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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback everybody. I can't be trusted to give an eta Bullets but it will be within a week or two since there really isnt much to do now.
  2. If you peer through the grass a litttle you can just see the internal spars in the first shot. Added stains in rhe second.
  3. Hi FurphyForum. The elevators are raised. All is as it should be - well, those lightening holes are a bit too big. I've used the alpha channel to cut those holes out and it exposes internal framework. Very cool of the modeller to include this.
  4. Thank you everybody. Here's a couple more screenshots.
  5. Hi All Here's the duck with a weathered airframe. Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for looking.
  6. I've just been looking at Reshade. the "Vibrance" setting allows you to emphasise one colour channel over thje others.
  7. So good! These WWI aircraft look wonderful in a summer evening over Kuban. Thanks Pierre64.
  8. I think I'll try one of those please Pierre64 because that's a very convincing screenshot. What's the skin folder title?
  9. She's an odd-looking duck CCG_Pips, that's for sure. It would be interesting to see if anybody can make anything out of it. Somewhere above, I mentioned that important elements of this template such as pannels, rivets and now dirt are currently colour coded to fit this machine. I'll supply generic, one tone copies of these on release, but I haven't yet got as far as testing them against winter or desert camouflage for instance.
  10. Hello again everybody. Here's a quick update to show you where we're all at with this. In the next update, I should be able to show you the completely dirtied airframe. Thanks for the comments above Gents. This one's for you.
  11. Greetings all and wellcome to another update from the glacial world of Duck. Hi little Guardian. Sorry for the rudeness. Ive only just noticed your reply. Thanks for the offer and I'll take you up on that please. There are bound to be some howlers there. I've got to get it finished as far as I can take it first though. When one hangs around for as long as you guys have neen waiting for something in 4k, there are bound to be a few Before and After moments occuring IRL. Mawkishly, I remember where I was in this template when these moments dropped and getting this thing finished would be a nice way of moving on. As soon as it is finished, I'll add you to the list of people who have been kind and helpfull in the past. Having incorporated their suggestions, it'll belong to everybody. Anyway, enough of all that, as you can see, the fuse is getting there...sort of.
  12. Hi little -Guardian. I've not focussed too much on the weapons plug-ins, apart from a little chipping and shading on the machine gun pack. I know what I'd do with the bomb-loads, given the time. As of yet, the cannon gondolas just don't look right. I might be able to get away with a one-size-fits-all set of stains for early and late style exhaust pipes. (I hope the modeller who came up with that hack got a pay rise. It's genius/magic as far as I can tell, given my total lack of modelling experience). I think the gondola fairing is common to both cannon variants. I hope so, since a little weathering and shading would help key them in to the belly. However, I suspect that if you flew a machine gun duck for instance, wearing a gondola skin, the results would be disappointing. I guess the same would hold true for bomb loads. Anyway, 20 mins futzing around in this neck of the mesh will resolve all, and if I can get away with it, credibility intact, I'll address these issues after an initial release. On to other matters, this screenshot should indicate how the finished airframe will look. Cheers.
  13. Seconded. If you too like the new sky colour, then install this mod with confidence. Thanks for taking the plunge Watermanpc and thanks again for sharing PicksKing. Stellar work.
  14. No worries Y'all. Things progress. Thing is, after seven days, there's not much to show on the small scale and it looks like i'm posting the same screenies week after week. However, it all contributes to a bigger picture that I'm quietly chuffed with, for a first (or second) attempt. Here are some considerations looming in the middle distance... Different weapons choices would look pretty authentic with their own dedicated skins in terms of exhaust/dirt stains, shadows and pannel changes; but how long do we have before the collapse of human society? I'm going to have to get my head around modding if I want to edit those phat tyres and other bits and bobs. Having thought about it, these can wait until after an initial release. So, to recap, no worries, there's still life (progress, not stasis) in the old duck yet, with a sincere thanks for your continued patience and interest.
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