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  1. Great idea indeed. This way red side becomes just invincible, no matter what the aircraft performance difference is 😋
  2. Jason, thanks a lot is the least I have to tell on this matter. Could you please describe the distances to the contacts we see in these videos. It is very important.
  3. This. Really important. And I would say there is a need for small blackout G tune-up (0.5 or 1 G over the present limit). That would be accurate.
  4. By the way, I was wondering, which side has fewer players generally?
  5. Looking forward to see that. Cheers and Salute
  6. Hallo guys. I've been looking thru Lofte posts on Russian forums and got really carried away by his story of the event you held lately. I am totally new to the tank part of the game but I am really really interested in such coordinated projects.
  7. Then we would have to make real time day and night, wouldn't we?
  8. Udmurt


    It is extremely important if Po-2 would be a success or not. I think it's obvious. And eventually (possibly) Li-2/DC-3 comes to the game. So I am eager to support its development as well as encourage everyone to do so.
  9. The designers have already stated the AA is subject to change. I am sure there will be deliberate measures on this matter. The problem is obvious.
  10. Hi Kondor, it seems to me I completely missed this topic. I have been flying with StG77 long ago, at the very beginning of il-2, in 2003-2004 if I am not mistaken. As far as I remember there were pilot groups from both America and Europe timezones. Nice to hear the Geschwader name is still present! What servers/projects are you flying at the moment (if you do ofc)? Greetings, Alexey
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