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  1. I guess I can't argue that point. Watched 5 AI Mustangs chase one FW 190 in circles for quite a while, I was orbiting, out of ammo. I finally flew to base and landed. The hunt was still on. The last mission tho, I flew the opposite direction of the bad guys, cut back behind my "wingmen" and 2nd flight, even tried a touch and go off the airfield, to no avail. So, what is one to do to remedy the situation? Any ideas?
  2. This is getting ridiculous... Think I'm going to find something else to do. Might as well take on 8 right off the get go. Thought it would be good practice for multiplayer, but if all one does is run for his life...🤷‍♂️ Can't prove that by me.....
  3. I mean like, single mission. I can rarely get on to online due to my internet connection (Multiplayer) I can't even use VR on mine.
  4. Mostly play off line, and was wondering if the AI I play against has a cumulative property to it? Was also wondering if playing on line differs from off line? I'm not much of 'puter whiz...
  5. Changed air field, and paint job. Got 9 in past two flights combined. They were set on "Veteran". A little more fun not running for your life the whole time. I'm getting better at NOT bending prop blades when I land too!🙄
  6. New tactics...After another mission of being chased by the flight of 8 bad guys, the timer of course cut my engine power, to feed the chickens. So to out smart them, spotted a "blue" JEEP, spotters I believe. So, I cut the power, dropped the landing gear, and deployed my flaps. Landed close, with in walking distance, and figured they could give me a ride back to the airport. When the "Timer" "Recharges" I should be able to take off, and fly the plane back to the base in a couple days. Yes, I locked it up before I got into the JEEP.😁
  7. In real life, I agree!! In this simulation, not too much.....
  8. According to "The Concise Guide to American Aircraft of World War 2 by David Mondey. Published 1994, page 221: The massive Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was designed around a mighty radial engine and it's associated turbocharger, and was intended primarily as an interceptor fighter. However, it found it's true role as a far-ranging hard-hitting ground attack aircraft. The type roved the lower altitudes above German and Japanese installations and transport, bombing, rocketing and machinegunning any thing that looked in the slightest unfriendly. The Thunderbolt's range at first suited the type to escort missions over the European continent and, fitted with drop tanks, missions could be flown as far as Berlin. Respectfully, KB
  9. Yes the 47 was intended to be a escort plane, and the 51 was intended to be a ground support plane. Go figure the engineers, figured it backwards. The Jug didn't have the range it needed, and once the Merlin was put into the 51, the roles changed for both planes. Check your information, "Easy's Angels" flew P-47s, and that's what they did, shoot up rail yards. I used to have the 35MM film from my Dad's gun cameras. Not saying that 47s didn't escort bombers, they did, but, they were better at blowing stuff up.
  10. Perfect example of why the P-47 was not used primarily as a fighter. They called it a "Fighter/ Bomber" but it should have been called a "Bomber/ Fighter". It flies like a truck, because that's what it was. A flying Dump Truck, that dropped a lot on ordinance on trains, troops, convoys and the enemy's ordinance. For dancing in the sky, that's not the plane to take up. The guys who flew them, I don't think had much of a choice. What I'm saying is the Brits thought their's were the best. The Germans thought their's were the best, and so did the Americans. The people programming these are going to have a little bias towards the other guy's, and a little for their own is all. Who know, maybe us Americans think "ours" should perform better, and really this is the way it was. I know guys who swear up and down their brand of motorcycle is better than the other guy's. If I offended you, it was not my intention. I'm too new on this board to start that already😉
  11. 16 March 1945, My Dad did that. His chute opened just before he hit the ground. His plane hit, then he hit. Was captured and survived.
  12. "Cooling down period" = Healing themselves. Recharging is for batteries. If those motors puked that easily, they wouldn't have never been taken into the air. IMHO
  13. I don't understand this "Engine timer" stuff. What, ya damage your motor, fly slow for a while and it heals it's self? Might as well grow bullets too!
  14. So, in essence, USAAF planes in this gaming series are at a disadvantage by program. That is what I figured. But it figures, coming out of Europe. I would imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, it would be the other way around....It is, what it is. One can't really expect to beat a computer at it's own game, and shooting pool against a guy who owns the table you are shooting on, isn't a good idea either.
  15. I will admit that I'm learning to fly like an "Old woman with a hot cup of tea between her knees" Keeps me from pin wheeling into the ground so often.😉
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