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  1. I'm getting better at AI dogfighting if I don't black out. In a few hours today I've shot down 4 planes (2 FW's in 2 missions) with limited ammo. Normally if I can get above I can just circle, high yo-yo and wait for the FW to attempt a dive then stay behind him; pull up a bit when he does and close the gap at that point. I've gotten 2 kills when the AI pulls fully vertical. The AI seems to fight in a more dive and climb than in my prior campaign in a Yak where they seemed to want to circle and go down more. Note: I'm using the PWCG
  2. The other planes I landed were the yaks and those are easy--plus they use metric. I got used to landing the yak mostly by feel. Any advice on not blacking out constantly?! I use a CH fighterstick with near 100% saturation and black out if I move the stick halfway back. It is even worse if I am flying linearly. When fully linear I black out moving the stick about an inch.
  3. I've got about 50 hours in the Yak's which are pretty easy to fly. I recently moved to trying to Spitfire and am a bit confused. 1. What is the best way to control the boost? Mixture of RPM and throttle? It seems like I always put it into emergency mode and that keeping the cruise boost is very difficult and feels like I have low RPS and throttle settings vs. the Yak where you slam it to the firewall? 2. How do you land this damned plane?!! It seems like even at 105 or slower it will still bounce and then LOVES needing a ton of rudder immediately. Also, I ground loop it even when I'm being gentle on the brakes! 3. Convergence range for guns?! In the later Yaks I just relied mostly on the cannon and got pretty good with it but I feel like the Spit just fires BBs. 4. Any other tips?!
  4. Or them not following you to go check a distant contact....so you show up and meet some fighters and get wrecked.
  5. Even being a flight lead, the AI options seem very limited. If I am not a lead, there is no way to regroup or have the AI give an update on where to regroup after ground attack or air to air combat. Instead you have to fly around and hope you can find them if separated. Also, it is hard to tell AI to break off on escort missions. Many times they will go fight enemy bombers or ground attack planes (especially prevalent in the PWCG). When I'm the leader, I want them to stay on me and the mission and break off when I tell them to. In short, is there a chance to improve how to control friendly AI and maybe add some radio commands to catch up with them?
  6. That makes sense with what I'm seeing. I could go for a few more German fighters. Right now I can swat 1-2 bombers a mission with minimal fear (Stuka's are another story, they are immortal and have crazy accurate rear gunners). Some of my favorite missions in the campaign involve me getting bounced by fighters. These are minor nitpicks though. The campaign engine is a blast. I've managed to survive (somehow) about 55 missions.
  7. I'm in August 20th 1942 in the Kuban/Stalingrad campaign. I've noticed that it seems like the Germans are no longer sending escorts with their fighters? On my last few patrols, I've seen some Stukas (haven't been able to bag any), Ju88's, and in one mission a lone BF109 (bagged him). But, I've noticed that the bombers are not ever escorted? My last mission was an intercept with 2 bomber formations, and 1 Stuka formation during the German advance. However, no fighters were encountered? Is this normal for the default settings? I have air density and ground density set to medium but have not changed anything else? It seems earlier in the campaign I was more likely to run across a few packs of fighters either on my way to bombers or with the bombers.
  8. I've just started looking into the Intel reports. The reports has some units in red which I know are depleted resource units. How exactly does this affect them in game? The map seems to show what units (and planes) are at each airfield. Does this help? Should I plan patrol missions over things I want to try to take out (fighters/bombers/transports)? How should I read the depots? It seems like the enemies (for me the Germans) have only 1-2 bombers, fighters, or dive bombers in the depot. Does this mean that i've shot down to many enemies (I am using unlimited ammo but try to limit it to 1-1.5 actually cycles of ammo before breaking off). I'm trying to figure out how to use the various features of this killer mod!
  9. The AI even as flight lead is "bad". There have been times as a lead I see things I want to investigate and my wingman keep on following the patrol route (even though want i want to investigate is on the route!). Then as leader they will ignore targets in the air sometimes even on patrol/intercept. Plus in a firefight unless you are the leader you cannot fire a flare for cover or to even indicate where you are after a battle or an area that you need support in. I think that is just the Il-2 engine.
  10. If multiple Coop pilots are injured on a flight, the leave screen jumbles all the injured pilots on top of each other. This makes it impossible to see how many days you need to take leave.
  11. Patrick, where can I find the track? I doubt it was AAA or flack as I was very far on my side of the line.
  12. Ha, I have no idea. I have had tails and stabilizers blown off by flak (even if I don't see it) but when I pause I can see the puff of smoke. I've been shot down by planes I never saw but once again when I use the external view and pause I see the plane. Nothing here. Nothing on the in game track other than crashed. Nothing in the Wilson log other than crashed (no damage message). Nothing in the log about action in that area either (no bombed targets, or shot down fighters).
  13. I was doing a mission in the PWCG where we did a patrol over the German lines. I saw no planes and then once we crossed our lines my leader broke from our 1.5km altitude to 6km and turned outeast. I never saw any enemy fighters and followed my wingman up. About 10 min later at about 250kph, 5.8km in a Yak1B ser127, my right wing comes off. I see no tracers, I pause and use the outside the cam view and see nothing. Any idea what could have happened? Random mechanical failure? The plane has been flown gently the whole mission. I also used the full debrief in the campaign and did not see anything hit more, or my wingman.
  14. Then it sounds like the 202 is a real match for the Yak! It was the first fighter I have been stuck in a "static" loop with. If I climbed, they got on my 6--back to the turn. Couldn't drive due to being low--turn. Pull harder--blackout so back to turn. First to leave the turn would die. Thank god for AI wingman.
  15. I was doing a mission in a Yak1 ser 127 and we were jumped by 2 Mc 202's. I was always under the impression the 202's were kind of crappy and slow. However, they hung in there with 4 Yak's. They seemed to turn as good/if not better than the Yak1. For a while I was in a turn with one on my tail. Neither gaining or losing position but not able to pull harder for fear of fully blacking out. The 202 also seemed to be able to climb as good or better. Is this normal? Have I underestimated this plane? I also find the Ser127 a bit hard to fly at high angles of attack it seems to want to stall much faster than the other Yak1.
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