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  1. Hello All First off, apologies for last week. I thought I'd show you the completed chipping work instead of doling it out 1cm2 at a time. As stated above, the appearence will change when they sit under various dirt, oil and exhaust stains - though I do think the light blue underside chipping needs some attention. Thank you Little Guardian. That made my day.😁 Hey Raptorattacker. Thanks for that material you sent over. I'll use those interesting shapes in the dirt layer. I can think of one or two pannel lines where they'd be just the ticket. The Pannel lines, rivets and metal layer in these screenshots are all colour coded for this particular machine, plus some generic summer Eastern theatre subjects. However, in the template release, I'll include some general purpose layers for rivets etc that should work on any given airframe. That little coulour swatch will provide the chips. Thanks again.😁 Thanks 71st _AH_ Mastiff. It's been a WIP for wayyyyy too long; but things are starting to get mopped up now. 😁 Thanks SCG_BOO. I really appreciate that. However, if I see just one skin made out of this template, I will be very well chuffed.😁
  2. Another must-have Pat. Please could you slip in a download link if you're ready.
  3. oh, I'm pleased you got that sorted out Spudkopf. Here are some more screens I was going to post, hoping they'd work for you. Cheers SCG_BOO.
  4. Hello all and here's to another week of achieving nowhere near as much as I thought I would.πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Hey Raptorattacker Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it very much. I bet you'd know just how distinctly ordinary this whole chipping malarchy can start to taste after a while. But it's a personal challenge now. Muuuuuuuuust finisssshhh temmmmplaaaate....soooooo close....uhgh... Apart from the spinners. I got nothing. But DetCord's got me covered there. I'd be pleased to hear about any changes I need to make to the stencils. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Yankee_One. Catch you Sunday.
  7. Hi All Finally got round to putting some chips on the fuselage. It's all started to look a little gritty, but as mentioned previously, it should mellow out under a few dirt layers.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement CCG_Pips, Yankee_One et al. HI Danziger. No problemo. You're using Photoshop now right? So, to achieve the results above... 1. Finalise your pannel lines and rivets. "Bake" these into the surface of the model using the mormalmap as usual. 2. Create a layer containing a copy of your pannel lines and rivets. Ensure it's perfectly aligned with the rest of the material in your work. 3. Select everything in this layer with Select - All. Then select the Move tool and shift the pannels/rivets one pixel up and one pixel down. This will make a precise selection of only the pannels and rivets whilst keeping them properly aligned. (I'm sure there are better ways of doing this). Then, go back to Select. This time, click on Select - Inverse. This will allow you to edit everything beyond the boundry of the rivets and pannels. You can discard the layer created in 2 now. 4. Create a new layer for your metal chippings either above or below your pannel etc layers, with the inverse selection active. Select the Pencil tool - you'll probably use size 1- 3, depending on how big the chips to create are going to be. Give the pencil a mid-range bluey grey colour - RGB 85, 101, 108 was used here. 5. Go around the pannel/rivet edges chipping selected areas. Consider how airflow might abrade the paint and which parts of the airframe would be subject to most bumps and dings. Less tends to be more. 6. Now it's time to give your chips a dull metalic shine. Select-All the chips and Copy/Paste them into the file where you are creating your Alpha Channel work. 7. Select the chips using the method described in 3, (or a preferred method) and Fill the chipped area with an appropriately shiny grey tone. In the example above, the painted areas have Alpha Channel readings of RGB 36, 36, 36 whilst the chipped areas read 50, 50, 50. The areas covered by pannel lines and rivets reads 7, 7, 7. 8. Transfer a flattened copy of your Alpha document into the Alpha channels of your Template and you should be good to go. I hope this helps Danziger and if anybody can think of a more rational, streamlined approach, I'd be all ears.
  9. At your service Gents.
  10. Hello again everybody and here's this week's update on the HS129. Wing chips are now done. I hope that under a few dirt/oil stain layers and with a few final adjustments,they'll settle right in. Fuselage next.
  11. I'll take you up on that handsome offer DetCord. I'll get just a little more chipping done and then have one last go at the spirals. Then I shall throw my hands up in despair and leave them to the experts.
  12. Hi DetCord. Thanks for the reply. The custom weathering should be a stroll in comparison to the metal chips. On a side note, you wouldn't believe the difficulty I had placing those two discs of chips directly in the centre of the prop hubs (spinning and stationary). Imagine the trouble I'm having getting your spiral spinners to work in 4k.
  13. Hello All and here's this week's update. As you can just about see, the top of the wings has been metal chipped. Then it was on to the props and necelles. These will be finished next week, along with the underside of the wings. Thanks for looking and have a great week ahead.
  14. Hello All. Thanks for the comments. Thank you 6./ZB26_5tuka for the corrections. I'll incorporate them, though there are likely to be many more. Here's an additional update covering control surfaces and an attempt at shaping a spinning prop hub.
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