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  1. I don't know if this will help, I am a newbie too. But what has worked for me, and it might depend on your joystick. My stick has the hat button which i use for snap views, press the F9 for gradual views. (It goes slower from side to side.) I have three "toggles" that are just below the "Hat" that are numbered 3 which is on the left 2 which is center and 4. I linked the #3 to paddle lock on enemy. #2 to straight forward. And #4 launches rockets. There are #5 on left side of hat which is pan back, and #6 on other side of hat that zooms in. By switching back and forth between "Paddle lock on enemy" and your straight forward view really seems to help. To keep track of where the "bad guy" is. I like to jump back to the straight forward view as it helps keep me oriented to what's going on.(ie. being in a spin, or going straight down) But I'll warn you, some times when you go back to the "Paddle lock" button, it may NOT be the same bad guy. If you are on his tail and have fired at him, it usually is, but no garuntees. A different joystick may have a different layout, just configure it the way you like it best. After a while it gets to be second nature. KB
  2. I'm boggled, today it's working.....I haven't a clue to what I did, but all I have to do is a little tweeking. To Blackhellhound 1...Thank you sir for your tutorial. Me thinks I'm going to have to learn how to fly all over again, this is different😮
  3. OK, today's activities..... Went through every thing, Deleted Every thing......Evidently had multiple downloads, got rid of EVERY THING related to this. Re-downloaded every thing, ONCE. Had me in the cock pit, but looked like I was laying on my side, sotra. Went through the set up that was posted, letter by letter, diagram by diagram....to the Tee. Started this 9:00 AM, and now, 4:00 PM , my plane sits on the runway, but nothing else works. No throttle, no nothing. Have only been messing with this for a week now. Luckily, when I'm ready to punch the screen, I head on down to the basement, and load ammo for the up coming shooting season. Believe it or not, I can pour my own bullets, load them up with Black Powder, and put them through a paper plate @ 200 yards, with iron sights, but I can't get this piece of junk to work........go figure.
  4. Got it to the Hatrack screen. Everything is jumping all over the place. Holding the "Lights" as still as possible, really eratic behavior, numbers all over the place, the "Hat" on the right hand screen all over the place, now what?
  5. Well, I got the CL eye tracker working, have the test thing set up and working. But the "Hatrack" doesn't seem to be seeing it. Frustrating to say the least.
  6. Sorry, I don't speak Italian, but I hope you accept our prayers for you and your countrymen, and women.... KB
  7. Yes, I have tried to use this numerous times, to no avail. I've tried plugging things in, re-booting and it always comes up with that the "PS3 driver or camera is missing. Install driver or plug in camera and restart program." Then it gives a link: mega.nz Which is the same link you so kindly posted..... When I plug in the camera, a blue light comes on, so I know at least the blue light works. Other than that, I haven't a clue. Bought the thing from Amazon, don't know if that's the problem, maybe should send it back, don't know..... KB
  8. some thing to do with the PS3 eye camera download that will not work on windows 10?
  9. Got the trackhat clip and camera set, but the addresses for the down loads don't seem to get me to where I need to be. Anyone have the ones that work?
  10. I know my set up has a high "ping"....would that prohibit "Spectating" too? Just wondering, I tried but "No Joy" Knarley
  11. They do seem to glide for an eternity...
  12. I am not familiar with "A straw man" argument. I guess I'm on the wrong side of the pond? Sincere question.... EDIT: O.K. I looked it up, and you have missed my point. At this time participating in this exchange is moot. Apples/ Oranges. I at no time accused any one of any thing. It seems some one protests too much.
  13. Who said any thing about that? I guess it's a good idea, "Don't worry about the problems we have, and just keep going" Or "We don't have time to fix it now, we gotta get the product out the door". Typical. I work for a place like that, and they wonder why they can never get a handle on things. And complain about re-work? What ever floats your boat. Don't forget, I'm a CUSTOMER, not an employee. They are complaining of lack of sales? This like it or lump it attitude will take you along way...… go figure.
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