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  1. Those AI "Wingmen" aren't there for your benefit. They won't help you, or follow orders. In fact, they will shoot through you if you get in their way. A lot of times, they will carry their bombs to and from the target, just to drop them before they land. The "game" doesn't care what they destroy anyway, even if it is you they shoot down. Consider yourself flying a solo mission, it usually works out better that way.
  2. Aliens won't find any intelligence on this planet.....none Human anyways.
  3. Does the armor plate behind the pilot actually do anything in this game, besides obstruct one's rear view? I have yet to get a burst from the back that doesn't put blood on the inside of my goggles. Yet rake the canopy/cock pit of an AI (Armored Individule) plane and it seems to work wonders. Just wondering......
  4. No, have that covered. BUT.....Computer started acting funny and would not shut down. I unplugged it, let it sit a bit, plugged it back in. Every thing fired up and it works great now. Go figure.....
  5. Been using my Opentrac for a while now, with the IR Tracker, and every now and again the image starts to studder erratic -ly Last time I deleted it, and reistalled it. It has started it again, what's up?
  6. I was thinkin' the "Game people" want to sell me a plane for MY money. Which is not a problem. I'll start where you mention........Thanks
  7. I guess the unit I'm in ran out of the planes I fly. Am being told to transfer or buy a new plane. Just how does one do either? And when everything was going so well......😉
  8. What is a good convergence point of the guns for different missions, "rule of thumb?"
  9. Just wondering why if I'm flying the plane, one burst, and I'm toast..... But if I'm trying to shoot it down, same type plane, and I pummel it, it keeps on going?
  10. Knarley-Bob


    I enjoy flying the German and Russian planes, but I don't speak either language. Is there a way to change that? No, I don't mean to learn them either😉
  11. Is there a "rule of thumb" on ranges of targets using the heads up display? What is a good convergence point to start at? Appreciate the help...... KB
  12. Is it possible to be shot down by friendly fire? Was playing Career mode, was on a 109's six, with a couple of "AI Wing mates" behind me. The other 109 was occupied quite a ways away. I put a burst into the 109 I was on, and got blasted from behind. Only friendlies behind me. Heck of a way to end a career......
  13. Suddenly there is no 2nd flight on quick missions, on or off line. Bummer, liked seeing those other aircraft, specially the ones I can't fly. Knarley
  14. Nope, got it....F-10 key. You had mentioned it, gave it a shot.... And it worked...👍 Appreciate it.
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