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  1. Hi RadicalStan. The links on the first page contain the less weathered versions. Thank you Oyster_Kai. Hi DMH=Air-Streigler. These are links to Google Drive. You may need to enable cookies etc.
  2. Well that's a name I haven't heard since '04-'05
  3. Ooherr. Got rid of it months ago as I didn't think it was up to scratch, comparison being the killer of joy and such. Thanks for keeping a copy FoxbatRU and if you can make anything out of it Frenchy56, all power and health to you both. Cheers. You made my day.
  4. Hi Raptorattacker. Yes, I understood the problem with the spinners was the RGB0,0,0 in the alpha channels. It's fixed now in the link below. I've also modified the stencil layer thanks to little Guardian. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar7IGhMwh1t_wvcmrWHRIcOiOZwy_g?e=6qsiGn
  5. Thank you for the kind words everybody. After you've all been waiting so long, I'm glad youlike the results. Dear Hanu. Those spinner openings have been an issue for a while now. From a very limited number of angles I thought they looked ok. Strangely enough, there is a hint of texture inside the spinners, but yes,l something needs to be done about them. I was waiting to see if anybody mentioned it and if they did, I'd fix them. I also need to fix the same problem on the necelles and on the gondola for the Mk103 cannon. That's a real shame since the cannon model extends back into the gondola to great effect. little_Guardian has come through like a champ with some corrected stencil layers. I'll incorporate these into the template and fix the alpha channel.
  6. Dear All The link below leads to a template, normalmap and set of generic late summer skins for the HS129. I've tidied up the camouflage mess under the yellow nose. I've introduced a set of general wear and tear layers (the white folder) which should work this time across summer camouflages at least. This is a bit of a compromise to be sure as the pannel lines look a little agricultural on the yellow areas; but I think and hope they'll serve you better than my first release. Notwithstanding, you may find it necessary to adjust the visibility or the colour balance of some of these layers, depending on the skin, but this shouldn't be the work of too many minutes. Also, please note there are two copies of the anti glare pannel layers, one for a skin with a yellow nose and an anti glare pannel and one for an anti glare pannel without a yellow nose. To complicate matters further, there is a file in the template called Alpha Channels. Turning the top layer on creates glossier camouflage greens for skins without a black glare pannel. Turning the top layer off creates a matt effect for the black glare pannel, if one is included. It might best to copy the appropriate layer/layers onto a separate 4k document, flatten them if necessary and then paste the result into the alpha channels. Lastly, there are two versions of the Oblt Ruffer skin, historical and otherwise. There are two layers associated with these, one blue "dirt" layer at the top of the stack and one green "fading and discolouration" layer in the paint file. I've left these free standing as they can be used to add a little extra depth to the general wear and tear file. However, if you have all the layers in the General Stains and Weathering turned on and adjusted to taste, you can turn these two floating layers off without any negative effect. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar7IGhMwh1t_wvcVZTGZHwYGUPMs-A?e=WTGaFP Thanks to... DetCord for the long hours spent on the spinners. ICDP For remedial work on the normalmap little_guardian for work on the stencils. I hope to include this at a later date. BlackHellHound for help and suggestions along the way. Raptorattacker for more help and suggestions along the way. Instrumental! Everyone who stopped by to add encouragement. The developers. Such an interesting and enjoyable way to pass the time. Special thanks to Zargos. This is a reverse engineered 4k version of your work.
  7. I'd like to showcase DetCord's work on the spinners. They look sensational. These screenshots also demostrate efforts to tidy up the camouflage under the yellow nose as well as generate some workable(?) wear and tear layers applicable to generic summer schemes at least - not just the Ruffer skin. As soon as I get permission from DetCord, I'll release what I hope you'll agree is an improved, more useful template. Who knew normalmaps had to have an alpha channel? ICDP does and thany you to him for working on this. Thank you and apologies to little_Guardian for not downloading your work on the stencils before the download expired.☹️ Thank you to BlackHellHound for the constructive criticism. That's it bro. I can't do any more. I'm ducked out. On, with thanks to DetCord's spinners... ps. There's another set of spinners not included in these screens. They are of course in the template and generic markings skinpack.
  8. Hi DetCord12B. I've just taken delivery of the spirals you spent time and effort on for this template. Thank you, thank you and thanks again. I simply could not get my head around those. I'll pm you because I owe you. Naturally, they' ll be incorporated into an update of the template. In the template there's a layer group called "copies". There, you'll find a selection of layers covering things such as fading and discolouration, rivets, pannel lines etc. These are neutral copies of the same layers dedicated to the Oblt Ruffer skin. If you use the layers in the "copies" folder you should be able to reduce the appearence of those yellow smudges around the nose etc. Thanks again for the hubs and this skin. In the next update, I also need to look at the Infantry support emblems. I forgot to edit them in the non historical versions of the Ruffer skin. My sincere apologies for the offense. DetCord12B FOR. THE. WIN!!! But Raptorattacker!!! BlackHellHound!!! Little Guardian!!! ZG26_5tuka!!! Danziger!!! Zargos, for Heaven's sake and IDCP!!! has just stepped in to make the template serviceable. PatCartier!!! Johnny Red!!! (I'm sorry for the radio silence Johnny Red, but if you knew me, you'd understand). There's too much win in this list of names for one human frame to comprehend. Yes, I need to look at those generic layers. They're not fit for purpose.
  9. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar7IGhMwh1t_wvZoEpYvLqMFH5sXag?e=7edtJl Huge thanks to UF_Zargos the Boss. Thanks too to everybody who tagged along for the ride. These are for you Johnny Red
  10. Hey all. I'll throw some links here by Sunday. Apparently it all requires a wholesale rework but that'll be a job for somebody else. The donkeywork's done leastways.
  11. Thank you for the feedback everybody. It's the icing on the cake. Hi Danziger. I think "medicore" was an autocorrect issue, since, as far as I am aware the duck never got involved in this area. With the canopy open however, two crew could just about squeeze into the cockpit - very handy when it comes to picking up downed squad members.
  12. Hello Everybody. I'm pleased to report the HS129 is just about wrapped up. Half an hour's layer management and a bit of tidying up, then off to the template masters and language experten for any feedback. Then it's all yours. Thanks for hanging in there with me and for all the help freely offered whilst I tried your patience.
  13. If nobody else wants to have a go at this, I'll have a crack at it, once I've finally wrung the duck's neck.
  14. Hi Oyster_KAI. I've learned so much and, despite the drizzly tone of some posts above, thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this template. I'll send this version to Jason et al and if they like it, it may well find its way onto the official template links page. Either way, I'll certainly throw a copy out for everybody to use amd improve. As you can see below, I will have to make two versions to cover the late style exhaust stains. Then there's the cannon gondola, the bomb racks, late and pc markings and finally, some generic shading to sort out. We're getting there!😃
  15. Thanks for the positive feedback everybody. I can't be trusted to give an eta Bullets but it will be within a week or two since there really isnt much to do now.
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