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  1. Thanks all! I can't wait for black Friday to start my setup!
  2. Hello, Completely new to the forums, as well as the game. I purchased IL2 just the other day but i have not bothered firing it up yet due to a few essential things I'm missing. I want to get the ultimate gaming experience and i cannot with just a mouse and keyboard! I have not bought a joystick, flight sim controller set, and i do not know where to even start. I am asking what some of your recommendations are. I see a lot of buzzwords flying around here and some intense set ups, but I am not there yet. I want to start with a good joystick, flight pad, maybe even tracker IR headset before i dive into IL2. Black Friday in the U.S.A is coming up soon (for those who don't know big sales day), so i figured now is the perfect time to invest and buy! Looking forward to reply's and really appreciate any feedback.
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