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  1. i was against tank crew from the beginning because issues like this nagged on me, and i see i was right. not the right engine for low level terrain sims. should have stuck to what the engine was designed for
  2. hit the nail on the head, part of the reason i'm probably not getting tank crew afterall, i never liked this approach of using a dedicated aerial combat engine for ground warfare.the dynamics and mechanics involved are just too different. after all these years, dcs combined arms still looks and behaves terrible. it's just not a good option imo. you need to build an engine for a specific task, you cannot have an engine that can do everything with any level of depth or complexity, that's just not realistic.so one side always suffers, in this case since the engine is made for air combat, the ground portion suffers.
  3. depending on plane type, sometimes reaching the frontline makes the game a sandwich sim, ie i go make and eat a sandwich while the plane is on auto pilot going to the waypoint planes like bombers, ground support, and sometimes even escorts, take far too long. i suggest to make it more like rise of flight's career mode set up. you have an additional waypoint closer to the frontline acting as the air start spawn point, and then an additional waypoint on the way back from the objective acting as an end mission point. rise of flight's careerwas way more enjoyable for this reason. it gave you the option to skip the first part. it's not like i don't enjoy flying and enjoying the scenery every once in awhile, but every mission? and nothing ever happens out of the front line, it's kind of wasted time.
  4. i believe the terrain needs revamp first. the grass sis basically still from rise of flight. then maybe after some more ww2 battles, they can move onto iran/iraq and maybe even chechnya it is a shame, they really put lot of effort into tank details, graphics, animations, even life like tank crew. but the engine is for aviation. i always felt it was a bad idea from the beginning, hope they can overcome the limitations. the game you posted looks interesting, but probably vaporware, sadly
  5. hi devs, can you remake the terrain resolution at ground level to better suit details like uneven terrain, hillocks, trenches,gullies,etc. the transparent blurry grass might also need to be revamped i don't know how this would interact with aviation, maybe a mip mapping technique so details only show up a certain radius from the player. so if in the air, they won't have the level of detail experienced at ground level, and thus reduce the hardware strain. but i they fly nap of the earth they would be able to see the details. look at spintire's mud system as well utilizing terrain deformation, very suitable to tank sims. i believe pavel the creator of spintries works at saber interaction, but he may be contracted out? idk this currently has the most immersive ww2 tank experience with detailed armor crews, but battles feel kind of sterile like in steal beasts, because of the bland lifeless and artifical looking environmentsl. i know the game uses a detail layer when planes fly close to ground, i wonder if it's possible to have an even lower layer activated when very near the ground for even higher level of detail. use of parallax mapping or even tessallation might be worthwhile. looking forward to su-152, i hope eventually you expand to cold war era, with t-72 and maybe even t-72b if you plan to go further ahead. the tank sim franchise is very promising. we need a dedicated t-72 sim,
  6. i was tempted because i sawa video of su 122 but i'm not sure i can buy any tank sim that doesn't have t-72 or later
  7. also, development of checnyna balkans, egpt,ian, etc for t-72, t-80b
  8. right now the campaign intro narration is barely audible whispter, the cg movies are loud, the engine sounds like a turbine. this can be fixed by providing different sound options no? such as radio chatter volume, gunfire volume, engine sound, movie sounds, etc, etc
  9. you never realize how beautiful, sleep, and state of the art the f-22 looks until you put it next to that thing
  10. people still use vsync? just lol. set fps cap to 75, turn off vsync.
  11. good, good. classic rise of flight inspired career mode>career mode>quick mission>multiplayer
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