the players complained that the enemy tanks were not aggressive enough.
  11. 🤣 🤣 I think that in fact I don't have the opportunity to admire them up close, when I arrive there, they are all burning and charred
  12. ok i will add them for the next mission .. do you think the old ones are ugly ?? I hadn't noticed ..
  13. do you prefer the KV1 s and the latest model T34? I am currently making a new mission I can put them in place, on the other hand the one that I have already done I prefer to leave them like this, there are too many things linked between them in the programming .. on the other hand I advise you to delete the Tiger commando mission and redownload it, because I did an update, I improved some points and added things
  14. Thanks for the comment ! I'm glad you like it
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