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  1. bonjour dans l'éditeur de missions il faut cliquer sur : TOOLS Resave all missions in folder et cliquer sur le dossier commun préalablement créé qui contient toutes les missions qui ont besoin de la mise à jour . la mise à jour va se faire toute seule en 1 coup sur l'ensemble des missions. pour ma part je n'ai pas eu besoin de supprimer quoi que ce soit... il parait que supprimer le fichier msnbin fait perdre les données ... à vous de voir en tout cas pour ma part ça à marché sans soucis en faisant uniquement la mise à jour.
  2. lachenkrieg , I assure you I am not at all disappointed or depressed even if I like pizza and beer, there are more serious things in the world now, it's better to laugh otherwise off topic but....... the last 2 updates that you lived I don't even know if we can really qualify them as update, it looks more like downdates.. .😂
  3. lachenkrieg and if not apart from that I suggest you the Grimbergen ... to be consumed with moderation or exaggeration...
  4. Tigre, but the advantage with the beer is that it's easier, it never says no XD
  5. the most important thing in life is to drink beer while eating a slice of pizza ... or something else ...
  6. we don't have the right to complain ???....???? well this topic will soon be closed, it completely deviates from my initial message which was simply to report "to the developers" the problems that have never been dealt with.. and to say that now I don't care , the game may well stay like that for another 10 years.
  7. I discovered the mission editor in January 2020 and I used it directly the same day to build my first campaign, in 7 days ... i was a beginner and still am a beginner , I made mistakes and corrected the programming to make them better little by little, with the experience gained .. worked a lot and quickly to correct the problems or improve the game, in only 7 months 14 campaigns and several missions were totally updated and finalized, I had to work practically 16 hours a day and the whole evenings after work to finish it all. I think you have to be completely crazy or passionate or both .....:) but otherwise with regard to TC faults such as resetting the main gun to zero , gunlock etc, personally it makes me think of bad programming choices, because some things have been like this for 3 years?? and these are still very visible things .. a cannon is the main part of a tank .. it is not like a mission programming or indeed we can forget a detail or realize that something is wrong after a while .. so I see the problems that persist as bad programming choices, except as problems like machine guns piercing tanks, or it looks more like a programming problem
  8. lachenkrieg , I knew you were going to answer this and it is a solution that I had already thought about before posting my initial message, when I was programming missions or campaigns, the tanks that "follow me" or "fight with me" wasent always part of my platoon, they are in reality independent, they advance or change direction, it gives the impression that they are part of my platoon but they have their own platoon, see several platoons! moreover the more I progressed in campaign design and the less the tanks were part of my platoon, it takes a long time to explain but by programming in this way there are technical advantages and more advantageous scanario possibilities .. and suddenly we come back to the problem of the AI and its gunclock... or otherwise it would be necessary to put a function with a button which controls all the tanks present on the battlefield .. but honestly I do not see the point of complicating life like that has to redo all programming .. for a gunclock if I was the programming manager of TC I would have made sure that the gunlock is automatically deactivated on all the tanks "AI and player" and that this gunlock can be activated by the player by pressing a button .. I find this makes more sense .. because anyway in the game at no time will we walk for miles, we spend the time fighting, it's not a game of walking, that's why I will have saw programming like this even if you have to travel 2 km, you are in a combat zone, you may be attacked by ambush cannon or tank or air attack. no interest in locking a gun
  9. in response to lachenkrieg and Noisemaker : add an additional button or function that allows you to lock the cannon at the desired time seems a good idea, but the problem is that the AI of other tanks that fight with you would not be affected by this button, since it's an AI, so imagine, you're in the middle of a fight and you see the tanks following you or standing in front of you with their cannons in the air ... it's this aspect too that seems really strange ... it takes away the credibility of a fight. when I see that, I say to myself: what are they doing ?? in addition they waste time maneuvering the cannon ... already the panzer4 are not very resistant to blows .. in addition they allow themselves to lock their cannons ... but as I said now for me it doesn't matter anymore, they do as they feel, I'm not really interested in what's going to happen anymore
  10. hello, here are some remarks for developers : after having tested version 4.501 a little, here are the problems that I found: 1: The problematic gunlock has not really been solved, in fact this problem is only solved when you give the order to the AI not to take care of firing the main gun, otherwise the AI spends its time locking and unlocking the main gun in the middle of a fight. and as you can see in the picture with a panzer4 controlled by the AI, its cannon is constantly pointing upwards while we are in the middle of a fight.... honestly I want to understand the concern with the realism that you brought to the game including a gunclock, but in the game we are in the middle of a fight, we have the impression that the gunner is very maniacal like a mister bean, wanting to lock the cannon nonstop. it is not realistic, I think that wanting to be too realistic, it's the opposite that happens. 2: Machine guns like the DSH and others, still continue to kill the crew of a tank : the windows get pierced very quickly and even the armor. a panzer4 gets destroyed by a few machine gun bullets very quickly. 3: when you change places in a tank and return to the gun, the gun resets to zero and the zoom too..... this problem has not been fully resolved. 4: I find that the game is not smooth enough, it should be much smoother, something is wrong. however I have sufficiently powerful equipment : 2700X, 32go of ram, GTX1660ti, SSD ... i have the impression that i need a PC from the NASA to run this game smoothly .. because with any resolution, any level of detail, the game is never smooth, it feels unpleasant but honestly too bad, for my part I spent 7 months working hard to make all these campaigns and missions, I had a lot of fun but I think it's a shame that problems stagnate for so long, and I know that 'There are other technical issues etc in this game. but now I don't expect anything, I have other hobbies besides creating campaigns. So that will be the last remarks I will make to you. good luck to everybody...
  11. honestly I didn't have anything to delete or the binary tool to use, all you have to do is click on: resave in ME tool and it automatically updates all the msnbin files of the missions and campaigns, you just have to group them in a single folder. "it is more fast" it took a few minutes to update 120 missions !!
  12. jollyjack Have you tried the procedure proposed by jim TM? I did it and apparently I have no problems, everything works, it was very quick to update
  13. since the update the missions and campaigns no longer work and no longer open with the editor. what must be done to make everything work again?
  14. yes for example in official tc campaigns, in german side in some missions, like mission 1 and in russian campaign in several missions, for example mission 6, in these missions there is a high number of tanks and i clearly feel a fluidity issue. although tc's fps indicator is still at 60 in the corner of the screen. and if I play an official mission provided by tc, like "into the breach" or other small missions, the game feels good . the fluidity effect is present I also specify that the presence of planes in the sky creates a problem of loss of fluidity, it suffices that there are between 1 and 3 planes attacking the battlefield and the problem appears
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