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  1. Make sure that your internet connection has enough speed to handle what ever you want to do before spending a bunch on the VR goggles....don't ask how I know that....
  2. It doesn't work that way.( At least for me) I get the updates as soon as I get on, before I choose online or offline. Am just wondering if the down loads aren't "taking". It says some thing about verifying game, and then starts the down load. I'm not trying to complain, just was wondering if things are working right...... I'm not a computer whiz, nor am I much of an on-line gamer, more of an ignorant old man ๐Ÿ™„ dabbeling.
  3. This will be the third time in four days???
  4. Was just a question......๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Seems every other time I want to play Bodenplatte, I can't because of a down load. Is this normal?
  6. easier just to delete it....( the complaint)
  7. FC-2.... "Is it fixed yet?" ๐Ÿ˜
  8. I figure why not? If you had real crew members, they'd let you know......
  9. Thanks for the video. A soft point is probably fairly close to what they sere shooting, with that "special" tip. Shows what it does to wood, thin sheet steel, and concrete, which is brittle and would be a fair representation of cast iron. The iron wouldn't fly apart exactly like the concrete, but imagine having pistons and all the clock works moving quite rapidly as it came apart. KB I have new respect for that .303 round......
  10. A tail heavy bullet is more accurate than a nose heavy bullet. It's the nose, that is made of different materials is the part designed to do the damage. The "autoclave crap " was nothing but PR. Shooting an FMJ through a piece of wood at point blank range proves, that you can shoot a FMJ through a piece of wood at point blank range. At that range a lead alloy bullet would do the same thing. Now, I'll bet dollars to donuts, That the cylinders on those engines were made of cast iron? Perhaps with a steel sleeve? Cast is brittle, so would be the other cast parts on an engine, one would NOT need armour piercing rounds to punch a hole in an engine cylinder ,carbs, or other cast parts. Thin steel parts as gas/oil tanks or pans would also be very vulnerable. A 174gr. bullet @ 2440 fps. isn't much to sneeze at, it will back a punch. Range to 3000 yards? Uff-dah. I'm just glad I'm doing this for pretend.......
  11. I just hit one of my F-# buttons ( in flight) that show your aircraft from the out side if I need to see how bad I've been shot up. They'd be the same views shown on your cool video. KB
  12. Yes flesh & wood react differently to bullets. One would believe that in flesh, the deviation of the flight path would be greater. Even if tumbling from a wood strike, I believe the trajectory would be more in a straight line, the size of the hole it makes would differ as the projectile impacted different parts, if indeed it did impact any more. So yes, you are correct, on most plane parts it'd be right through. KB
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