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  1. right now the campaign intro narration is barely audible whispter, the cg movies are loud, the engine sounds like a turbine. this can be fixed by providing different sound options no? such as radio chatter volume, gunfire volume, engine sound, movie sounds, etc, etc
  2. you never realize how beautiful, sleep, and state of the art the f-22 looks until you put it next to that thing
  3. people still use vsync? just lol. set fps cap to 75, turn off vsync.
  4. good, good. classic rise of flight inspired career mode>career mode>quick mission>multiplayer
  5. johncage

    a fiction

    why do you have this as your avatar raaaid, explain yourself. have you been a troll all this time?
  6. johncage

    a fiction

    whose the guy in your avatar? mrz, and jankinoff in one thread
  7. buy steel armors blaze of war or graviteam's older titles focused on ww2 if you want tanks. il2 is spreading itself thin enough with bodenplatte
  8. this is a flight sim. the tanks are a novelty.
  9. and they can do it without the single digit frame dips that plagues dcs to this day.
  10. johncage

    DCS news

    these accomplished devs are short handed and take 5 years to release a map. the concern is justified. evidence>feelings. and the evidence is that by the time anything worthwhile comes out for dcs, it'll be 2020
  11. because activision got taken over by soul-ness businessmen who don't know what ram is.
  12. johncage

    DCS news

    yeah it's frustrating to see dcs finally implement features that were suggested year and years back. the new grass system with patchy coloration variation looks good though. maybe it will make up for something that often feels somewhat "too little, too late" and this is why competition is ultimately good. bobp basically lit a fire under their asses.
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